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A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for methotrexate in serum and cerebrospinal fluid
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A high performance, low cost, air traffic control radar,
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A high-performance pigmeat industry with an environmental impact
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A high-performance transconductance mixer
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A high performance UHF satellite trablications,
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A high performance UHF satellite transmitter
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¬A¬ high pitched buzz
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Longrigg, Roger

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A high power argon laser.
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A high-power semiconductor-magnetic pulse-generator circuit (partial preliminary draft),
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A high-precision adaptive procedure for solving Kirchhoff plates
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<<A>> high precision adsorption apparatus
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A high precision electromechanical integrator
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¬A¬ high precision, fast start-up automatic, adaptive equalizer for fast data transmission
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A high precision fully integrated accelerometer
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A high precision pressure sensor employing phase measurement techniques
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A high precision three degrees of freedom friction drive stage
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A high precision titration calorimetry system and its operation
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¬A¬ high-precision transducer measurement system
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A High precision triangular plate-bending element,
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A high precision two dimensional stage using friction drive
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A high pressure adsorption study of the vycor porous glass-carbon dioxide system
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A high-pressure apparatus with in situ electron spin resonance probe for the characterization of phase transitions in magnetic materials and superconductors
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[A high-pressure hydraulic jet disintegrates clay on what was once the bottom of Steep Rock Lake, Ontario, so that iron ore can be mined]
[between 1930 and 1950]. 1 photographic print..

A high pressure mercury turbine cycle for use in spacecraft and terrestrial power plants
Lerner, R. M.
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A high pressure study of the equilibrium tight ion-pairs =: loose ion-pairs of alkali fluorenide salts in some ethereal solvents by means of absorption spectroscopy
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¬A¬ high Pressure Study of the equilibrium tight ionpairs loose ion-pairs of alkali fluorenide salts in some ethereal solvents by means of absorption spectroscopy
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A high price for abundant living: the story of capitalism
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<<A>> high-priz'd noise: Violin music for Charles 1
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A high-Q2 measurement of the photon structure function FGamma2
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A high resolution 4Pimulti electron spectrometer for soft electrons
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¬A¬high resolution AGCM study of the El Nino Impact on the North Atlantic/ European Sector/ by Ute Merkel; Mojib Latif
Merkel, Ute ; Latif, Mojib
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A high resolution analog-to-digital converter
Rose, Bruce Wayne.
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A high resolution and high speed annual ring analyser with automatic angle alignment
Jonsson, Bengt ; Dissing, Erik ; Pernestål, Kjell
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ISBN 91-576-3834-9

A high-resolution atlas of the infrared spectrum of the Sun and Earth atmosphere from space: a compilation of ATMOS spectra of the region from 650 to 4800 cm\207B£ (2.3 to 16 [symbol for Greek letter mu]m)
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A high resolution atlas of the infrared spectrum of the sun and the earth atmosphere from space: a compilation of ATMOS spectra of the region from 650 to 4800 cm-1 (2.3 to 16 micrometer)
Farmer, Crofton B.
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A high-resolution benthic [oxygen 18] and [carbon 13] stable isotope record from Ceara Rise in the western equatorial Atlantic: implications for late Oligocene to early Miocene paleoceanography
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A high resolution capacitance-based lateral position microsensor
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A high resolution electron microscopy study of spinodal decomposition and coarsening in copper titanium alloys.
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A high resolution far infrared study of rotation in HN3, HNCO, and HNCS.
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A high resolution fundamental frequency determination based on phase changes of the Fourier transform
Brown, Judith C. ; Puckette, Miller Smith.
Cambridge, Mass.. Vision and Modeling Group, Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. 1993.. [6] p..

¬A¬ High-Resolution Ge. Anti-Compton Spectrometer for radiative neutron capture spectroscopy
Michaelis, Walfried ; KUEPFER, HEINZ
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A high resolution global gravity field model combining CHAMP and GRACE satellite mission and surface data: EIGEN-CG01C
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A high-resolution graphics processing system
Sechi, Paolo G.
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A high resolution, high accuracy, interpolating A/D converter
Holland, Alexander.
c1983.. 148 leaves.

¬A¬ high resolution hydrogen line survey of Messier 31
Brinks, Elias
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A high resolution integrated circuit biomedical temperature sensing system
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Cambridge, Mass.. Microsystems Technology Laboratories, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. c1995.. 236 p..

A high resolution K-band ship search set
Fairbank, William M.
Cambridge, Mass.. Radiation Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. 1944.. 23 p..

A high-resolution Late-Glacial - Holocene pollen diagram from Pian de Gembro (Central Alps, Northern Italy)
Pini, Roberta

A high-resolution Lax-Friedrichs scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws with source terms: application to the shallow water equations
Erbes, Gerhard,
Stockholm, . 1992. 50 s..

A high resolution MMU for the realization of huge fine grained address spaces and user level mapping
Liedtke, Jochen
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¬A¬ high resolution neutron time of flight diffractometer
Arnold, Peter
1973. P.165/166.

