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A Great Basin Shoshonean source book
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A great bicycle book
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A great board: building and enhancing nonprofit boards
Berman, Howard J.
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A great capture.
Old Sleuth,
New York, 1897.. 1 v..

A great catch: a comedietta in three scenes : for five females and a baby
Clarke, Allen,
Manchester [Lancashire]. J. Heywood,. [18--]. 16 p..

A great circle: the Mayfield trilogy
Price, Reynolds
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¬"A¬ Great Civilising and Humanising Force": Some Aspects of a Debate About Music in English Schools, 1872 - 19928.
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¬A¬ great Civil War: a military and political history, 1861-1865
Weigley, Russell Frank
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A Great combination
Whiteman, Paul, ; Edwards, Joan. ; Dennis, Clark.
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¬A¬ great commission: christian hope and religious diversity ; papers in honour of Kenneth Cracknell on his 65th birthday
Forward, Martin ¬[Hrsg.]¬ ; Cracknell, Kenneth
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A Great conspiracy by the papists in the kingdome of Ireland: discovered by the lords, justices and counsell at Dvblin and proclaimed there Octob. 23, 1641 : vvhich proclamation was sent to the Parliment here in England, and read before t Lords and Commons in Parliament on Munday Novemb. 1, 1641 : vvhereunto is annexed the copy of a letter written with the kings owne hand, and sent to Mr. Nicholas, Clarke of the counsell from Edenbvrgh Octob. 18, 1641.
Charles ; Clarke, Nicholas,
London. Printed for John Thomas,. 1641.. [2], 4 p..

A Great conspiracy of the papists against the worth members of both Houses of Parliament: and also against the city of London and generally the whole kingdome : discovered by divers wicked and bloody letters which by Gods providence came to light and was read in the House of Commons the 10 and 11 of January, 1641 : with the names of those honourable and worthy members in Parliament whose lives they conspired against and seeke to take away.
London. Printed for Iohn Thomas,. 1641 [i.e. 1642]. [8] p..

¬A¬ great day in Harlem: [Video]
Jones, Quincy ¬[Sprecher]¬ ; Gillespie, Dizzy ; Blakey, Art
[s.l.]. Blue Dolphin. 1995. 1 Video.

¬A¬ great day in Harlem: the story and sounds behind the most famous photo in the history of jazz ; [DVD Video]
Bach, Jean ¬[Regie]¬ ; Peehl, Susan ¬[Drehbuch]¬ ; Seig, Matthew ¬[Drehbuch]¬ ; Petroupolos, Steve ¬[Kamera]¬ ; Jones, Quincy ¬[Darst.]¬ ; Gillespie, Dizzy ¬[Darst.]¬ ; Rollins, Sonny ¬[Darst.]¬
Special edition. [S.l.]. Home Vision Entertainment. 2006. 2 DVD (ca. 60 Min.) : teilw. s/w.

A great day with the pirates: search puzzle
Hoffmann, Guido
Bad Rodach. Habermaaß. 2008. [14] S.. Book & game.
978-3-939709-61-9 |b Pp. : EUR 12.50

A great debate on the literary front: Appendix: Clear the road and advance boldly!
Zhou, Yang,
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A great deliverance
George, Elizabeth
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"¬A¬ great deliverance" ... [Mikroform]: the escape from She-kí-tien, Ho-nan
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¬A¬ great deliverance
George, Elizabeth
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A great deliverance
George, Elizabeth
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¬[Hörbuch¬] ¬A¬ great deliverance: an Inspector Lynley Mystery
George, Elizabeth ; Jacobi, Derek ¬ ¬[Sprecher¬]¬
München. Random House. 2005. 3 CDs.
ISBN 1-84456-102-X EUR 24.55

¬A¬ great deliverance und das Gattungsmuster des Detektivromans
Rühl, Volker
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A Great discoverie of a plot in Scotland, by a miraculous meanes: two great actors in the same being so taken with the sweet disposition of those worthies, against whom they plotted, that their troubled consciences would not permit them to proceed in their wicked intents : as also the names of those lords that should have bin cut off in this plot of Scotland : and the names of the conspirators : with the copy of a letter sent to the papists in London.
London. Printed by Bernard Alsop,. 1641.. [8] p..

