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LONDON. S. N.. (CA. 1750). 1 MIKROFICHE.

A dialogue between A & B on the immediate divine revelation, the Scriptures, missionaries, religious societies, &c.
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Purlewent, S.
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A dialogue between alkali and acid: containing divers philosophical and medicinal considerations : wherein a late pretended new hypothesis asserting alkali the cause and acid the cure of all diseases, is proved groundless and dangerous : ing a specimen of the immodest self-applause, shameful contempt, and abuse of all physicians, gross mistakes and great ignorance of the pretender John Colbatch
Emes, Thomas,
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[London?] . Printed in the year 1703.. 39 p..

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Philadelphia;. Printed and sold for the author by W. Spotswood in Front Street. Where also may be had a pamphlet ...,. [1790]. 12 p., 2 leaves of plates.

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Chandler, Samuel. ; Leigh, William.
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Timothy ; Archibald
London. printed and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster. 1748. vi,72p..

A dialogue, between a Southern delegate, and his spouse, on his return from the Grand Continental Congress...
Mary V. V., ; V., Mary V., ; Jefferson, Thomas,
[New York] . Printed by James Rivington?],. 1774.. 14 p..

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London. Waldegrave. 1581.

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S.l.. s.n. 1825.

A dialogue, between a young convert, a minister, and a Christian brother.: Designed to shew, that a Congregational church may consistently favour a conscientiouss from the IHFC(IASPEI) workshop held during the XVII General Assembly of the International Union of geodesy and geophysics; Canberra, 5th-10th December 1979
Worcester, Thomas,
Amsterdam . 1982. VIII, 149 p..

¬A¬ dialogue between Bergson, Aristotle, and Philologos: a comparative and critical study of some aspects of Henri Bergsons's theory of knowledge and of reality
Cavarnos, Constantine
3. enl. ed.. Belmont, Mass.. Inst. for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. 1988. 80 S. : Ill..
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Lovell, Thomas
London. Allde. [1581].

A dialogue between Custom and Veritie
Lovell, Thomas.
Cambridge [England]. Chadwyck-Healey,. 1992.

¬A¬ dialogue between Dean Swift and Tho. Prior, Esq. in the isles [sic] of St. Patrick's Church, Dublin, on that memorable day, October 9th, 1753
Friend to the peace and prosperity of Ireland ; Swift, Jonathan ; Prior, Thomas
Dublin. Printed for G. and A. Ewing. 1753. 134 p..

¬A¬ dialogue between death and Doctor Robert Wyld
London. 1679. 1 S..

A dialogue between Death, Soul, Body and Jesus Christ
Weld, Edmund,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Z. Fowle, in Marlborough-Street.,. 1763. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

A dialogue between Death, the Soul, Body, World and Jesus Christ.
Weld, Edmund, ; Howe, John.
Boston:. Printed by E. Russell, next Liberty-Pole, for John Howe, of Ringe, (New-Hampshire.),. [1787]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬A¬ dialogue between Dick and Tom
London. Taylor. 1689.

A dialogue between Dick and Tom, concerning the present posture of affairs in England
London. Printed, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor,. 1689.. 19 p..

A dialogue between Do-Justice and Professing Christian: dedicated to the respective and collective abolition societies, and to all other benovelent, humane philanthropists in America
Garrettson, Freeborn,
Wilmington [Del.]. Printed by Peter Brynberg for the author,. [1812]. 58 p..

A Dialogue between Elizabeth Smith, and John Sennet,: who were convicted before His Majesty's Superior Court, Elizabeth Smith for thievery, and John Sennet for beastiality! And each sentenced to set upon the gallows for the space of one hour, with a rope round their necks Elizabeth Smith to receive twenty stripes upon her naked back, and John Sennet, thirty-nine
[Boston. Printed by Richard Draper?,. ca. 1773?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A dialogue betweene sacke and six
[London]. 1641 [- 1642].

A dialogue between Flesh and Spirit: composed upon the decease of Mr. Abijah Abbot, who was kill'd at the raising of a building in New-York, in the year 1768; in the name of the bereaved widow
St. John, Peter,
[New York?. s.n.,. 1768?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

¬A¬ dialogue between Francisco and Aurelia
London. Taylor. 1690. 8 S..

