A dialogue betwixt a horse of warre and a mill-horse
London. Alsop. 1643.

A dialogue betwixt Ben Smith, and the marquis of Douro: on the present state of the country
Lane, S.
Norwich. Walker. [ca. 1845]. 1 broadside.

¬A¬ dialogue betwixt H. B. ghost and his dear author Roger Le Strange
London. J. M.. [1681].

¬A¬ Dialogue betwixt Mr. State Rogue, a Parliament-man, and his old acquaintance Mr. John Undertaker
S.l.. s.n. [1695]. 11 p..

A dialogue betwixt Philautus and Timotheus: in defence of Dr. Fullwood's Legas Angliæ against the vindicator of Naked truth, stiling himself Phil. Hickeringill.
Fullwood, Francis,
London. Printed for Rich. Royston ...,. 1681.. [2], 32, [1] p..

A dialogue betwixt Rattlehead and Roundhead
London. T. G.. 1641.

A dialogue betwixt Sam, the ferriman of Dochet ...
London. 1681. 31 S..

¬A¬ Dialogue betwixt Sam, the ferriman of Dochet, Will, a waterman of London, and Tom, a bargeman of Oxford: upon the Kings calling a Parliament to meet at Oxford
London, printed. [s.n.]. 1681. 31 p..

A dialogue betwixt three travellers
[London]. 1641.

A dialogue betwixt Tummus and Mary
Crabtree, Geoffrey
[England. s.n.,. 1835?] . 8 p..

A dialogue betwixt Whig and Tory: wherein the principles and practices of each party are fairly and impartially stated : that thereby mistakes and prejudices may be removed from amongst us, and all those who prefer English liberty, and the Protestant religion, to French slavery and popery, may be inform'd how to choose fit and proper instruments for our preservation in these times of danger.
Defoe, Daniel, ; Overton, Benjamin.
London. Printed [for S. Topping and T. Harriman] in the year,. MDCCX [1710]. 42, [2] p. (the last 2 p. blank) ;.

A Dialogue betwixt Whig and Tory, aliàs Williamite and Jacobite: wherein the principles and practices of each party are fairly and impartially stated that ... all those who prefer English liberty and Protestant religion to French slavery and popery may be inform'd how to choose fit and proper instruments for our preservation in these times of danger.
Defoe, Daniel,
[London. s.n.],. 1693.. [1], xii, [2], 30 p..

A dialogue concerning a new instrument for econometric modeling
Granger, Clive W. J. ; Hendry, David F.

A dialogue, concerning some things of importance to Ireland,: particularly to the County of Ardmagh; being part of a design to write the natural, civil and ecclesiastical history of that county.
Barton, Richard,
Dublin, . Printed by O. Nelson, for the author,. 1751.. 27 p..

A dialogue concerning the slavery of the Africans;: shewing it to be the duty and interest of the American states to emancipate all their African slaves. : With an address to the owners of such slaves. : Dedicated to the Honourable the Continental Congress. : To which is prefixed, the institution of the society, in New-York, for promoting the manumission of slaves, and protecting such of them as have been, or may be, liberated. : [Four lines of Scripture texts]
Hopkins, Samuel,
[New York]. Norwich: Printed by Judah P. Spooner, 1776. New-York: Re-printed for Robert Hodge.,. M,DCC,LXXXV. [1785]. 72 p. ;.

A dialogue, concerning the slavery of the Africans;: shewing it to be the duty and interest of the American colonies to emancipate all their African slaves: : with an address to the owners of such slaves. : Dedicated to the Honorable the Continental Congress. : [Four lines of Scripture texts]
Hopkins, Samuel,
Norwich [Conn.]:. Printed and sold by Judah P. Spooner.,. 1776. iv, [1], 6-63, [1] p. ;.

A Dialogue concerning the strife of our Church
London. Walde-graue. 1584.

A dialogue concerning the true beleefe of a Christian man
London. Purfoote. 1581.

¬A¬ dialogue concerning women
Walsh, William
London. Bentley u.a.. 1691.