A great discovery of Roman glass: old masters of glass: Roman parallels to later European work
Fremersdorf, Fritz
London. 1930. S. 588-591.

¬A¬ great discovery of the Queens preparation
London. Wright. 1642.

A Great discovery of the Queens preparation in Holland to assist the King in England: also how Her Majesty hath sent her standard, with the rest of her regiments over to New-castle : as it was sent in a letter from Rotterdam, dated Decemb. 16. stilo novo, and directed to M. John Blackston, a member of the House of Commons
Blackston, John
London. Printed for J. Wright ...,. Decemb. 17, 1642. [8] p.

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Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty,
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"A great engine for good": the industry of fiction in Elizabeth Gaskell's "Mary Barton" and "North and south"
Starr, Mary

A Greater Boston - Massachusetts Bay coastal location for the ESSA Institute for Oceanography, Coast and Geodetic Survey ship base.
Boston . [1966?]. 1 v. (unpaged).

A greater democracy day by day
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A greater good: potentials for an intelligent economy
Zevin, Robert Brooke
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"A greater power than we can contradict Hath thwarted our intents"
København . 2002. 1 bd..

¬A¬ greater role for the public sector in a sustainable future
Ferney-Voltaire. [1998. 2] Bl.. Theme paper / Public Services International ; 3.

¬A¬ great estate and its landlords in colonial India: Darbhanga ; 1860 - 1942
Henningham, Stephen
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A great Estate at Work: the Holkham estate and its inhabitants in the 19th century
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A great expectation: Eschatological thought in English Protestantism to 1660
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A great fight at sea, between the English, French, Dutch, and Portugals, neer Gibralterre in the Streights: with the manner of their engagement; the particulars of the fight; and the number of ships sunk and taken by Captain Pen, vice-admirall for the Parliament of England also a bloudy fight in Ireland between the Parliaments forces, commanded by Collonel Axtel, Col. Pretty, Col. Zanchey, and Col. Cooke; and the Irish under the command of Commis. General Dungan. With a list of the colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors, captains, and the rest of the officers and souldiers, killed and taken prisoners on both sides
Imprinted at London. for G. Samuel. 1651. 8 p..

¬A¬ great fight in Scotland between His Excellencey the Lord Gen: Cromwels forces, and the Scots, upon the advance of Lieutenant Gen. Lesley, and Col. Massie, from Sterling towards Glasco: With the manner of their engagement, the particulars of the said fight, the event and success thereof, and the number killed and taken prisoners. Together with the taking of C. Massie, and committing him prisoner to the Tower of London. Also, a true relation concerning the present state and condition of the Lord Gen. Cromwels army; and exceeding sad news from the Isle of Guernsey: comprising the last bloudy fight, and the full particulars thereof
London. Printed for G. Horton. 1651.

A great fight in the kingdome of Ireland betwixt the Protestant forces under the command of Major Generall Jones, and the Irish forces under command of that arch-rebell, Generall Preston: with the number that were slaine on both sides, anthe names of the colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors, captaines, and other officers and souldiers, taken prisoners : also the manner of Prestons marching towards Dublin, with 9000 foot and 1600 horse, to besiege the said city.
Smith, G.,
Printed at London. By B.A.,. 1647.. [8] p..

A great fleet of ships: the Canadian forts & parks
Heal, Syd C.
St. Catharines, Ont.. Vanwell Publ.. 1999. 312 S..
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A great free city: The book of Silchester: The dramatic complemental history of the remarkable Atrebatian stronghold which became the imperial municipality called Calleva Atrebatum the third free city of the Romano-Britannic province
Thomson, James
London. Simpkin.

