A few plain answers to the question,...: 6th ed.
London, . 1827..

A few plain answers to the question, why do you recieve the testimony of baron Swedenborg?: Addressed from a minister to his congregation. 4th ed.
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A few plain directions for persons intending to proceed as settlers to His Majesty's province of Upper Canada ...
London, . Baldwin, Craddock, and Joy,. 1820.. vii, 100 p..

A few plain facts about Gothenburg, Sweden, 1930.
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A few plain facts shewing the folly, wickedness and imposition of the Rev. Timothy R. Mattews: also a short sketch of the rise, faith, and doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
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A few plain reasons why the people should reject the amended constitution.
[Boston, . 1853]. 4 p..

A few plain remarks for plain men upon the present unhappy controversy in the church...
[n. p.] . 1843.. 1 v..

A few plain thoughts on the policy of a protective tariff,
Hagers-town, . Printed by W. D. Bell & son,. 1841.. 15 p..

A few plain thoughts upon the subject of imprisonment for debt: with a view to effect a gradual abolition, by extending and rendering more effectual the powers of the commissioners of the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, in order to compel debtors to make a discovery of their estate and effects, and to facilitate the recovery of debts
Gentleman connected with the superior courts of law.
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The distance education balance sheet: what are the measures of success for institutions and students?
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¬A¬ few plain words
Fox, George
London. Simmons. 1659. 8 S..

¬A¬ few plain words by way of querie
Fox, George
London. Wilson. 1660. 1 S..

¬A¬ few plain words concerning conformity
Smith, William
[London]. [1664]. 8 S..

A few plain words concerning conformity in matter of religion and worship: and also concerning evidence and judgment in cases of conscience : published to all magistrates, juror's and people, within the nation of England.
Smith, William,
[London. s.n.,. 1664]. 8 p..

¬A¬ few plain words of instruction
Howard, Luke
London. Simmons. 1658. 22 S..

¬A¬ few plain words to the officers of the army
Crane, Richard
London. Simmons. 1659. 8 S..

A few popular "pre-war" English recipes
Kbh . 1947. 23 s..

¬A¬ few Portuguese letters and manuscripts brought to Paris by Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, now in the manuscript collection of the Library of Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Daszkiewicz, Pitor
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¬A¬ few practical Suggestions
Smith, Logan Pearsall
Oxford. Clarendon Pr.. 1920. 19 S.. SPE Tract ; No. 3.

A few practical suggestions concerning human rights and develpment co-operation: Swedish perspectives on the rule of law
Alfredsson, Gudmundur

A few private hints and advice, more especially designed for married women, describing the causes of some of their complaints and the symptoms by which they may be known: menstruation, or monthly turns, during their stoppage, irregularity, or entire suppression, if arising from pregnancy and how it may be determined
Geissner, R. G.
[New York. Geissner,. 1855]. [4] p. ;.

¬A¬ few proposals humbly recommending to ... the establishing a land-credit in this kingdom
Chamberlen, Hugh
Edinburgh. [s.n.]. 1700. 50 p..

A few queries for Thomas Moor the elder, Thomas Moor the younger, John Horn, or for any of them or any other, to answer
Fox, George,
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A few queries suggested by a late correspondence.
[n.p., . n.d.]. 8 p..

A few quick ones
Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville
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¬A¬ few quick ones
Wodehouse, Pelham G.
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Wodehouse, Pelham G.

¬A¬ few quick tricks: New pocket cartoons
Lancaster, Osbert
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A few reflections on financial conglomerates and their supervision
Carton de Tournai, Georges

A few remarks by way of reply to an Anonymous scribbler,
Bennett, S. [from old catalog]
[n. p.] . 1840.. 1 v..

¬A¬ few remarks by way of reply to an anonymous scribbler, calling himself a philantrophist, disabusing the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints of the slanders and falsehoods which he has attempted to fasten upon it.
Bennett, Samuel
Philadelphia. Brown, Bicking & Guilbert. 1840. 16 S.. ¬The¬ mormons and Utah ; 1,MOR-11.