A dialogue containing questions and answers,: tending to awaken the secure, and direct the seeking soul, in order to a sound conversion.
Moodey, Samuel, ; Moodey, Samuel,
Boston:. Printed and sold by S Kneeland, in Queen-Street,,. 1762. 23, [1] p. ;.

A dialogue containing questions and answers,: tending to awaken the secure, and direct the seeking soul, in order to a sound conversion.
Moodey, Samuel, ; Moodey, Samuel,
New-London [Conn.]:. Printed and sold by T. Green.,. 1768. 19, [1] p. ;.

A dialogue for five voices
Davies, Paul,
Toronto. ECW Press,. c1997.. 47 p. ;.

A dialogue full of pithe and pleasure
Breton, Nicholas, ; Anon.
Cambridge [England]. Chadwyck-Healey,. 1997.

¬A¬ dialogue in common sense
Epictetus ; Arrianus, Flavius ; Bonforte, John
New York, NY. Philosophical Library. 1974. 178 S..
ISBN 0-8022-2131-9

¬A¬ dialogue manager for the DIALOG demonstrator
Buckley, Mark ; Benzmüller, Christoph
Saarbrücken. FR Informatik, Univ. des Saarlandes. 2004. 10 S. : graph. Darst.. SEKI-Report ; SR-2004-06.

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Abaelardus, Petrus ; Payer, Pierre J. [Übers.]
Toronto. Pontifical Inst. of Mediaeval Studies. 1979. 186 S.. Mediaeval sources in translation ; 20.
ISBN 0-88844-269-6

A dialogue of comfort against tribulation
More, Thomas ; Manley, Frank
New Haven [u.a.]. Yale Univ. Press. 1977. L, 331 S.. Yale Edition of the works of St. Thomas More : Selected works.
ISBN 0-300-02082-1

A dialogue of Cumfort
More, Thomas
Menston, Yorksh. . Scolar Pr. .

¬A¬ dialogue of cumfort against tribulation, made by the right vertuous, wise and learned man, Sir Thomas More, sometime L. Chanceller of England, which he wrote in the Tower of London, An. 1534. and entituled thus:
More, Thomas ; Fowler, John
Now newly set foorth, with many places restored and corrected by conference of sundrie copies. Antuerpiae. Apud Iohannem Foulerum, Anglum. [M.D.LXXIII. [1573].

¬A¬ dialogue of images: zeitgenössische amerikanische und deutsche Malerei ; [... Ausstellung in der Galerie Pfefferle, München, im September, Oktober 1991] ; Hans Peter Adamski, Siegfried Anzinger, Elvira Bach ...
Kuspit, Donald B. ; Adamski, Hans Peter
München. Galerie Pfefferle. 1991. 64 S. : überwiegend Ill..
ISBN 3-925585-16-8

A dialogue of paintings: an unconventional guided tour in the Old Master's Gallery of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts
Tátrai, Vilmos
Budapest. Museum of Fine Arts. 2003. 199 S..
ISBN 963-7441-91-3

A dialogue of polygamy: written originally in Italian: rendred into English by a person of quality; and dedicated to the author of that well-known treatise call'd, Advice to a son.
Ochino, Bernardino, ; Ochino, Bernardino, ; Garfield, John,
London. Printed for John Garfeild, at the Rolling-Press for Pictures, neer the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, over against Popes-head Alley,. 1657.. [24], 89, [1], 61, [1] p. ;.

A Dialogue of voices: feminist literary theory and Bakhtin
Hohne, Karen Ann ; Wussow, Helen
Minneapolis. University of Minnesota Press. 1994. XXIII, 207 S..
ISBN 0-8166-2295-7 alk. paper

A dialogue of witches, in foretime named lot-tellers, and novv commonly called sorcerers: VVherein is declared breefely and effectually, vvhat soueuer may be required, touching that argument. A treatise very profitable ... and right necessary for iudges to vnderstande, which sit vpon lyfe and death. Written in Latin by Lambertus Danæus. And now translated into English
Daneau, Lambert, ; Twyne, Thomas,
[London]. Printed by [T. East? for] R. W[atkins],. 1575. [168] p.

