<<A>> discriptive guide to twenty Irish Manuscripts in the library of Trinity College Dublin
Dougan, R. O.
Dublin . Univ. Press. 1955. 24 S..

A. Discursus, I. ob jetzo im H. Röm. Reich Friede zu machen ... II. wann ein Friedensschluss auffgerichtet ... würde, ob auch auff Seiten der Augspurgischen Confessions Verwandten den Catholischen ... zutrawen sey ... B. Rechtmessige Beantwortung folgender Frage, wann in einem Bündnüß der Vereinigungs notul diese clausuliret worden ... ob dessen ohne gnugsame Ursachen geschehenen dissens ungeachtet ... der Friede zu ergreiffen ... C. Discursus uber nachfolgende zwey Fragen: I. Ob nicht die ... Friedens Tractaten ... auch von den Catholischen Ständen anzunehmen ... II. Wann den ... Frieden ein ... Standt nicht belieben ... wolte ob die ubrigen Friedfertigen sich mit dem Kayser ... conjungiren ... können?.
[s.l.], . [ca. 1835]..

A discusión: trabajos en curso ; working paper

<<A>> discussion about Israel today: intellectual mainstreams in Arab and Jewish communities
Taufar, Barbara ; Grossman, David ; Habibi, Emil
Vienna . Bruno Kreisky Forum für Internationalen Dialog. 1993. 28 S..

A discussion and analysis of a controversial financing structure: wrap leasing.
Maymar, Mark S.
Berkeley. University of California,. April 1984.. 46 leaves..

A discussion and estimation of the tax effort inducements of general revenue sharing
Johnson, Marv.
Syracuse, N. Y.. Metropolitan Studies Program,. 1975.. 94 leaves.

A discussion concerning the theory of sustentation and expenditure of power in flight.
Lanchester, Frederick William,
[San Francisco, . Press of the Neal publishing company,. 1915]. 25 p..

A discussion of an improvement of the Salem and Beverly Water Supply
DeBerard, W. W.
1901.. 28, [17] leaves.

A discussion of Ask me if I care, an installation
Michaelis, Danielle ; Michaelis, Danielle.
1997. 2 pts..

¬A¬ discussion of Belgian unemployment, combining traditional concepts and disequilibrium econometrics
Sneessens, Henri R. ; Drèze, Jacques H.

¬A¬ Discussion of bond length variations: With 5 tab
Lindqvist, Ingvar
Uppsala. Almqvist Wiksell. 1960. 19 S.. Societas Scientiarum Upsaliensis: Nova acta. 4,17,11.

A discussion of charges preferred in the Dugan controversy,
Adreon, Stephen W.,
St. Louis, . T. W. Ustick, printer,. 1846.. 22 p..

A discussion of Christian baptism: as to its subject, its mode, its history, and its effects upon civil and religious society : in opposition to the views of Mr. Alexander Campbell, as expressed in a seven days' debate with the author, at Washington, Kentucky, October, 1823, and in his spurious publication of that debate, and of a previous one, of two days, with the Rev. John Walker, of Ohio and in opposition to the views of the celebrated Mr. Robinson, and other Baptist authors
McCalla, W. L.
Philadelphia. G. M'Laughlin,. 1828.. 2 v. ;.

A discussion of corner sight distance requirement at stop-controlled intersections within New York City
Tipaldo, John.
p. 274-279.

A discussion of criteria for the structural design of buildings to resist tropical cyclones
Walker, George R.
[S.l.]. James Cook University of North Queensland,. c1986.. 48 p. ;.

A discussion of experiments on the flow of water through hose and nozzles and the height of jets
Wilson, Arthur R.
1890.. 1 v. in various pagings.

¬A¬ discussion of factors influencing dispersion of pollutants in the Beaufort Sea
Giovando, L. F. ; Herlinveaux, R. H.
Sidney, B.C.. Inst. of Ocean Sciences. 1981. 198 S.. Pacific marine science report ; 81,4.

A discussion of higher order software concepts as they apply to functional requirements and specifications.
Hamilton, Margaret.
Cambridge, . Charles Stark Draper Laboratory,. 1973.. iii, 19 p..

A discussion of institutional racism in public broadcasting
[Washington, . NAEB,. 1971?]. 20 p..

