A fast of Gods chusing, plainly opened,: for the help of those poor in spirit, whose hearts are set to seek the Lord their God in New-England, in the solemn ordinance of a fast wherein is shewed 1. The nature of such a fast. 2. The testimony God will give thereunto of his gracious acceptation. 3. The special seasons wherein God will bear witness to such a fast. 4. Some helps to faith that it shall be so. 5. Why such a fast is so acceptable and successfull. 6. How much this concerns Gods people in New-England. : Preached on a fast called by publick authority, on 26. 1. 74.
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A fast sermon, in which the real course of all wars and public calamities are explained; the means by which they may be avoided; ... and the manner in which the inhabitants of Great Britain ought to conduct themselves, ... Delivered on the public fast day, March 9, 1796, in the New Jerusalem temple, Birmingham, by J. Proud
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