¬A¬ dialogue on: evaluation of training programs, research utilization, teaching and training methodology
Valdecañas, Ofelia C.Ðs ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Cebu City. 1980. Trainors' Workshop Series on Development Communication.

A dialogue on a kiss: for two solo voices and continuo
Lawes, Henry ; McGrady, Richard
London. Oxford Univ. Press,. cop. 1978. 1 part..

A dialogue on chemically induced nuclear effects: a guide for the perplexed about cold fusion
Hoffman, Nate
La Grange Park. American Nuclear Society,. cop. 1995.. 223 s..

¬A¬ dialogue on comparable worth
Gold, Michael Evan
New York. ILR Press. 1983. VII, 111 S..
ISBN 0-87546-098-4

A dialogue on devotion: after the manner of Xenophon; in which the reasonableness, pleasure and advantages of it are considered. To which is prefix'd, A conversation of Socrates on the being and providence of God; translated from the Greek
Amory, Thomas, ; Xenophon
[London?. s.n.,. 1745?]. [v]-viii, 45, [3] p. ;.

A dialogue on devotion after the manner of Xenophon: in which the reasonableness, pleasure and adventages of it are considered. To which is prefix'd, A conversation of Socrates on the being and providence of God / by Thomas Amory.
Amory, Thomas, ; Xenophon
London. Printed for R. Hett, at the Bible and Crown in the Poultrey,. 1733.. 83, [4] p.;.

A dialogue on feminism: Herbert Marcuse meets Kate Millett.
Marcuse, Herbert, ; Millett, Kate ; Walshok, Mary Lindenstein ; Allen, Patricia K

A dialogue on foreign policy: report to Canadians
Ottawa. 2003. 20, 26 S..
ISBN 0-662-67454-5

A dialogue on form and freedom: northwest coast Indian art
Holm, Bill ; Reid, William
Houston. Inst. for the arts. 1975. 260 S..
ISBN 0-914412-09-4

¬A¬ dialogue on friendship and society
Dobson, Suzannah
London. Becket. 1777. VI, 178 S..

¬A¬ dialogue on G. E. Moore's ethical philosophy together with an account of three talks with G. E. Moore on diverse philosophical questions
Cavarnos, Constantine
Bermont, Mass.. Inst. for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. 1979. 68 S..
ISBN 0-914744-43-7

A dialogue on indigenous identity: warts 'n' all
Oxenham, Darlene.
Perth, W.A.. Gunada Press,. 1999.. 169 p..

A dialogue on interpersonal communication and relationships: 7. International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology Memphis, Tenn.
Applegate, James L. [Mitarb.] ; Harvey, John H. [Mitarb.]
Columbia, S.C.. South Carolina Educational Television Network. 1987. 1 Videokassette [U-matic, PAL] (60 Min.) : farb..

¬A¬ dialogue on love
Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky
Boston, Mass.. Beacon Press. 1999. 220 S..
ISBN 0-8070-2922-X

¬A¬ dialogue on natural philosophy
Guilelmus <de Conchis> ; Ronca, Italo
Notre Dame, Ind.. Univ. of Notre Dame Press. 1997. XXVI, 212 S. : Ill.. Notre Dame texts in medieval culture ; 2.
ISBN 0-268-00881-7

A dialogue on natural philosophy
1080-1154 <de Conchis> ; Ronca, Italo ; Curr, Matthew
Notre Dame, Ind. Univ. of Notre Dame Press. 1997. XXVI, 212 S.. Notre Dame texts in medieval culture ; vol. 2.
ISBN 0-268-00881-7 alk. paper

A dialogue on natural philosophy: translation of the new Latin critical text with a short introduction and explanatory notes
Guilelmus, ; Ronca, Italo

A dialogue on natural philosophy =: Dragmaticon philosophiae
William, ; Ronca, Italo ; Curr, Matthew
Notre Dame, Ind.. University of Notre Dame Press,. c1997.. xxvi, 212 p..

A dialogue on peace,: an entertainment given by the Senior Class at the anniversary commencement, held at Nassau-Hall September 28th, 1763.
Evans, Nathaniel,
Philadelphia:. Printed by William Bradford,,. M,DCC,LXIII. [1763]. 26 p., 2 folded leaves of plates.