A Dialogue between ghosts of the last two Parliaments at their late interview
London. Printed for Al. Banks,. MDCLXXXI [1681]. 1 broadside..

A dialogue between Hampton-Court and the Isle of Wight
[London]. 1648.

A dialogue between honest John and loving Kate: with their contrivances for marriage, and way to get a livelihood.
Manchester. Printed by A. Swindells,. [18--]. 2 v..

¬A¬ dialogue between Mary and her child: for soprano and baritone soli and SATB (unacommpanied) ; words anonymous, 15th century
Oliver, Stephen
Sevenoaks. Novello. c 1982. 8 S..

A dialogue between Mistris Macquerella, a suburb bawd, Ms Scolopendra, a noted curtezan, and Mr Pimpinello an usher, &c.: Pittifully bemoaning the tenour of the act (now in force) against adultery and fornication ...
London. Printed for Edward Crowch,. 1650.. 1 p. l., 6 p..

¬A¬ Dialogue between Mr. Freeport, a merchant, and Tom Handy, a trades-man, concerning the bank
S.l.. [s.n.]. 1721. 2 p..

¬A¬ dialogue between M[iste]r Prejudice ...
Wood, Thomas
London. Sawbridge. 1682. 26 S..

A dialogue between Mr. Prejudice, a dissenting country gentleman, and Mr. Reason, a student in the University: being a short vindication of the University from popery and an answer to some objections concerning the D. of Y.
Wood, Thomas,
London. Printed for T. Sawbridge,. 1682.. 24 p..

A dialogue between Philagathus, a young divine, and Pamela, his sister, a young convert, upon the work of God's holy spirit.: In which the several operations of the spirit are illustrated: calculated to revive in the minds of young people the necessity of the divine influence. : With privilege of copy-right.
Bradford, Ebenezer,
Newburyport [Mass.]:. Printed and sold by John Mycall, in Water-Street.,. [1795].. 23, [1] p. ;.

A dialogue between philosophy and religion: the perspective of Karl Jaspers
O'Connor, Bernard F.
Lanham u.a.. University Press of America. 1988. XVIII,209 S..
ISBN 0-8191-6862-9

A dialogue between Poimen and Agamos,: wherein the divine right of infant baptism is exhibited and defended.
Noyes, Nathaniel,
Newburyport [Mass.]:. Printed by John Mycall.,. MDCCXCII. [1792].. 16 p. ;.

A dialogue between Pole and Lupset
Starkey, Thomas ; Mayer, T. F. [Hrsg.]
London. Off. of the Royal Histor. Soc., Univ. College London. 1989. XVII, 150 S.. Camden ... series : 4 ; 37.
ISBN 0-86193-119-X

A dialogue between Scipio and Bergansa,: two dogs belonging to the city of Toledo ... ; to which is annexed The comical history of Rincon and Cortado
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, ; Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de,
Los Angeles. Advertisers Composition Co.,. 1968. 112 p..

(GLASGOW). S. N.. (CA. 1785). 1 MIKROFICHE.

A dialogue between the Common secretary & Jealousy touching the unstableness of harlots.: With a facsimile letter from John Payne Collier ... on the subject of his introduction to his reprint of the work. With a modernized version of the text.
Hindley, Charles, ; Collier, John Payne, ; Gosynhyll, Edward.
London, . Reeves and Turner,. 1871.. 3 p. l., v, [2], 8-15, [1] p..

A dialogue between the confession of faith in the Presbyterian Church,: and a preacher in the society, who holds the doctrine of an indefinite, or universal atonement.
Cameron, Archibald,
[Shelbyville, Ky.?] . 1814.. 24 p..

¬A¬ dialogue between the crosse in Cheap, and Charing Crosse
Peachum, Henry ; Pameach, Ryhen
[London]. 1641.

A dialogue between the crosses in Cheap, and Charing Crosse: comforting each other, as fearing their fall in these uncertaine times
Peacham, Henry,
[London. s.n.],. 1641. [8] p. ;.