A high resolution NMR imaging system based on the 2D-FT SSFP imaging algorith
Day, Stephen M.
1987.. [4], 67 [i.e. 69] leaves.

A high-resolution record of late glacial to holocene diatom productivity from Eel River Basin, northernCalifornia Margin
Alvarado, Fernando
Göteborg: . Univ .,. 2003. 18 s..

A high resolution scanning electron microscope for the study of single biological molecules
Wall, Joseph S.,
1971.. ix, 105 leaves.

¬A¬ high resolution scheme of TVD type for the Aw Rascle Greenberg model of traffic flow
Gurris, Marcel ; Kuzmin, Dmitri ; Turek, Stefan
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¬A¬ high resolution scintillating fibre (SCIFI) tracking device with CCD readout
Atkinson, M. N.
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A high-resolution seismic reflection investigation of shallow horizons at the Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, Colorado
King, Kenneth W. ; Williams, Robert A. ; Johnson, Robert Britten,
[Denver, Colo.?]: . Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey;. 1986?]. 1 v..

A high resolution set.
Cambridge, Mass.. Radiation Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. [1944].. 7 leaves.

A high resolution spectral atlas of the solar irradiance from 380 to 700 nanometers
Beckers, Jacques M. ; Bridges, Charles A. ; Gilliam, Lou B.
Hanscom AFB, Mass.. Sacramento Peak Observatory, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory,. 1976.. 2 v..

A high-resolution structural and compositional analysis of rapidly solidified stainless steels
Kelly, Thomas Fred.
c1982.. 186 leaves.

¬A¬ high resolution study of M17 at 1.3, 2, 6 and 21 CM
Felli, M. ; Churchwell, E. ; Massi, M.
Madison,Wisc.. Washburn Observatory, Univ.. 1984. 36 S.,9 fig.. Wisconsin astrophysics ; 187.

A high resolution study of stimulated ultraviolet transitions in molecular nitrogen: Cð[pi]õu\0333 [right arrow] Bðõg (0,0) 3370 [angstroms]
Parks, Joel Harris.
[1969]. 94 leaves.

¬A¬ high resolution study of streched spin states in ¬116Sn¬ [Sn]
Schippers, Jacobus M.
1988. 199 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. + Stellingen.

¬A¬ high resolution study of stretched-spin states in 116Sn
Schippers, Marco
1988. 199 S. : graph. Darst..

<<A>> high resolution study of stretched-spin states in p116sSn
Schippers, Jacobus Maarten
Groningen . 1988. 199 S..

¬A¬ high resolution study of stretched-spin states in Sn
Schippers, Jacobus Maarten
1988. 199 S. : Ill., graph. Darst..

A high resolution study of the \2074\2070Ca(\03B1,p)\2074ðSc reaction at 28.5 MeV.
Fischman, Irving.
1972.. 111 leaves.

A high-resolution study of the far-infrared spectrum of gaseous carbon suboxide.
Milionis, Constantin Christos.
1969.. [2], v, 49, A23 leaves.

A high resolution survey of the Cygnus X region at 1395 Mc/s.
Endriz, John Guiry.
1965.. 77, [7] leaves.

¬A¬ high resolution three dimensional model system for baroclinic estuarine dynamics and passive pollutant dispersion
Krohn, Joachim ; Duwe, Kurt C. ; Pfeiffer, Klaus D.
Geesthacht. GKSS-Forschungszentrum. 1987. S. 555 - 571 : 16 graph. Darst..

¬A¬ high resolution tidal model for the area around the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway
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ISBN 82-553-1237-4

¬A¬ high resolution tidal model for the coast of Møre and Trøndelag, Mid Norway
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A high resolution tracking system for high energy ion experiments
El Chenawi, Karim,
Lund. Univ.,. 1997. ii, 24 bl..

A high-resolution transmission electron microscope study of precipitation on dislocation lines in Al-Zn-Mg
Allen, Robert Montgomery.
1979.. 184 leaves.

A high-resolution transmission electron microscope study of precipitation on low-angle grain boundaries in Al-Zn-Mg
Vanderwalker, Diane.
c1981.. 116 leaves, [35] leaves of plates.

A high resolution vertex chamber: the time expansion chamber, design considerations ans [sic] physics goals
Dhina, Mourad.
c1985.. 106 leaves.

A high resolution wide-band sonar using coded noise-like waveforms and a parametric transmit array
Halsema, John Anthony.
c1992.. 177 leaves.

A high resolution X-ray survey of the galactic plane.
Walter, Frederick Mark.
1976.. vii, 57 leaves.

A high rise multi-use building for Boston: an investigation into the nature and organization of public space in a tall building
Weiner, David Jay.
c1984.. 117 p..

