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A Higgledy-piggledy punk rock hotch-potch
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A high-accuracy, low-latency technique for talker localization in reverberant environments using microph907 4063317-2 Verwaltung
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A high degree of autonomy?: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 1997-2002
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A high-dimensional model of real-financial market interaction: the cascade of stable matrices approach
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<<A>> high-dispersion spectral analysis of the Ba II star HD 204075 ((Sq (BCapricorni)
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A Higher plateau
KaSandra, John,
Hollywood, Calif.. Capitol,. [196-]. 1 sound disc.

"A higher power to feel": spiritualism, grief, and Victorian manhood
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¬A¬ higher Sanskrit grammar: for the use of school and college students
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A high field, high frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer (360 GHz, 14 T)
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A high-field hysteresigraph.
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A high five for Dallas: thanks to innovative contractual and construction measures, major work on an ambitious, five level highway interchange in Dallas is expected to be complete by the end of the year, a full 12 months ahead of schedule
Landers, Jay.

A high frequency gyrotron scattering diagnostic for instability studies on TARA
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¬A¬ highland lad my love was born: a popular Scotch air, sung by Miss Stephens, in the opera of Rob Roy Macgregor
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Grant, Elizabeth ; Pelly, Patricia ; Tod, Andrew
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A high-level simulator for heterogeneous marine vehicle teams under real constraints
Schneider, Matthias ; Eichhorn, Mike-Joachim ; Glotzbach, Thomas ; Otto, Peter

A high-level specification for virtual providers
Altenhofen, Michael ; Friesen, Andreas ; Lemcke, Jens ; Börger, Egon

A highly-accurate digitally-controlled rate table (The type-S instrument table),
Connell, Richard A.
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¬A¬ highly efficient geometry model for track reconstruction in the silicon vertex detector at CDF 2 and search for correlated charm production
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¬A¬ highly focusing beta spectrometer
Bharucha, Dinoo S.
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A highly important sale of first-growth claret from the cellars of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild and Chateau Mouton-Rothschild: the properties of Société civile de Château Lafite-Rothschild and the Baron Philippe de Rothschild ... : which will be sold at auction by Christie, Manson & Woods ... at Quaglino's Ballroom, Bury Street, St. James's, London ... on Friday, June 6, 1975 ...
Ray, Cyril, ; Ray, Cyril,
London. Christie's,. [1975?].. 46 p., [1] leaf, [2] p. of plates.

A highly integrated tool set for program development support
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A highly parallel processor using a data flow machine language
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Cambridge. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Computer Science,. 1977.. 79 p..

¬A¬ highly segmented Delta-E-Time-of-flight wall as forward detector of the 4-Pi-System for charged particles at the SIS/ESR accelerator: the FOPI-collaboration at GSI
Gobbi, A.
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A highly sensitive D.C. controlling and measuring device.
Goodman, R. A.
[Washington], . 1947.. 81 p..

¬A¬ highly sensitive energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer with multiple total reflection of the exciting beam
Schwenke, Heinrich ; Knoth, Joachim
Geesthacht. GKSS-Forschungszentrum. 1982. S. 239 - 242 : graph. Darst.. GKSS / E / GKSS-Forschungszentrum <Geesthacht> ; 82,17.
geh. (Pr. nicht mitget.)

¬A¬ highly sensitive magnetic balance of the Faraday type: magnetic studies of some iron- or copper-containing proteins
Petersson, Leif
1980. 64 S..

A highly stereoselective recombinant alcohol dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas fluorescens DSM50106: biochemical characterization, substrate specificity, enantioselectivity, and new flow-through-polarimetry-based dehydrogenase activity assay
Hildebrandt, Petra
2005. 74, [IV] S..

A high magnetic field short pulse system
Raboin, Peter J.
c1985.. 205 leaves.

A high-mass protobinary in the hot molecular core W3(Hb2(BO)
Chen, Huei-Ru.
2004.. x, 98 leaves.

¬A¬ high mass resolving power time-of-flight mass spectrometer with orthogonal extraction and a gas-filled radio frequency quadrupole interface
Zhou, Zhen
2000. IV, 107 Bl..

A high meadow: a novel
Keane, John B.
Cork. Mercier Press. 1994. 344 p..
ISBN 1-85635-094-0 hardback

A high order accurate numerical method for the simulation of waves in a moderately rarefied gas
Strömgren, Magnus
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A high-order conservative Patankar-type discretisation for stiff systems of production-destruction equations
Burchard, Hans ; Deleersnijder, Eric ; Meister, Andreas
Lübeck. Univ. zu Lübeck. 2002. 31 S.. Technical report : Serie A: Schriftenreihe der Institute für Informatik/Mathematik ; A-02-19.

<<A>> high-order difference method for differential equations
Lynch, Robert E. ; Rice, John R.
40 S..

A high-order Lagrangian-decoupling mehod for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Ho, Lee-Wing.
Hampton, Va.. ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center ;. 1989]. 1 v..

A high order method for simulation of fluid flow in complex geometries
St¯lberg, Erik
Stockholm, . 2005. vii, 109 s..

A high-order method for solving Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problems
Nguyen Thai, Nguyen Phan
Stockholm, . 2000. 33 s..

A high-order microwave integrated circuit frequency multiplier
Hurst, Michael Paul.
1980.. 74 leaves.

Bressan, Alberto

A high pass radio frequency filter
Crabtree, Kenneth G. ; Gilman, G. W.
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¬A¬high peak and high average power neodymium: glass moving slab laser for soft x-ray generation
Basu, Santanu
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¬A¬ high performance architecture for PROLOG
Dobry, Tep P.
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A high performance bit-serial lattice wave digital intermediate filter chip
Nilsson, Peter,
Linköping. Univ.,. 1993. 4 bl..

A high-performance cluster storage server
Bell, Keith
2002. vii, 30 leaves.