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A Fvll and faithfvll accompt of the passages betwixt the parish of Michaels Cornehill (met in a vestry) the ministers and elders of the fourth classis of the province of London, and Mr. J. Symonds, late of Roterdam in Holland: touching hiadmission to the expository lecture in that parish in the room of Mr. Burroughs deceased : published, in the name, and by the unanimous consent of the classes met at the vestry of Mary-ax-Hill, Febr. 1. 1646 as a remedy against the manifold misreports and censures to confidently delivered by some, and too credulously received by others, concerning the beginning, proceeding and conclusion of that motion : at a meeting of the fourth classis, Feb. 1. 1646 : resolved upon the question, nemine contradicente, that this vindication of the vestry of Michaels Cornhill, and the fourth classis of the province of London, concerning the motion of Mr. Symonds to bee lecturer in that parish, bee presented to some of the licencers for the presse, and forthwith printed
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A fvll declaration of all particulers concerning the march of the forces under Collonell Fiennes to Bristoll and their carriage upon their enemies approach: as also a relation of the late bloody abominable conspiracy against the city of Bristoll as appeareth by the examination of the parties discovering their plot and intention : together with sundry letters annexed : with the certaine information touching the death of Will. Kendall a trooper of Collonel Essex who was shot by the said Collonel
Noble hand. ; Langrish, Hercules.
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A Fvll relation not only of our good sucesse in generall: but how and in what manner God hath fought his own cause miraculously manifesting his mighty power by delivering the Protestants, miserably distressed under a cruell and most inhume adversary : as also the names of the chiefe commanders and officers in this late expedition of 3000 foote and 500 horse under the command of the Earle of Ormond lieutenant generall and others mentioned more particularly in the relation.
London. Printed by G. Miller for W. Bladen,. 1642.. [2], 12 p..

A fvll reply to Certaine briefe observations and antiqueries: on Master Prynnes twelve questions about church government: wherein the frivolousnesse, falsenesse, and grosse mistakes of this anonymous answerer... are modestly discovered, refelled.
Prynne, William, ; Leach, Francis,
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A fvll reply to Certaine briefe observations and anti-queries on Master Prynnes twelve questions about church-government: wherein the frivolousnesse, falseness, and grosse mistakes of this anonymous answerer (ashamed of his name) and his ak grounds for independency, and separation, are modestly discovered, reselled : together with certaine briefe animadversions on Mr. Iohn Goodwins Theomachia, in justification of independency examined, and of the ecclesisticall jurisdiction and rights of Parliament, which he fights against
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<<A>> fynbos year
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afz extra
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