A discussion of key conceptual elements of e-collaboration
Kock, Ned F.

A discussion of materials used in steam turbine construction
Guhathakurta, Prativu.
1935.. 121, [15] leaves.

A discussion of methods used in flushing sewers
Mildram, S. H.
1889.. 1 v. in various pagings.

A Discussion of Narrativity in Louise Erdrich's Four Novels: "Tracks", "Love Medicine", "The Bingo Palace" and "The Beet Queen".
København . 1996. 1 bd..

A Discussion of newspaper ethics for Associated Press managing editors: presented to APME members, Spetember 23, 1993, Minneapolis, Minn.
Dodge, Charlie.
Arington, VA (1101 Wilson Blvd., Arington 22209). Freedom Forum,. [1994?]. 4, vi, 83 p. ;.

A discussion of port tariffs in the development and operation of the port.
Washington, . Pan American Union,. 1964.. 44 p..

<<A>> Discussion of some consequences of contemporary mathematics for philosophy: a historical approach
Hopkins, C.L.
University Park - Pa. . 1976. 3 Microfiches..

¬A¬ Discussion of some jet-lift V/STOL aircraft characteristics and their likely effect on operational applications
Lean, Dennis
Als Ms. gedr.. London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1970. 63 S., 11 Bl. : Ill.. Current Papers / Ministry of Technology. Aeronautical Research Council ; 1082.

A discussion of some of the factors influencing the income distribution of households within a city region
Mogridge, M. J. H.
London. Centre for Environmental Studies. 1968. 92 S.. Working papers ; 7.

A discussion of suitable sampling techniques and recommendations for emission measurements of stationary combustion sources
Rudling, Lars ; Lindskog, Anne
Oslo , . Sentralinstitutt for industriell forskning. 1983. 76 bl..

A discussion of the appropriate method for decomposing changes over time in a weighted aggregate into its proximate determinants and an application to male participation rate changes
Dixon, Robert
Melbourne, Victoria. 2002. 14, [7] S.. Research paper ; 851.
ISBN 0-7340-2506-8

A discussion of the Bureau of Land Management's Georges Bank environmental studies program,: Monday, April 4, Chafee Hall Auditorium, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R.I.
[Kingston?. University of Rhode Island,. 1977]. 49 p..

[ üIndlæg i Sagen: Slesvigske Ministerium c. F.C.O. Greve af Reventlow til Reventlow-Sandbjerg ... Hovedsagelig ang. den kgl. Kasses formentl. Forpligtelse til at afholde Criminal- og Politiomkostningerne for Grevskabet Rev.-Sandbjerg og Godserne Ballegaard og Bøgskovs Vedk. etc."]: Monday, April 4, Chafee Hall Argoggodserneballegaardogbgskovsvedketc
Schmidt v. Leda
[S.l.] . [1861]. 18 s..

A discussion of the central issues raised by a proposal to establish a prison solely for the incarceration of convicted foreign nationals
Evans, Stephen Gunnar
Oslo , . 1995.

A discussion of the changes in the Haulover Beach at Nantucket, with designs for an artificial cut through the beach
Sharp, Harold.
1910.. 41, [3] leaves.

A discussion of the concept of disguised unemployment in traditional agriculture with specific reference to Africa south of the Sahara
Martina, A.

A discussion of the consistency axiom in cost-allocation problems
Leroux, Justin
2006. Online-Ressource, 10, 2 S., Text. Cahier de recherche ; 06,13.

A discussion of the constitutionality of the act of Congress of March 2, 1867 authorizing the seizure of books and papers for alleged frauds upon the revenue: together with a brief statement of certain objections to the practical working of the law
Eaton, Sherburne Blake
New York. Chamber of Commerce. 1874. 56 p..

A discussion of the constitutionality of the Anti-trust Act of 1890: as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court in the case of the Trans-Missouri Traffic Association
Guthrie, William D.
New York. [s.n.],. 1897.. 23 p. ;.

A discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis: proceedings of an Internat. Symposium on Osteoporosis held in Sydney, Australia, on 20th May 1985 during the XVIth Internat. Congress of Rheumatology
Posen, Solomon [Hrsg.]
Toronto ; Lewiston, NY ; Bern ; Stuttgart. Huber. 1986. 66 S..
ISBN 3-456-81503-4 ((Bern ...) Pp. (Pr. nicht mitget.))