A dialogue on peace: an entertainment given by the senior class at Nassau-Hall September 28th, 1783.
Philadelphia. Printed by William Bradford,. 1763.. 27 p. ;.

¬A¬ dialogue on personal identity and immortality
Perry, John
5. print.. Indianapolis. Hackett. 1981. 49 S..
ISBN 0-915144-53-0

A Dialogue on Politics: «Politisches Gespräch.» By Leopold Ranke. Translated by Theodore H. Von Laue. [Kopftitel]
Ranke, Leopold von
(Princeton, New Jersey). (Princeton University Press). (1950). Laue, Theodore H. Von: The formative years. S. 152 - 180.

A Dialogue on politics, between Tommy Philpot, the publican, a radical, and Jack Spratt, the sailor, a conservative: on the House d Maritime mobile-satellite services
Genève. ITU,. 1996. xxxii s., 850 s. med var. pag..

A Dialogue on politics, between Tommy Philpot, the publican, a radical, and Jack Spratt, the sailor, a conservative: on the House of Lords, Catholicism, universal suffrage, the vote by ballot, church rates, the Church establishment, annual Parliaments.
London. Hamilton, Adams and Co., 1837.. 36 p..

¬A¬ Dialogue on rick-burning, rioting, &c: between Squire Wilson, Hughes, his steward, Thomas, the bailiff, and Harry Brown, a labourer
London. Printed for C.J.G. & F. Rivington. 1830. 23 p..

A dialogue on the Christian sacraments: wherein the nature and import of an attendance on them are enquired into, from the Scriptures; the Protestant churches, and divines are consulted; and the singular notions of some on these heads, with their reasonings in support of them, are examined. : The whole being done with a view to furnish a scriptural answer to this very serious and important question, viz. What are the qualifications that are necessary, or which God requires in any person, in order to his attendance on the sacraments of the New Testament? : [One line from Isaiah]
Billing, Edward, ; Bellamy, Joseph,
Boston:. Printed and sold by S Kneeland, opposite to the probate-office, in Queen-Street.,. 1762. [2], 81, [1] p. ;.

A dialogue on the distinct characters of the picturesque and the beautiful.: In answer to the objections of Mr. Knight. Prefaced by an introductory essay on beauty; with remarks on the ideas of Sir Joshua Reynolds & Mr. Burke, upon that subject.
Price, Uvedale,
Hereford, . Printed by D. Walker, for J. Robson, London,. 1801.. 2 p.\U+fffd\., [9]-229 p..

¬A¬ dialogue on the law of kingship among the Scots: a critical edition and translation of George Buchanan's De jure regni apud Scotos dialogus
Buchanan, George ; Mason, Roger A. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
1 Aufl.. Aldershot [u.a.]. Ashgate. 2004. LXXV,228 S.. St. Andrews studies in Reformation history.
ISBN 1-85928-408-6

A dialogue on the maridge of Q[ueen] E[lizabeth]
Smith, Thomas, ; Ogden, C. K.
[England, . ca. 1575]. 42 leaves.

A dialogue on the 'North-South Dialogue'
Wolf, Charles
Santa Monica, Cal.. 1977. Rand ; 5896.

A dialogue on the principles of the constitution and legal liberty,
London, . Printed for W. Owen,. 1776.. 2 p..

A Dialogue on Third World women: learning through the humanities : a series of talks
[Washington, D.C.]. The Project,. [1984]. 140 p., [4] p. of plates.

A Dialogue on vocational developement theory, part 1 (Motion picture)
Holland, John L. [from old catalog] ; Super, Donald Edwin,
[n.p.] . American Personnel and Guidance Association, 1970. Made by John M. Whitney.. 25 min. sd. color. 16 mm..

A dialogue or accidental discourse betwixt Mr. Alderman Abell, and Richard Kilvert
[London]. 1641.