¬A¬ great game no more: oil, gas and stability in the Caspian Sea region ; annex: Region of the future: the Caspian Sea, German interests and European politics in the Trans-Caucasian and Central Asian Republics
Dettke, Dieter ¬[Hrsg.]¬ ; Amirahmadi, Hooshang
Washington, D.C.. 1999. 109 S..
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A great gift idea
Pasadena, Calif.. Sierra/Briar,. p1979.. 2 sound discs.

A great heiress: a fortune in seven checks.
Francillon, R. E.
New York, . G. Munro. [c1883]. 133 p..

A great heiress: a fortune in seven checks.
Francillon, R. E.
New York, . Harper & brothers. [c1884]. 27 p..

A great heritage: Renaissance & Baroque drawings from Chatsworth ; (exhibition dates: National Gallery of Art, Washington: 8 October - 31 December 1995, The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York: 18 January - 21 April 1996)
Jaffe, Michael
New York, NY. Abrams. 1995. 240 S. : zahlr. Ill..
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Jaffé, Michael
Washington [u.a.]. National Gallery of Art [u.a.]. 1995. 240 S..
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Jaffé, Michael
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Wohin geht die Kirche morgen?: Entwicklung pastoraler Prioritäten in der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Kießling, Klaus [Hrsg.]
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A great humanist;: E.M. Forster on Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson.
Forster, E. M.

A great idea: national socialism then and now : a philosophical appraisal
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Schiff, Stacy
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London. MacMillan. 1933. 502 S. : Ill..

A great lady's Friendships. Letters to Mary, Marchioness of Salisbury, Countess of Derby 1862-90. With introd. and notes by the Lady Burghclere
Burghclere ¬[Winifred Anne Henrietta Christine]¬
London. 1933.

A Great Lakes ice cover digital data set for winters 1973-2000
Assel, Raymond A. ; Cronk, Kevin C.
Ann Arbor, Mich.. Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration,. [2002].

A Great Lakes wetland flora: a complete, illustrated guide to the aquatic and wetland plants of the Upper Midwest
Chadde, Steve
Calumet, Mich.. PocketFlora Press,. c1998.. x, 569 p..

A great leap
Franklin, Sharon. ; Koller, Laura.
Lexington, MA. D.C. Heath,. c1988.. 4 computer disks ;.

<<A >>great leap forward for modern Chinese art history ?: recent publications in China and the United States - a review article
Croizier, Ralph
S. 786-794.

¬A¬ great library through gifts
Slavens, Thomas P.
New York ¬[u.a.]¬. Saur. 1986. IX, 355 S..
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A great love
Kollonta\012D, A.
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<<A>> great Luso-Brazilian figure: Padre António Vieira, S.J., 1608-1697
Boxer, Charles Ralph
London . Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Councils. 1957. 32 S..

A great Luso-Brazilian figure, Padre Antonio Vieira, S. J., 1608-1697
Boxer, C. R.
London. Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Council,. 1957. 32 p..

A great man: a frolic
Bennett, Arnold
London. Remploy. 1979. VII, 240 S..
ISBN 0-7066-0821-6


A great minor master: "The Robbery" by Simon Kick in the Berlin Gemäldegalerie ; with an appendix including a complete catalogue of paintings by Simon Kick (1603 - 1652)
Rosen, Jochai

A Great miracle at sea, or, A perfect relation of a mighty whale: which was pursued in the sea ... : as it was certified by divers mariners of Weymouth sayling from France in a shipp called the Bonanaventure, did shoot the whale, which ..was found dead upon the shore within three miles of Weymouth, where the countrey people ... having opened it's belly, found a Romish priest, with a black box of pardons from the pope for many papists in England and Ireland, whose names are here printed : also the names of the sea-men who were present ...
[S.l.. s.n.,. 1645?]. [2], 6 p..

A great movement underway: women and The Grain growers' guide 1908-1928
Davis, Angela E. ; Kelcey, Barbara E.
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Manitoba record society,. 1997.