A discussion of the distribution of velocity in pipes and jets
Sherman, Charles Winslow.
1890.. [61] leaves.

A discussion of The flowers, a menstrual primer for girls, and the problematics of the representation of menstruation
Coyne, Kelly Elizabeth.
1996.. v, 51 leaves ;.

A discussion of the flow of water over submerged Weirs with a discussion of the various experiments and of the formula which have been proposed and a new determination of the constants by the method of least squares
Smith, J. W.
1887.. 1 v. in various pagings.

¬A¬ discussion of the ideology of the American dream in the culture's female discourses: the untidy house
Kalfopoulou, Adrianne
Lewiston [u.a.]. Edwin Mellen Press. 2000. VI, 199 S.. Women's studies ; 25.
ISBN 0-7734-7744-6

A discussion of the international economic dimensions of secondary materials recovery
Walter, Ingo.
Washington. International Economic Studies Institute,. 1975.. v, 31 p..

A discussion of the lawfulness of a pastor's acting as an officer in other churches besides that which he is specially called to take the oversight of.
Mather, Nathanael,
Boston:. Re-printed and sold by Thomas Fleet, in Pudding-Lane, near the Town-House.,. 1730. [2], x, 83, [1] p. ;.

A discussion of the law of contempts: including the effect of statutory restrictions upon the power of courts to punish therefor, and the review of their proceeding by means of writs of prohibition, the discussion having special reference to the recent case in Wisconsin of State ex rel. Hayden et al. vs. Doolittle and Ashbaugh
Bailey, W. F.
Eau Claire, Wis.. F.W.A. Pauly,. 1897.. 46 p. ;.

A discussion of the law of contempts, including the effect of statutory restrictions upon the power of courts to punish therefor,
Bailey, William Francis,
Eau Claire, Wis., . F. W. A. Pauly, printer,. 1897.. 46 p..

A discussion of the matrices resulting from an extension to three dimensions of the circuit equations of some continuous lines
Freeman, Raymond Frederick,
[1954]. 66 leaves.

A discussion of the moon and its environment.
Massey, Harrie Stewart Wilson,
London, . 1967.. p. 243-434..

A Discussion of the origins of thinking on arms control: the Sarajevo fallacy
Jensen, Kenneth M. ; Schraub, Kimber M. ; Glynn, Patrick.
Washington, D.C.. United States Institute of Peace,. [1990]. x, 141 p. ;.

A discussion of the practical systems of direction-finding by reception,
Smith-Rose, Reginald Leslie. ; Barfield, R. H.
London, . H.M. Stationery Off.,. 1923.. iv, 26, [1] p..

A discussion of the prevailing theories and practices relating to sewage disposal.
Kiersted, Wynkoop,
New York, . Wiley,. 1894.. xiv, 182 p..

A discussion of the problems facing the commercial real estate appraisal industry and responses by lenders, regulatory bodies and professional organizations
Williams, David Sidney
Berkeley. University of California (. 1987). 69 l..

¬A¬ Discussion of the properties and economics of fuels used in Oregon
Thomas, C E

A discussion of the question lately agitated in the Congress of the United States,: with regard to the obligation of treaties, concluded by the president and Senate, and the unqualified duty of the House of Representatives to carry them into execution, so far as any act of theirs, may be necessary for that purpose;
Addison, Alexander,
Pittsburgh:. Printed by John Scull.,. [1796]. 24 p. ;.

¬A¬ discussion of the rainfall of South Africa during the ten years 1885-94
Buchan, Alexander
Cape Town. Cape of Good Hope, Meterological Commission. 1897. 33 S. : Kt..

A discussion of the rapid deployment force with Lieutenant General P. X. Kelley
Kelley, P. X.
Washington ; London. 1980. 10 S.. AEI Special Analises, [Legislative and Special Analyses], American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Special Analysis ; 80-4.
ISBN 0-8447-1088-1

A discussion of the relationship between the patent law and the fair trade law in Taiwan with a review of the Philips CD-R decisions
Shieh, Ming-yan

A discussion of the relative merits of eyebars and steel wires for the cables of suspension bridges
Hale, R. K.
1904.. 1 v. in various pagings.

