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O.O.. 1965. 27 S., 16 TAF..

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A hand-book of the topography and family history of England and Wales: being a descriptive account of 20,000 ... books, old tracts, ancient manuscripts, engravings ... relating to the history of almost every landed estate and old English: family in the country ...
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London, . [1863]..

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¬A¬ Handbook of travel-talk

A handbook of trees of Nepal
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A handbooll.
Schapera, Isaac
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London, . 1935.. 1 v..

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Auckland Park. 2002. IV, 34 S..
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A Handbook On Authority Work In Automated Art Information Systems: prepared under the auspices of the Thesaurus Artis Universalis (TAU) subcommittee of tht Comite International d'Histoire de'l Art (CIHA), and the Getty Art History Information Program; Draft
Stam, Deirdre Corcoran
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Agar, Joseph T. Martín ¬de¬
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A Handbook on critical sexual issues
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Enugu, Nigeria. Printed by Snaap Press Ltd.,. 2004..

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Anyafulude, Tom.
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Mathias, Beverley ; Spiers, Desmond
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ISBN 0-948664-10-X (kart.) : No price

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HARRIS, W J. ; Williams, J. D.