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Advertisement. South-Carolina, October, 1768. Seventy dollars reward.: Strayed or stolen from my plantation on Ashley-River, the 7th day of October instant, three mares with foal ...
Izard, John,
[Charleston, S.C.. Printed by Robert Wells?,. 1768]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

Advertisements partly for the due order in the Publick administration of the holy sacraments and partly for the apparel of all persons ecclesiastial...
[Neudr.]. Londini. [Wolfe]. [1564]. 8 S..

Advertisements Partly for the Due Order in the Publick Administration of the Holy Sacraments and partly for the Apparel of all Persons Ecclesiastical
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[Advertisements shown in Baltimore theater to Black audience]
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Advertisement. Stole or stray'd from the house of Mr. Thomas Larnard [i.e., Learned] of Watertown, on the 27th of November last, a large bay horse ...
Learned, Thomas,
[Boston. s.n.,. 1722]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

Advertisement. The Committee of Correspondence in New-York, having on Monday night last proceeded to the nomination of five persons to go as delegates for the said city and county, on the proposed general congress at Philadelphia, on the 1st of September next ...
Low, Isaac,
[New York. s.n.,. 1774]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

Advertisement. The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: ... have at a considerable expence, erected three small houses for the relief and preservation of shipwrecked seamen .
[Boston. s.n.,. 1788].. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

Advertisement to the reader.: In the 237th page of this volume, there is printed by mistake, an act entituled, An act for limitation of trespass and ejectment. But the said act is not in force, being dissented to by the Right Honourable the Lord Proprietary: therefore the reader is desired to cross it out with a pen
Parks, William,
[Annapolis. Printed by William Parks,. 1727]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

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Löwegren, Georg,
Göteborg, . 1828. [02] s. ;.

Advertisement. Watertown, January 26, 1776.: Ran away from the custody of the messenger of the General Court, a certain Dr. Samuel Gelston, belonging to Nantucket ... he was apprehended as an enemy to this country .
Story, William.
[Watertown, Mass.. Printed by Benjamin Edes,. 1776]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

Advertisement. Whereas divers people are at great expence
London. Clark. 1675. 1 S..

Advertisement. Whereas the committee appointed by the Great and General Court or Assembly, at their sessions May 28th. 1722. for carrying on, and perfecting the re-settling of the township of North Yarmouth in Casco-Bay; have proceeded to bring forward that settlement ...: These are therefore to give publick notice to all persons that deem themselves proprietors ... to meet the aforesaid committee on Wednesday the 28th of December next
[Boston. Printed by Bartholomew Green?,. 1726]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

Advertisement. Whereas the Honourable Thomas Penn by his warrant bearing date the 30th day of October 1736, in the following plain and explicit manner, did assure unto Martin Frey 250 acres of land ...
Hay, John, ; Penn, Thomas,
Lancaster [Pa.]:. Printed by Francis Bailey and Stewart Herbert.,. [1771?].. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

Advertisement. Will be sold at public auction by the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates, pursuant to the Confiscation Act, on Saturday the 15th day of November next, at Orangeburgh, the following tracts of land, viz. ...
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\05D9\05E9\05D5\05E2\05EA \05DE\05E9\05D4
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