A discussion of the reliability of results obtained with long-run identifying restrictions
St-Amant, Pierre ; Tessier, David
Ottawa, Ontario. 1998. VII, 14 S. : graph. Darst. Working paper : Bank of Canada ; 98,4.
ISBN 0-662-26756-7

<<A>> Discussion of the role of environmental perception in recreation planning, with particular reference to country parks, forests and sport centres
Veal, Anthony James
Birmingham . 1973. 64 p..

¬A¬ discussion of the role of public investment in economic growth
Girard, Jacques ; Gruber, Harald ; Hurst, Christopher

A discussion of the role of public investment in economic growth
Luxembourg . European Investment Bank .

A discussion of the use of a system of passive satellites in stationary orbits for radio communication
Assaly, R. N.
Lexington, Mass.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory,. [1963].. ii, 18 p., [9] p. of plates.

A discussion of the use of metal in fixed dams
Griffin, Chas. J.
1904.. 50 leaves.

A discussion of the war debts question,
Avakian, John Caspar,
Los Angeles, Calif., . 1927.. 2 p. l., [11]-129 p..

A discussion of transit car features
Sheehan, John K.
Washington, D.C.. National Capital Transportation Agency,. 1964.. viii, 96 p..

A discussion of variable stars in the cluster [omega] Centauri,
Bailey, Solon I.
Cambridge, Mass., . The Observatory,. 1902.. 4 p. l., 252 p..

A discussion of zero spring rate mechanisms used for the active isolation mount experiment
Teter, John E.
Hampton, Va.. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research Center ;. 1999]. 1 v..

¬A¬ Discussion on Architectural Aerodynamics: Discussions held 26 and 27 February 1970
Lighthill, M. J. ¬[Hrsg.]¬ ; Silverleaf, A. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
London. The Royal Society. 1971. S.321-S.554. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A ; 269.

A discussion on Armington trade substitution elasticities
McDaniel, Christine A. ; Balistreri, Edward J.
Washington, DC. Office of Economics, U.S. International Trade Commission,. [2002].

A discussion on building technology in the 1980's
Lighthill, M. J., ; Pepper, K. W. ; Bakke, P. L.
London. Royal Society,. 1972.. 493-661 p..

A discussion on causes, effects and remedies of arsenic pollution of groundwater in Bangladesh: paper prepared for the 29th Annual Meeting, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 14 - 19 June 1998
Lahiry, A. K.
Stockholm. IRG secretariat. 1998. 5 S.. IRG/WP ; 98-50102.

A discussion on excitable membranes: (discussion held 13 and 14 March 1974)
Keynes, R. D.
London. R. Soc.. 1975. S. 296 - 559. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London : B. Biological sciences ; 908.

¬A¬ discussion on methods and applications of ranging to artificial satellites and the moon
Cook, H. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
London. 1977. S. 419-619.. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. A ; 284,1976-77.

¬A¬ Discussion on Methods and Applications of Ranging to Artificial Satellites and the Moon
Cook, Alan H. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
London. 1977. S. 419 - 619, [2] Bl. : Ill., graph. Darst., Kt.. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London : A ; 1326 : Vol. 284.

A discussion on natural strain and geological structure
Ramsay, John G., ; Wood, Dennis S.
London. Royal Society of London,. 1976.. 344 p., 13 leaves of plates.

A discussion on new particles and new quantum numbers
Dalitz, R. H. ; Dalitz, R. H.
London. The Society,. 1977.. p.441-637.

<<A>> Discussion on new particles and new quantum numbers: London, 11 March 1976
Dalitz, Richard Henry ; Dalitz, Richard Henry
90 p..

A discussion on precision measurements in X-rays for roentgenologists,
Morrison, Montford,
New York, . 1922.. [12] p..

¬A¬ Discussion on Recent Advances in Heavy Electrical Plant: (discussion held 15 and 16 February 1973)
Forrest, John Samuel ¬[Hrsg.]¬
London. 1973. S. 33 - 253, 22 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London : A ; 1248 : Vol. 275.

<<A>> Discussion on recent developments in medical endoscopy and related fields: London, May 29, 1975
Hopkins, H.H.
102 p..