A few remarks explanatory of the motives which guided the operations of the British army during the late short campaign in Spain
Clinton, Henry,
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¬A¬ few remarks on isoperimetric inequalities
Schnitzer, Franz Joseph
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A Few remarks on Mr. Butt's pamphlet, Land tenure, and relation of landlord and tenant: with an appendix containing some remarks on the Roman Catholic priesthood, education, and the established church.
Dublin. George Herbert,. 1867.. vi, 60 p. ;.

A few remarks on Mr.Haywards English prose translation of Goethe's Faust, with additional observations on the difficulty of translating German works in general.
Boileau, Daniel
London, . 1834..

A Few remarks on the cultivation of the sugar cane in Louisiana: and the dimunition of the duties on foreign sugar
S.l.. s.n. [1833?]. 8 p..

¬A¬ few remarks on the nature & cure of colds. By T.M. Kelson
Kelson, Thomas Mortimer
Sevenoaks. printed by Tho. Clout; sold by Murray and Co., London. 1797.

A few remarks on the operations of the companies: at present organized, for the digging & smelting of copper and other ores, on Lake Superior and the Saint Croix River
S.l.. s.n. [1845?]. 16 p..

<<A>> few remarks on the pamphlet entitled "Metropolitan gas legislation past and prospective"
Cleminshaw, C.G.
London . Longmans. 1867. 19 S..

¬A¬ few remarks on the present times, with a serious advice to the redeeming our time here: so that we may be blessed and happy when time shall be no more. By David Love
Love, David
[London?]. Printed for, and sold by the author, a lame man, who makes erses [sic] on any subjects, if mployed [sic]. 1777. 8p..

A few remarks on the present times, with a serious advice to the redeeming our time here: so that we may be blessed and happy when time shall be no more. By David Love
S.l. . [Printed for, and sold by the author, a lame man, who makes erses [sic] on any subjects, if mployed [sic] .

A few remarks on the proposed admission of dissenters into the University of Oxford
Moberly, George,
Oxford. J.H. Parker ;. 1834.. 34 p. ;.

A few Remarks on the Total Eclipse of the Sun observed at Nice
Grover, John
London. Moyes and Barclay. 1842. S.207-222.

A few remarks, upon the ordination of the Rev'd Mr. James Dana, and the doings of the Consociation, respecting the same: being a letter, to the author of The faithful narrative, &c.
Hart, William, ; Todd, Jonathan,
New-Haven;. Printed by James Parker and Company,,. 1759. 46, xv, [3] p. ;.

A few remarks upon the subject of a rail-road to te Pacific,
Philadelphia, . J. Gibbons, Pr.,. 1853.. 13 p..

A few reminiscences by Ada Clement for her family and friends
Clement, Ada,
San Francisco. s.n.,. 1952]. 42 p..

¬A¬ few righteous men: imperfect information, quit-for-tat, and critical mass in the dynamics of cooperation
Moresi, Serge ; Salop, Steven C.

A few rounds of old maid & other stories
Reeve, Franklin D.
1. ed. Washington, DC. Azul Ed.. 1995. 141 S..
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Davies, Martin
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¬A¬ few salient points or things that agitate us: a collection of articles
Kosolapov, Richard I.
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A few scanning tips
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Marsh, William.
Bennington [Vt.]:. Printed by Anthony Haswell.,. M,DCC,XCVII. [1797]. 47, [1] p. ;.

¬A¬ few short arguments proving that 'tis every English-mans interest
London. Hills. 1687. 2 S..

A Few short arguments proving that 'tis every English-man's interest as well as duty at all times to endeavor the absolute and effectual repeal of all the religious penal laws and tests now in force against Catholics and dissenters: so as they may never more be revived, and the rather because thereby liberty and property may be better secured than at present they are
London. Printed by Henry Hills ... and are to be sold at his printing house ...,. 1687. 2 p.

A few short notes on tropical butterflies
Murray, John
1. ed. New York, NY. HarperCollins. 2003. 274 S..
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¬A¬ few short visits to Negritos of Northern Luzon
Vanoverbergh, Morice

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Gara, Larry ; Gara, Lenna Mae
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¬A¬ few sober queries upon the late proclamation
London. 1668.