A Dialogue or accidental discourse betwixt Mr. Alderman Abell and Richard Kilvert the two maine projectors for wine and also Aldermans Abels wife, &c.: contayning their first manner of their acquaintance how they began to contrive the patt it selfe how they obtayned it and who drew the patent : also in what state they now stand in and how they accuse and raile at each other with invective speeches, &c : with the manner and fashion how projectors and patentees have rod a tilting in a Parliament time, &c.
Heywood, Thomas,
[London. s.n.],. 1641.. 8 p..

¬A¬ dialogue or conference betweene Irenaeus and Antimachus
Gardiner, Samuel
London. Bushell. 1605.

A dialogue or discourse between a Parliamentman and a Roman Catholick touching the present state of recusants in England
London. 1641.

A dialogue or, discourse between Mary & Martha.
Smith, Eunice, ; Smith, Eunice,
Boston:. Printed and sold at Russell's office, Essex-Street, near Liberty-Pole;,. 1797. 16 p. ;.

A dialogue or, rather a parley betweene Prince Ruperts dogge ...
London. Smith. 1643.

A dialogue, or rather, A parley betweene Prince Ruperts dogge whose name is Puddle and Tobies dog whose name is Pepper, &c.: whereunto is added the challeng which Prince Griffins dogg called Towzer hath sent to Prince Ruperts dogg Puddle in the behalfe of honest Pepper, Tobies dog; moreover the said Prince Griffin is newly gone to Oxford to lay the wager and to make up the match.
Taylor, John,
[London]. Printed at London for I. Smith,. 1643.. [8] p. ;.

A Dialogue, or Representation of matters of fact.: Done in a plain and easy dress. By way of question and answer. Occasioned by some mismanagements which happen'd in respect of a gentleman, whose affairs lay under the consideration of an ecclesiastical council. Dedicated to all unprejudiced and impartial persons. : [Three lines from Proverbs]
[New London, Conn.?]. Printed [by Timothy Green?],. in the year, 1736.. [4], 35. [1] p. ;.

A dialogue or speaking together of two personages
London. Purfoote. 1582.

A dialogue partly on political liberty: interlocutors, Intrinsicon and Damon
Machan, Tibor R. ; Nelson, John Ogden
Lanham, Md. University Press of America. 1990. 80 p..
ISBN 0-8191-7736-9 alk. paper

A Dialogue, spoken at opening the public grammar-school at Wilmington, on Tuesday, October 26. 1773
[Wilmington, Del.. Printed by James Adams,. 1773]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

A dialogue strategy for supporting the user in spoken human-machine interaction
GnjatoviÂc, Milan ; Rösner, Dietmar

¬A¬ Dialogue upon Dunkirk, between a Whig and a Tory, on Sunday Morning the 6th Instant
Swift, Jonathan
London. 1712. [1] Bl. ; 2-o.

¬A¬ Dialogue upon the gardens of the right honourable the Lord Viscount Cobham at Stow in Buckinghamshire
Gilpin, William ; Hunt, John D. ; Conway, William E. ; Clifford, James L.
[Nachdr. d. Ausg. Buckingham, 1748]. Los Angeles. Univ. of Calif.. 1976. Publications ; 176.

<<A>> dialogue with editor: Harry Seidler: Scogin Elam Bray, Israel Callas Shortridge, H. Seidler, Engelen Moore, S. Godsell, Wood Marsh, Metier 3,N. Steinmetz & A. De Meyer, Cigolle & Coleman, J. Pardo
Seidler, Harry
Tokyo . A.D.A. Edita Tokyo. 2002. 157 S..

<<A>> dialogue with editor: Waro Kishi: W. Kishi, D. Nota, A. Kitagawara, D. Hertz, K. S. Takeyama, R. Suzuki, S. Saitowitz, R. Joy, Kuth/Ranieri, J. Aoki, S. Takamatsu
Kishi, Waro
Tokyo . A.D.A Edita Tokyo. 2001. 159 S..

A dialogue with feminist film theory: multiple readings of the gaze
Tseëlon, Efrat ; Kaiser, Susan B.