A high-rise on Main Street: Hotelling with mobile consumers
Richardson, Martin
[Elektronische Ressource]. 2004. Online-Ressource, 11, 7 p. = 179 Kb, text. Working papers in economics and econometrics ; 444.
ISBN 868314437

A high-scanning-rate storage device for computer applications
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A high school algebra,
Young, J. W. A. ; Jackson, Lambert L.
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¬A¬ high school girl: Or the secret of the old bureau. With illustr. by M. A. Boole
Clarke, Amy
London. Sunday school union. 1920 ca.. 160,16 S..

A high school grammar dealing with the science of the English language, the history of the parts of speech, the philosophy of the changes these have undergone and present usage respecting forms in dispute
Reed, Alonzo. ; Kellogg, Brainerd
New York. Merrill,. 1900.. 285 S..

A high school theatre teacher's survival guide
Ames, Raina S.
New York. Routledge,. 2005.. ix, 186 p..

A high sensitivity solid state light detector.
Cohen, Sanford.
Cambridge, Mass., . M.I.T. Experimental Astronomy Laboratory,. 1963.. 80 p.,.

A high spectral resolution lidar based on an iodine absorption filter
Piironen, Paeivi
Joensuu. Univ.. 1994. 113 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.. Dissertations ; 6.
ISBN 951-708-268-1

A high-speed controller for reproducing digitally-encoded newspaper graphics.
Butts, Michael Ray.
1977.. 78 leaves.

A high-speed fault-tolerant interconnect fabric for large-scale multiprocessors
Woods-Corwin, Robert,
c2001.. 91 p..

A high-speed flip-flop circuit using junction transistors
Heien, Arnulf M.
1952.. ii, 61, [15] leaves.

A high speed front end for the Concert Display Driver
Nussbaum, Daniel Seth.
c1984.. 167 leaves.

A high-speed graphics terminal interface for a PDP-11 minicomputer
Spencer, Andrew E.
Los Alamos, N.M.. [Dept. of Energy], Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory ;. 1979.. 6 p..

A high speed high accuracy analog to digital conversion system.
Swift, Jeffrey Ralph.
1977.. 98 leaves.

A high-speed, high-resolution optical delay line for stellar interferometry applications
Holm, Richard Walter.
c1986.. 83 leaves.

A high-speed IBM PC at to IBM 3081/E interface
Huie, Keith S.
Santa Cruz, CA. Computer Research Laboratory, University of California, Santa Cruz,. [1988]. 1 v. (various pagings).

A high speed incremental analgue-digital converter
Hyndman, D. E. ; Gatland, H. B. ; Paul, R. J. A.
Cranfield. College of Aeronautics. 1964. 9 S., 16 Abb. CoA report : E & C ; 4.

A high-speed, low-noise 16-channel CSA with automatic leakage compensation in 0.35-[mu]m CMOS process for APD-based PET detectors: research report
Oo, Kenneth Thet Zin.
2004.. 47 leaves.

A high-speed, low-power analog-to-digital converter in fully depleted silicon-on-insulator technology
Lundberg, Kent Howard.
c2002.. 200 p..

A high speed magnetic deflection system for a random scan.
McMorrow, Richard Haley,
1966.. 37 leaves.

A high-speed multiflash unit
Hyde, Wallace Edward.
1950.. vi, 45 leaves.

A high speed multiflash unit for photographic purposes
Hague, Wesley Mcären.
1949.. viii, 45 leaves.

<<A>> high-speed multi-source spark camera
Leeuw, J.H. de ; Glass, Irvine Israel ; Heuckroth, L.E.
Toronto . University; Institute of Aerophysics. 1962. 22 + [36] S..

A high speed phase-locked loop based data communication circuit for parallel processing computers
Thompson, Barry L.
c1988. [1], 70 leaves.

A high-speed photograph of Bobby Jones making an iron shot. The camera caught the club at the exact instant of impact, showing clearly the squashed ball
c1938.. 1 photographic print..

A high-speed rail link: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne
Wild, J. P. ; Brotchie, J. F. ; Nicolson, A. J.
p. 211-216.

<<A>> high-speed recording system for holography using acousto-optic light deflection: final report, 1 February 1974-31 January 1975
Battiste, R.L.
Springfield - Va. . 1975. 2 Microfiches..

¬A¬ high speed, selective multi-ADC to computer data transfer interface, for nuclear physics experiments
Arctaedius, T.
Stockholm. 1986. 10 Bl.. Fysiska Institutionen <Stockholm>: USIP report ; 1986,9.

¬A¬ high speed semi analytic propagator to model the earth's orbital debris environment in all altitude regimes
Siebold, Karl-Heinz
Als Ms. gedr.. Aachen. Shaker. 2000. V, 161 S.. ZLR-Forschungsbericht ; 2000,01.
ISBN 3-8265-7068-5 kart. : DM 94.00, sfr 94.00, S 659.00

A high-speed serial link for data acquisition
Manberger, Erik,
Uppsala, . 2004. 72 s..