¬A¬ few Specimens of the blunders, falsehoods, and absurdities, contained in a critique on "The Georgian Era", in the Quarterly Review (No. CVI. Art. VII.)
London. Vizetelly u.a.. s.a..

A Few state criminals brought to the bar of public justice: with observations on the last, and advice to the new Parliament, calling themselves representatives of the people.
Paine, Thomas,
London. D.I. Eaton,. [1806?]. 47 p. ;.

¬A¬ few steps to a complete dictionary of english dialects
Blaschke, J. Heinrich
Hamburg. Luetcke u. Wulff. [1890]. 43 S..

<<A>> few steps toward artificial 3D vision
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A few steps towards 3D active vision
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A few suggestions for increasing the incomes of many of the smaller livings, for the almost total abolition of pluralities, and for promoting the residence of ministers in the several parishes;: more particularly addressed to the members of both houses of Parliament.
Leeke, William
Derby [Eng.] . William Bemrose,. 1838.. 13 p..

A few suggestions upon the personal liberty law and "secession" (so called).: In a letter to a friend
Thomas, Benjamin Franklin,
Boston, . Printed by J. Wilson and Son,. 1861. 22 p..

¬A¬ few theoretical aspects of deregulation
Samuelson, Paul Anthony

A few thoughts compos'd on the sudden and awful death of Mrs. Fessenden: wife of Mr. Nathanael Fessenden, of Cambridge, who was shot May 30, 1770
[s. l.. s. n.,. 1770?]. broadside ;.

A Few thoughts compos'd on the sudden & awful death of Mrs. Fessenden,: wife of Mr. Nathanael Fessenden, of Cambridge, who was shot May 30, 1770
Boston:. Printed and sold in Milk-Street [by John Kneeland and Seth Adams].,. 1770. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬A¬ few thoughts on commission, divisions of profit, selection of lives, the mortality in India, and other subjects relating to life assurance: contained in a series of letters recently published in the Post magazine, under the signature of "Crito"
Brown, Samuel
London. W.S.D. Pateman. 1849.

A Few thoughts on the death of Mr. Luke Rich of Western,: who was killed on Coy's Hill by his cart wheels, April, 1768, in the 23d year of his age
[Worcester, Mass.?. s.n.,. between 1810 and 1830?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

A few thoughts on the new era and veto in Ireland
Trotter, John B.
Leiden. IDC. 1987 c. 1 Mikrofiche : 17x. Irish pamphlets ; 261..

¬A¬ few thoughts on the probable renewal of the alien bill
Member of Parliament
London. Printed for J. Hatchard and Son. 1822. 37 p..

¬A¬ few thoughts on the subject of loyalty
Chipman, Kathleen A.
[Montreal]. 1896. 12 S. ; 1 Mikrofiche. Pre-1900 Canadiana microfiche edition / 2.
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A few Throught concerning parents' associations: an adress...
Bell, Alexander Graham
Washington ; Sanders Printing Office. 1897. 8 S..

A few tricks along the way: daily reflections for gay men, queer boys, magnificent queens, and the people who love them
Stern, Gary J.
Freedom, Calif.. Crossing Press,. c1994.. 1 v. (unpaged).

A few verses composed by P.F. on account of the sudden death of John Brown, and Huldy Brown, son and daughter, of Elder Eleazar Brown, of Stonington, who were killed with lightning, on Saturday the seventh day of June, 1788.: The young man was in the 25th year of his age, and the young woman about 18 years old.--Both in the prime of life
P. F.
Printed at Worcester (Massa.). at D. Greenleaf's office, for Richard Lee.,. [between 1799 and 1806]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

A few verses composed by P.F. on account of the sudden death of John Brown, and Huldy Brown, son and daughter of Elder Eleazer Brown, of Stonington,: who were killed with lightning, on Saturday the seventh day of June 1788. The young man was in the 25th year of his age, and the young woman about 18 years old.--Both in the prime of life
P. F.
Printed, and sold at Norwich [Conn.]. [s.n.],. 1789. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

A few verses composed by P. F. on account of the sudden death of John Brown, Huldy Brown, son and daughter, of Elder Eleazer Brown of Stonington,: who were killed with lightening on the seventh day of June, 1788.
P. F.
New London [Conn.]. Spencer's Press; for Capt. Brown,. 1796.. 1 broadside..