A great name in oil;: Sinclair through fifty years.
[New York] . F. W. Dodge Co.. [1966]. 102 p..

A great new feeling
Snead, Lois.
New York. Spire Records,. p1977.. 1 sound disc.

¬A¬ great noise about nothing: or the Church's danger. A satyr
S.l.. Printed in the year. 1705. 4p.

A great northern light
[England. Publisher not named,. 1808?]. 1 print.

A Great number of the nobility and gentry having come to a resolution to encourage the wearing of home made linnen cloth, the Honourable Society for Improving in the Knowledge of Agriculture have advised the publishing of the following rules for propagating and dressing of lint and hemp, and for bleaching and whitning of linnen cloth
[Edinburgh. s.n.,. 1726]. 36 p. ;.

A Great over-throw: given to Sir Ralph Hopton's whole army by Sir William Waller neere Farnham, with onely sixe troope of horse, and some foote, the rest of his army being stated in severall quarters in other places : with many remarkableassages, which deserue everlasting memory.
London. Printed for Iohn Hammon ...,. 1643.. 8 p..

A great part: and other stories of the stage
Payne, George Henry. ; Lundborg, Florence,
New York. Continental Publishing Co.,. 1902.. 220, [4] p. ;.

"A great part to play": gender, genre, and literary fame in George Moore's "A mummer's wife"
Masters, Joellen

A great Peace maker: the diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin
Gallatin, James ; Gallatin, James Francis
London. 1914.


¬A¬ great physician and medical humanist: a review of Harvey Cushing's Life of Sir William Osler
Welch, William H.
[New York]. 1925. 26 S..

¬A¬ great place to raise kids: intrepretation, science, and urban rural debate
Bonner, Kieran
Montreal [u.a.]. McGill-Queen's Univ. Press. 1997. XI, 241 S..
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A great place to work: what makes some employers so good (and most so bad)
Levering, Robert
1. ed. New York. Random House. 1988. XXII, 312 S..
ISBN 0-394-55725-5 : $ 50.00

A Great Plains reader
Quantic, Diane Dufva ; Hafen, P. Jane
Lincoln, Neb. [u.a.]. University of Nebraska Press. 2003. xxii, 730 S..
ISBN 0-8032-3802-9 alk. paper

¬A¬ great plot discovered, or the notorious and wicked design
London. Horton. 1661. 7 S..

A Great plot discovered, or, The notorious and wicked design upon the river of Thames put in execution on Monday last: with a hu-and-cry after the condemned prisoners that made their escape upon their removing from Newgate to be transport for Jamaica, and the manner how they made their escape and got ashore in Essex, the killing of the steer-man, the pursuing of them by souldiers, and the names and number of those since re-taken which are now to be executed upon several gibbets : likewise the apprehending of the wicked villains ill-affected to His Gracious Majesty and His Royal Highnesse the Duke of York.
London. Printed for G. Horton,. 1661.. 7 p..

A great prize: the long life of a medieval polemic
Finucane, Jane. ; Robinson-Hammerstein, Helga
Dublin. [The Library, Trinity College Dublin],. [2004]. 48 p..

A Great revolution on the cultural front.
Hung ch°i.
Peking, . Foreign Languages Press,. 1965.. 113 p..

A great Russia: Russia and the Triple Entente, 1905 - 1914
Tomaszewski, Fiona K.
Westport, Conn. [u.a.]. Praeger. 2002. XIII, 190 S..
ISBN 0-275-97366-2 alk. paper

A great Russian tone-poet: Scriabin
Hull, Arthur Eaglefield
[Reprint]. New York. AMS P.. 1970. 8, 304 S..
ISBN 0-404-03383-0

A great & [and] shining road: the epic story of the transcontinental railroad
Williams, John Hoyt
1. ed. New York. Times Books. 1988. 341 S. : Ill.
ISBN 0-8129-1668-9

A great, silly grin: the British satire boom of the 1960s
Carpenter, Humphrey
1st ed. New York, NY. PublicAffairs. 2002. viii, 391 S..
ISBN 1-586-48081-2

¬A¬ great society?
Gross, Bertram Myron ¬[Ed.]¬
New York. Basic. 1968. 22, 362 S..