A discussion on rubber elasticity
Gee, G.
London. The Society,. 1976.. p.295-436.

A discussion on scientific results from the Ariel 5 satellite
Massey, Harrie Stewart Wilson,
London. The Society,. 1976.. p. 419-571, 1 leaf of plates.

<<A>> discussion on scientific results obtained by the Ariel III satellite: arranged by the British National Committee on Space Research under the leadership of Sir Harrie Massey
London . The Royal Society. 1969. S. 477-604.

A discussion on slaveholding.
Armstrong, George D. ; Van Rensselaer, Cortlandt,
Philadelphia, . J.M. Wilson,. 1858.. 137, [1] p..

¬A¬ Discussion on Symmetry Properties of Subnuclear Particles: held 5 November 1964
Powell, C. F.
London. 1965. S. 147 - 291 : graph. Darst.. Royal Society <London>: Proceedings of the ... / A ; 288 (1965).

A discussion on the biosynthesis of porphyrins, chlorophyll and vitamin B12
Neuberger, A ; Kenner, G. W
London. Royal Society,. 1976. p. 75-357, 1 leaf of plates.

A discussion on the biosynthesis of porphyrins, chlorophyll and vitamin B12 (discussion held 19 and 20 February 1975 [London])
Neuberger, A. ; Kenner, G.W.
London, . 1976. 357 s..

A discussion on the construction of gear teeth
Hibbard, Thomas.
1875.. 64 leaves.

<<A>> Discussion on the early days of ionospheric research and the theory of electric and magnetic waves in the ionosphere and magnetosphere: London, December 5-6, 1974
Beynon, W. J. Granville
London . Royal Society. 1975. 224 S..

A Discussion on the evolution of the Precambrian crust
Sutton, J. ; Windley, B. F.
London. Royal Society,. 1973.. p. 315-581, [7] leaves of plates.

<<A>> Discussion on the meiotic process: London, December 10-11, 1975
Riley, R. ; Bennett, M.D. ; Flavell, Richard B.
194 p..

A discussion on the morphological stability of growing particles and maximum growth rate principle.
Liu, Zi-kui
1991. 11 bl..

<<A>> discussion on the origin and treatment of noise in industrial anvisonments
Richards, E. J.
London . 1968. 1 Bd..

A discussion on the origin and treatment of noise in industrial environments
Richards, Elfyn John.
London. Royal Society,. 1968.. 267-480 p..

¬A¬ discussion on the physics of the moon and its environment
London. Royal Society. 1967. S. 243-434. Proceedings of the Royal Society <London> : Series A: Mathematical and physical sciences ; Vol. 296, no. 1446.

A discussion on the relative merits of metallic and wooden sleepers for railroads
McKim, Alexander Rice.
1886.. 68 leaves.

A discussion on the scientific aspects of nature conservation in Great Britain: Discussion held 10 June 1976
Smith, J. E.
London. Royal Society. 1977. 129 S. : Ill., graph.Darst.. Royal Society (London): Proceedings. Series B: Biological sciences.197,1126..

A discussion on the scientific results from the Prospero and Ariel 4 satellites: Discussion held January 9, 1974, arranged by the British National Committee on Space Research
Massey, H. ; Dalziel, R. ; King-Hele, D. G.
London. Royal Society. 1975. 129 p.. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematial and Physical Sciences ; Nr.343/1633.

¬A¬ discussion on the structure and evolution of the Red Sea: and the nature of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Ethiopia Rift Junction
Falcon, Norman Leslie
London. Royal Society. 1970. 417 p.. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London, A: Mathematical and physical sciences ; v. 267, p. 1-417, no. 1181.
: £14.50 ($38.00 U.S.)

¬A¬ Discussion on the structure and evolution of the Red Sea and the nature of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Ethiopia rift junction

¬A¬ discussion on the structure and evolution of the Red Sea and the nature of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Ethiopia Rift Junction
Falcon, Norman L.
London. Royal Soc.. Royal Society <London>: Philosophical transactions of the ... / A. ; ....

<<A>> Discussion on the treatment of arthritis by joint replacement: London, February 27, 1975
Ford, H. ; Swanson, S.A.V.
130 p..