A few vvords of truth from the spirit of truth to all who are convinced of the truth, and stand in opposition to the cross ...: also a few words to all the litteral professors, who can own the ministration of Christ without them but deny m within them and to those that have their dependance upon the teaching of men, in oppostion to the ministration of the spirit within : together with a short discovery of the Presbyterian government, and some reasons of dissenting from it
Dundas, William,
[London. s.n.],. 1673..

A few words about Chekhov: for Mezzo-soprano, baritone and piano
Argento, Dominick ; Knipper-Tchehov, Olga ; ÏCechov, Anton P.
[Partitur]. [S.l.]. Boosey & Hawkes. 2006. 32 S..

A few words about letters & some examples.
Tommasini, A. R.
[Berkeley, Calif.] . Privately printed by A. R. Tommasini,. 1964.. [34] p..

¬A¬ few words about the Italian question
London. Ridgway. 1859. 19 S..

A few words about this picture: an 1865 photograph of a Massachusetts enginehouse provides a window on the world of nineteenth-century railroading
White, John H.
p. 8-13.

A few words about us, Estonians: the Estonian Open Air Museum
Heidmets, A. ; Saron, Juta ; Tamjärv, Maret
[Tallinn]. Oomen. 2002. 31 S..
ISBN 9985-78634-3

A few words about William Shakespeare's plays: By a poor ignorant citizen of the world who had the good fortune to read him
Bräker, Ulrich
New York. Ungar Publ.. 1979. 112 S..
ISBN 0-8044-2066-1

A few words and statistics about the Russian co-operation: 1) Union of Siberian Co-operative Unions "Zakoopsbit". 2) Union of Siberian Cremery Associations "Sibunion". 3) Union of Siberian Credit Co-operative Unions "Sincredsouse". 4) Moscow Unionrs,
Petrov, A. N.
2004.. 3 S..

A few words anent the áRed' pamphlet.: By one who has served under the Marquis of Dalhousie.
Allen, Charles,
London, . J. Ridgway,. 1858.. 30 p..

¬A¬ few words by way of query
Whitehouse, John
[London]. 1662. 8 S..

A few words by way of query to the teachers and professors called Presbyterians and independents: with a word of prophesie, in verse : also a word of exhortation and warning of love to them to haste out of Babylon, the mystery of iniquity, into Sion, the city of holinesse : with a word at last to those that were persecutors
Whitehouse, John,
[London. s.n.],. 1662. 8 p.

¬A¬ few words concerning the trial of spirits
[London]. [1673?]. 19 S..

A few words in love to all those bishops, priests & magistrates, and others, who have had a hand in persecuting the innocent
S.l. . [s.n.] .

A few words in regard to drinking
Terrell, John,
[United States]. E. Berliner's Gramophone,. [189-]. 1 sound disc.

¬A¬ few words in reply to the animadversions of the Reverend Mr. Dyce on Mr. Hunter's 'Disquisition on the tempest' -1839-, and his 'New illustrations of the life, studies and writings of Shakespeare' -1845-, contained in his work entitled 'A few notes on Shakespeare, with occasional remarks on the emendations of the manuscriptcorrector in Mr. Collier's copy of the folio, 1632'
London. Russell. 1853. 23 S..

¬A¬ few words in tenderness to the well-meaning professors, suiting the present season
Zachary, Thomas
S.l.. [s.n.]. The 5th of the 9th Month, 1674. 1 sheet([1] p.).