A Great Society;: the social and political thought of Joel Barlow.
Ball, Kenneth Ray,
[n.p.] . 1967.. 2 v. (409 Á.).

A great son of Bulgaria: reports, articles, speeches and reflections about Georgi Dimitrov
Zhivkov, Todor
Sofia. Sofia Press,. 1982. 363 s..

¬A¬ great stage of fools: theatricality and madness in the plays of William Wycherley
Marshall, W. G.
New York, NY ¬[u.a.]¬. AMS Press. 1993. 121 S.. AMS studies in the seventeenth century ; 4.
ISBN 0-404-61724-7

A great stream from a petty-fountain; or John Bull swamped in the flood of new - taxes; - cormorants fishing the stream
1806.. 1 print.

A Great team of Star cartoonists. Their page one pictures made this book
c1948.. 1 photomechanical print.

¬A¬ great transformation?: banking and capital markets in "Transition Countries"
Bod, Peter A.
Frankfurt (Oder). Europa-Univ. Viadrina. 2005. 68 S.. MES-Schriftenreihe.

¬A¬ great treason: a story of the war of independence
Hoppus, Mary A.
London. Macmillian.

A great treason.
Marks, Mary A. M. (Hoppus),
New York, . G. Munro. [c1884]. 441 p..

¬A¬ great trial in Chinese history: the trial of the Lin Biao and Jiang Qing counter-revolutionary cliques, Nov. 1980 - Jan. 1981
1. ed.. Beijing. New World Pr.. 1981. 234, 11 S. : Ill..
ISBN 0-08-027919-8

¬A¬ great victory by the blessing of God, obtained by the Parliaments forces, against the Scots forces: Commanded by the Earl of Derby, on the 25 of August 1651. neer Wigon in Lancashire. Certifyed by a letter from Col Lilburne, and two letters from Chester. Also a letter from Col. Birche, to Mr. Speaker. 1500. Totally routed, Earl of Derby wounded and pursued towards Boleon. L. Widdrington mortally wounded & taken prisoner. 400 prisoners taken, amongst which many officers and gentlemen of note. Slaine 3 knights and divers Collonels, and other considerable officers and gentlemen. With a list of the chief particulars of the victory. Imprimatur Hen. Scobel Cleric. Parliamenti
London. Printed for Robert Ibbitson dwelling in Smithfield neere Hosier Lane end. 1651.

¬A¬ great victory God hath vouchsafed by the Lord Generall Cromwels forces against the Scots
London. Printed for Robert Ibbitson dwelling in Smithfield neere Hosier Lane end. 1651.

A Great victory obtained by Colonel Norton and his horse, and Colonell Jones and his foote against Colonel Rayden: from Basing House, neere Walneborough Mill, within halfe a mile of Odium : where were taken prisoners Ssrjeant [sic] Major ngely, a mercer in pater-noster-row that went to Basing also his escape, Captain Rawlet that was a scrivener at Holbern bridge, Lieutenant Rawlet at Holborne Cunduit, Lieutenant Ivorie a citizen of London, Ensigne Lucas a silke dier in the Old baly, Ensigne Corum a papist of Winchester, Robinson a chyrurgeon to the Marques of Winchester a papist : taken besides 3 gentlemen of armes, 3 serjeants, 3 drummers, 5 drums, 75 common men, 100 armes, some horse, 4 were slain, 10 of onr men which were prisoners in Basing House escaped : certified by Gentlemen that were engaged in service.
London. Printed by Andrew Coe ...,. 1644.. [8] p..