¬A discussion¬ on the viability of the indenture game between G. Holt and F. Bolle and A. Kritikos
Holt, Gerhard ; Bolle, Friedel ; Kritikos, Alexander
[Frankfurt (Oder)]. [Univ., Fak. für Wirtschaftswiss.]. 2000. 24 Bl. ; 30 cm. Diskussionspapier / [Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften] ; Nr. 155.

A discussion paper.
Ottawa. Gov. of Canada,. 1985.. 24, 24 S..

A discussion paper based on the report: North American labor markets - a comparative profile
Vicario Veloz, Ma. Elena ; Steinberg, Joanne
1997. Income distribution in NAFTA countries.

A discussion paper on life insurance law and practices.
Wellington. Securities Commission,. [1997]. iv, 67 p. ;.

¬A¬ discussion paper on overcommitment of consumer credit
[S.l.]. [1988]. VI, 60 S..

A discussion paper on public disclosure of market and credit risks by financial intermediaries
Basle. 1994. 20 S., 3 Bl..
ISBN 92-9131-054-9

¬A¬ discussion paper on the subject of companies purchasing their own shares
[Sydney]. 1986. 70 S..
ISBN 0-9593494-1-3

A discussion upon the question, whether the papal church is a Christian church, or the apolyptical [sic] Anti-Christ, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.
[Charleston. s.n.],. 1836 . 43 p. ;.

¬A¬ discussion with Doctor Albert David Biderman on crime measurement
Washington, D.C.. Bureau of Social Science Research. 1975. 3 S..

A discussion with Friedrich A. von Hayek: held at the American Enterprise Institute on April 9, 1975
Hayek, Friedrich August von
Washington. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. 1975. 20 p.. Domestic affairs studies ; 39.
ISBN 0-8447-3190-0 : $1.50


A discussion with Gerald R. Ford: the American presidency ; held on March 25, 1977 at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Ford, Gerald R.
Washington, D.C.. AEI. 1977. 21 S.. AEI studies ; 159.
ISBN 0-8447-3257-5

A discussion with Harvard MBA students, spring, 1995.
1995.. 1 videocassette of 1.

¬A¬ discussion with Herbert Giersch: Current problems of the West German economy, 1976-1977. Held on Nov. 9, 1976
Giersch, Herbert
Washington, DC. AEI. 1977. 30 S.: Portr.. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research <Washington, DC>: AEI-studies. ; 147..

¬A¬ discussion with Herbert Giersch: current problems of the West German economy, 1976 -1977 ; held on November 9, 1976 at the American Enterprise Inst. for Publ. Policy Research Washington, D.C.
Giersch, Herbert ¬[Mitarb.]¬
Tübingen. Mohr. 1977. 30 S.. Kieler Sonderdrucke ; 42.
ISBN 0-8447-3244-3

A discussion with Herbert Giersch: current problems of the West German economy, 1976-1977
Washington, D.C.. American Enterprise Inst. for Public Policy Research. 1977. 30 S.. Kieler Sonderdrucke ; 42.
ISBN 0-8447-3244-3

A discussion with Herbert Giersch: current problems of West German economy, 1976-1977 : held on November 9, 1976, at the American Enterprise institute for public policy research
Washington, D.C.. The Inst.,. cop. 1977. 30 s..

Giersch, Herbert
ISBN 0-8447-3244-3

¬A¬ disc with rapidly growing area
Globevnik, Josip
Ljubljana. 1997. 7 S.. Preprint series / University of Ljubljana, Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanics, Department of Mathematics ; 563 = Vol. 35.

Adiós, dijo el duende
Muñoz Aguirre, Juan M.
Madrid. Hiperión. 1991. 57 p.. Poesía Hiperión ; 181.
ISBN 84-7517-333-0

Adiós Diomedes
Delgado, Leandro
[S.l., Uruguay]. Ed. Planetarias. 2005. 143 S..
ISBN 9974-78368-2

Adiós, Doris: [relatos]
Jerez, Fernando
Providencia, Santiago. RiL Ed., Red Internacional del Libro. 2000. 153 S..
ISBN 956-284111-1

A disease-based comparison of health systems: what is best and at what cost?
Eckerlund, Ingemar, ; Jönsson, Bengt,
Paris. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),. 2003. 363 s..