A few words in the mother tongue: poems selected and new (1971-1990)
Klepfisz, Irena
1st ed. Portland, Or. Eighth Mountain Press. 1990. 251 p..
ISBN 0-933377-07-X : $22.95

A few words more of advice to the friends of Ireland on the present crisis.
Dublin. [s.n.],. printed in the year 1755.. 22, [2] p. ;.

¬A¬ few words of counsel and advice to all the sons
Tomkins, Anthony
London. 1687. 8 S..

A few words of counsel and advice to all the sons and daughters of men, more especially to the children of believers: from the motion of Gods spirit upon my heart, in the love of God that they may come to lead the course of their lives in this world, so as to lay down their heads in peace with the Lord, when time in this world shall be no more.
Tompkins, Anthony, ; Needham, Richard.
London. [s.n.],. 1687.. [2], 6 p..

A few words of my own on poetry
Thomas, Dylan,
Cambridge, Mass.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. 1952.. 2 sound tape reels.

<<A>> few words on cathedral music
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
New York [etc.] . Hinrichsen. cop. 1965. IV, 6-95 S..

A few words on joint-stock banking in London.
London. P. Richardson,. 1836.. 20 p. ;.

¬A¬ few words on reunion and the coming council at Rome
Cobb, Gerard Francis
London. 1869.

¬A¬ few words on Serbian orthodoxy
Beograd. 1989. 79 S. : Ill..

¬A¬ few Words on the Anglo-Egyptian settlement
Abbas Hilmi II
London. (1930).

¬A¬ few words on the Anglo-Egyptian settlement
Abbas Hilmi <Ägypten, Khedive, II.>
London. Allen & Unwin. 1929. 105 S. : Ill..

A few words on the corn laws,
Dalbiac, James Charles,
London, . J. Ollivier,. 1841.. 1 p. l., 53 p..

A few words on the law and legislation of the past year: addressed to the solicitors-at-law and other practitioners before the Sheriff Court of Edinburgh
Hallard, Frederick.
Edinburgh. Muir & Paterson,. 1878.. 30 p. ;.

A few words on the subject of the "denominated" act of the three estates of the kingdom of Portugal, assembled in Cortes, in Lisbon, on the 11th of July, 1828: translated from the Portuguese.
London. Gye and Balne,. 1829.. 16 p. ;.

¬A¬ Few words on the subject of the "Denominated" Act of the three estates of the kingdom of Portugal, assembled in Cortes, in Lisbon, on the 11th of July, 1828
Plymouth. E. Nettleton. 1828.

A few words on the three amateur budgets of Cobden, Macgregor, and Wason
Phipps, Edmund ; Cobden, Richard ; Macgregor, John ; Wason, Rigby
London. J. Ridgway. 1849. 24 p..

A few words to all true patriots and Protestants: or, mock-patriotism displayed
[London?]. Printed in the year. 1754. 8p..

A few words to the people of England, who have had a day of visitation: not to slight time but prize it, least ye perish
Fell, Christopher ; Howgill, Francis ; Howgill, Francis ; Thomas Wooddrove
S.l.. s.n. [1655]. 16 p..

A few words to the poor and to overseers, on the new poor law.
Clive, Archer,
Birmingham [England]. Printed for H.C. Langbridge,. [1836?]. 8 p. ;.

A few words to the poor and to overseers, on the new poor law.
Clive, Archer,
London. Published ... by C. Knight & Co.,. 1837 . 8 p. ;.

A few words to those who look for another dispensation than what is known by the faithful Christians in this day: putting off and slighting the present manifestation of God unto them, and so by their unfaithfulness to the Lord God, in not walking answerable to himfor [sic] his loving-kindness in his present manifestation unto them, put the day of the Lord far off from them, &c
Bourne, Edward
S.l.. s.n. [1679]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A feynman-graph generator for any order of coupling constrants
Kaneko, Toshiaki
Ibaraki. National Laboratory for High Energy Physics. 1994. 37 S. : graph. Darst.. KEK Preprint ; 94-83.

¬A¬ fez of the heart: travels around Turkey in search of a hat
Seal, Jeremy
London ¬[u.a.]¬. Picador. 1995. 295 S..
ISBN 0-330-34362-9