A dialogue with "global care chain" analysis: nurse migration in the Irish context
Yeates, Nicola

¬A¬ dialogue with John Norcross: toward integration
Dryden, Windy ; Norcross, John
Milton Keynes. Open Univ. Press. 1991. 122 S..
ISBN 0-335-09440-6

A dialogue with memory
Das, Manoranjan ; Mohanty, Arun Kumar
New Delhi. National Book Trust. 2002. X, 379 S..
ISBN 81-2373938-9

A dialogue with mother: a one act play
Arógbòof¿, 'Sòèìndé.
Akure. Ola-Olu Enterprises,. 1999.. V, 54 S..

A Dialogue with tradition: Chen Wen Hsi®s art of the '80s : in commemoration of pioneer artist Chen Wen Hsi's investitute.
Chen, Wenxi,
[Singapore. National Museum],. c1992.. 60 p..

A Dialogve betwixt a horse of warre and a mill-horse: wherein the content and safety of an humble and painfull life is preferred above all the noyse, the tumults, and trophies of the warre : full of harmelesse mirth and variety.
London. Printed by Bernard Alsop,. 1643.. [8] p..

A dialogve, or, Rather a parley betweene Prince Ruperts dogge whose name is Pvddle, and Tobies dog whose name is Pepper &c.: vvhereunto is added the challeng which Prince Griffins dogg called Towzer hath sent to Prince Ruperts dogg Puddlen behalfe of honest Pepper Tobies dog : moreover the said Prince Griffin is newly gone to Oxford to lay the moger and to make up the match.
Taylor, John,
Printed at London. for I. Smith,. 1643.. [8] p..

A dialética negativa de Theodor W. Adorno: a ontologia do estada falso
Nobre, Marcos
São Paulo, SP. Iluminuras. 1998. 190 S..
ISBN 85-7321-077-X

A dial up packet switcher for an internet gateway
Genka, Jon K. T.
c1983.. 74 leaves.

A diamond among jewels: Matheo Tollis de la Rocca and his place in Mexican Vice-regal music
Lehmann, Dianne
2005. vi, 267 leaves.

¬A¬ diamond ear-ring: Or, Nina, the female detective
Arnold, Allan
New York. Tousey. 1888. 27 S.. New York detective libr. ; 298..

A diamond is a hard rock
[S.l.]. Mercury,. p1977.. 1 sound disc.

Adiamprikofikro-Douakankro: Étude géographqie d'un terroir baoulé de Côte-d'Ivoire
Wurtz, Jacqueline
Paris. Mouton. 1971. 68 S.: 4 Kt.. Atlas des structures agraires au sud du Sahara. ; 5..

A Diana
Montemayor, Jorge de ; Vieira, Affonso Lopes
Lisboa. Soc. Ed. Portugal-Brasil. 1924. XXXVII, 246 S., S. XLIII-LXXII.

Ad@i anayd@i--
Ar@ikan, Ismail
Cagaloglu, Istanbul. Iletisim Yay@inlar@i ,. 2002. 216 s..

ÅAdi, anta aura Åarambha
VarmÅa, Nirmala
1. saÖmskaraÖna. NayÅi DillÅi. RÅajakamala PrakÅaÂsana. 2001. 227 S..
ISBN 81-2670170-6

De radiante cobre y amansada sangre
Grinnell, Marisa de
1. ed.. Vigo. Cardeñoso. 1999. 175 S..
ISBN 84-8190-152-0

Adiaperasto phÅos
Kassos, BangelÅes
AthÅena. Indiktos. 1998. 86 S..
ISBN 960-518-032-4

Adiaphora: Schriften zur Kunst und Kultur im Protestantismus
Regensburg. Schnell & Steiner. 2005.

Adiaphorie und Kunst: Studien zur Genealogie ästhetischen Denkens
Sdzuj, Reimund
Tübingen. Niemeyer. 2005. IX, 362 S.. Frühe Neuzeit ; 107.

A diaphragmatic hernia in an adult cat with involvement of the right side and a portion of the left side
Green, Leo Arthur.
1931.. 95 leaves.