A Great victory obtained by the English against the Hollanders, on Friday the 6th of May: the whole manner of the engagement, the persuing of the Dutch fleet towards Holland, and blocking up of their admirals, Van Trump, de Witte and Ruyt, in the Texel, by General Dean, General Monk, and Vice-Admiral Penn : with the taking of 60 small ships and 6 merchant-men very richly laden, that were coming from France, about by Scotland.
London. Printed by Robert Wood,. 1653.. 8 p..

A great wall: six presidents and China ; an investigative history
Tyler, Patrick
New York, N.Y. ; [Great Britain]. PublicAffairs. 1999. xvi, 476 p.. A Century Foundation book.
ISBN 1-89162-037-1

A great wall
Sun, Shirley. ; Wang, Peter C. ; Qinqin, Li. ; Xiao, Wang. ; Yee, Kelvin Han. ; Xiaoguang, Hu. ; Guanglan, Shen. ; Iwai, Sharon.
Santa Monica, CA. MGM Home Entertainment,. 2002.. 1 DVD (102 min.).

A great wall
Wang, Peter C ; Sun, Shirley ; Iwai, Sharon ; Han Yee, Kelvin ; Qinqin, Li ; Xiao, Wang ; Xiaoguang, Hu ; Guanglan, Shen ; Stein, Peter ; Primes, Robert
Los Angeles, CA. Distributed by Metromedia Entertainment Group,. 1997. 1 videocassette (100 min.).

A great weekend in Stockholm
Desnos, Anne ; Mogensen, Sofi
London. Hachette. 2002. 142 p.. Hachette travel guides.
ISBN 0-540-08318-6

A great woman theory of history: an interview with Margarethe von Trotta
Jaehne, Karen ; Rubenstein, Lenny

The agreeable Caledonian: or, memoirs of Signiora di Morella, a Roman lady, who made her escape from a monastery at Viterbo, for the love of a Scots nobleman
Haywood, Eliza Fowler.
London, . 1728..

¬The¬ agreeable Caledonian; or, Memoirs of Signiora di Morella: a Roman lady, who made her escape from a monaster at Viterbo, for the love of a Scots nobleman ...
Haywood, Eliza
[Microfilm d. Ausg. 1729]. Woodbridge, Ct.. Research Publ.. Early British fiction ; ....

¬The¬ agreeable companion, or, An universal medley of wit and good-humour: consisting of a curious collection of the most humorous essays, smart repartees ... and beautiful characters both fabulous and real ; with select novels ; extracted from the writings of the most approv'd authors, both antient and modern ; among which are interspers'd several original pieces in prose and verse ...
[Microfilm d. Ausg. 1747]. Woodbridge, Ct.. Research Publ.. 1981. IV, 383 S.. Early British fiction ; 12..

The agreeable contrast between the British hero, and the Italian fugitive
[England. Publisher not named,. 1746 or later]. 1 print.

The agreeable contrast between the formidable John of Gant and Don Carlos of Southern Extraction
[England]. Pubd. persuant to Act of Parliamt.,. 1749 Sept. 26.. 1 print.

The agreeable game of art: Francois Boucher and the worldly play of gender
Hyde, Melissa Lee.
X, 343 S..

Agreeable intelligence. Printing office, New Bedford, Tuesday December 31st, 1793.: Last evening the sloop Hazard, George Folger, Jun. master, arrived from New York.--He has favored us with a paper printed there, of the 21st inst. which contains the following interesting particulars ... relating to the Algerines .
[New Bedford, Mass.. Printed by John Spooner,. 1793]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬The¬ agreeable medley, or, Universal entertainer
[Microfilm d. Ausg. 1748]. Woodbridge, Ct.. Research Publ.. 1981. 434 S.. Early British fiction ; 13..

Agreeable situations: society, commerce, and art in southern Maine, 1780-1830
Sprague, Laura Fecych, ; Butler, Joyce.
Kennebunk, Me.. Brick Store Museum ;. c1987.. 289 p..