AFI's 100 years, 100 stars: America's greatest screen legends ; a CBS special ; [DVD Video]
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AFI's 100 years of 100 laughs--America's funniest movies
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AFI's 100 years of thrills--America's most heart pounding movies
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AFI salute to Billy Wilder.
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A fish called Wanda: 104 Min. ; Farbe ; ab 16 J.
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A Fish caught in his own net: An examination of nine sermons, from Matt. 16. 18. published last year, by Mr Joseph Fish of Stonington; wherein he labours to prove, that those called standing churches in New-England, are built upon the rock, and upon the same principles with the first fathers of this country: and that Separates and Baptists are joining with the gates of hell against them. In answer to which; many of his mistakes are corrected; the constitution of those churches opened; the testimonies of prophets and apostles, and also of many of those fathers are produced, which as plainly condemn his plan, as any Separate or Baptist can do. By Isaac Backus. Pastor of a church of Christ in Middleborough. [Six lines of quotations].
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