¬A¬ diapsid reptile from the Pennsylvanian of Kansas
Reisz, Robert R.
Lawrence, Kan.. Univ. of Kansas. 1981. 74 S.. Special publication. Museum of Natural History. University of Kansas ; 7.
ISBN 0-89338-011-3

¬A¬ diarie or an exact journall of the proceedings of the treaty betwixt the Parliament and the army
London. 1647.

A diary,: The H---- family, Axel and Anna and other tales,
Bremer, Fredrika, ; Howitt, Mary Botham,
London . G. Bell,. 1909.. 510 p..

A diary between friends
terdam a.o. . Elsevier. 1975-. (vol.1)-.

A diary between friends
Toronto. McClelland & Stewart. 2002. 143 S..
ISBN 0-7710-2101-1

A diary for heroes: a collection of poems covering the Persian Gulf War
Dreistadt, Anne Magruder
1st ed. New York. Vantage Press. 1992. xi, 76 p..
ISBN 0-533-09690-1 : $12.95

A diary for the thankful-hearted,
Hodgkin, Mary,
London, . Methuen & co. ltd.. [1922]. xxxiii, 261, [1] p..

A diary from January 1733 to March 1734
Walkden, Peter
Otley. Smith Settle publ. for Chipping Local History Society. 2000. XXIV, 517 p..
ISBN 1-85825-145-1

A diary in America: with remarks on its institutions
Marryat, Frederick
Paris. Baudry [u.a.]. Collection of ancient and modern British authors ; ....

A diary in letters. 1915-1922
Secor, Lella
New York. Burt Franklin. 1978. 18, 295 S.. American women's diary series ; 1.
ISBN 0-89102-071-3

¬A¬ diary in the strict sense of the term: Preface ba Valetta Malinowska. Introd. by Raymond Firth
Malinowski, Bronislaw
London. Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1967. XXII, 315 S..

A diary in the strict sense of the term
Malinowski, Bronislaw
Stanford, Calif. Stanford University Press. 1989. XXXIV, 315 S..
ISBN 0-8047-1706-0

A diary kept by His Majesty the Shah of Persia during his journey to Europe in 1878.
Nåadsir al-Dåin Shåah, ; Schindler, Sir Albert Houtum-, ; Norman, Louis,
London, . R. Bentley & Son,. 1879.. 306 p..

A diary kept by H.M. the Shah of Persia, during his journey to Europe in 1878: From the Persian... by Albert Houtum Schindler and Baron Louis de Norman
London, . 1879.

A diary of darkness: the wartime diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi
Kiyosawa, Kiyoshi ; Soviak, Eugene
Princeton, NJ. Princeton Univ. Press. 1999. XX, 391 S..
ISBN 0-691-00143-X

¬A¬ diary of engravings and linocuts: the author describes the circumstances in which the blocks were made over a period of forty years, and exploits an interest in typography for their presentation
Arman, Mark
Thaxted. Workshop Press. 1986. XI, 60 S. : Ill. (z.T. farb.).
ISBN 0-9509292-2-0

A diary of lies
Edwards, Kari
Brooklyn, NY. Belladonna Books,. 2002. 12 p. ;.

A diary of prayer.
Goudge, Elizabeth,
London, . Hodder & Stoughton. [1966]. xi, 13-287 p..

A diary of the century: tales from America's greatest diarist
Ellis, Edward Robb
New York. Kodansha International. 1995. xxvi, 578 p., [24] p. of plates.
ISBN 1-568-36080-0

A diary of the final cruise of the RMS St. Helena to Tristan da Cunha, January 15-28, 2004
Cookson, Ted.
Greenville, Me.. Moosehead Communications,. c2004.. 46 p. ;.

A diary of the French Revolution
Morris, Gouverneur ; Davenport, Beatrix Cary
Repr. of the 1939 ed. Westport, Conn.. Greenwood Press. 1972.
ISBN 0-8371-4528-7 (Set)

Pepys, Samuel
2. ED.. LONDON. BALLANTYNE. 1917. 316 S. : ILL..

A diary of the Home rule Parliament, 1892-1895;
Lucy, Henry W.
London [etc] . Cassell and company, limited,. 1896.. viii, 488 p..