A Dialogue between the E. of Sh-- and L. Bell-- in the Tower, concerning the plot
London. Printed for A.T.,. 1681.. 1 sheet ([2] p.).

A Dialogue between the ghost of General Montgomery just arrived from the Elysian Fields; and an American delegate, in a wood near Philadelphia.
Paine, Thomas, ; Bell, Robert,
[Philadelphia]. Printed, and sold by R. Bell, in Third-Street.,. MDCCLXXVI. [1776]. 16 p. ;.

A dialogue, between the giant Polypheme and his son Jack Nothing: on occasion of his eye being put out by a stranger: with a dedication to Sir, John Brute. : [Nine lines of quotations]
Hunt, Isaac,
Printed at Constantinople [i.e., Philadelphia],. [by Anthony Armbruster],. in the year 1696 [i.e., 1765]. 8 p. ;.

A dialogue between the governor of the colony of Rhode-Island, and a freeman of the same colony
Aplin, John,
Newport [R.I.]:. Printed by J. Franklin.,. 1762. [2], 11, [1] p. ;.

¬A¬ dialogue between the proud horse, the tame lion, and Crab the master's cudgel: as they lay together one night in a stable near Mentz in Germany: with some historical particulars. Written by the lion himself, and printed in the Westminster Journal of November the 5th, 1743
London. printed for A. Moore. [1743]. 1 sheet.

A dialogue between the proud horse, the tame lion, and crab the masters cudgel, as they lay together one night in a stable near Mentz in Germany; with some historical particulars
[England. Publisher not named,. 1743]. 1 print (broadside).

A dialogue between the pulpit and reading-desk.: Wherein the most common errors in practical religion are refuted, and particular notice is taken of a late treatise, called The doctrine of grace. By a member of the Church of England. Recommended to the serious perusal of the laity and clergy of the Established Church.
Smyth, Edward,
[Albany]. Printed, MDCCXCIII. For Abraham Ellison, bound and sold by him at his book-store and bindery in State-Street, Albany. Also bound and sold by Henry Spencer, at Spencer's book-store and bindery, in Market-Street.,. [1793].. 164 p. ;.

¬A¬ dialogue between the two giants in Guildhall, Colebrond and Brandamore: concerning the late election of citizens to serve in Parliament for the City of London
London. Printed for the authors. 1661. 15, [1] p..

A dialogue between Thomas Sweet-Scented, William Oronoco, planters, both men of good understanding, and Justice Love-Country, who can speak for himself.: Recommended to the reading of the planters.
Gooch, William,
Williamsburg [Va.]:. Printed by William Parks.,. M,DCC,XXXII. [1732].. 19, [1] p. ;.

¬A¬ dialogue between Timotheus and Judas
Hill, Henry
London. Manship. 1696. 64 S..

¬A¬ dialogue between Timotheus & Judas, concerning a pamphlet called, The growth of deism in England
Hill, Henry
London. Printed for S. Manship. 1646.

¬A¬ dialogue between Tom and Dick
[London]. 1680. 35 S..

A Dialogue between Tom and Dick over a dish of coffee: concerning matters of religion and government.
[London. s.n.],. 1680.. 35 p..

A dialogue between Tom and Dick over a dish of coffee concerning matters of religion and government
[S.l.]. 1680. 35 S..

¬A¬ dialogue between Toney, and the ghost ... of Stafford
London. P. M.. 1681.

A dialogue between Toney, and the ghost of the late Lord Viscount-Stafford
London. Printed for P.M.,. 1681.. 1 sheet (1 p.).

A Dialogue between Truth and Friendly, on the subject of baptism: which necessarily brings into view the Abrahamic covenant, so called, when circuncision was a seal of the righteousness of his [faith] to him, of the truth and faithfulness of God ...
Hartford [Conn.]. Printed for the author,. 1807.. 24 p..

A dialogue between Truth and Friendly on the subject of baptism; which necessarily brings into view the Abrahamic Covenant ...
Hartford, . Printed for the author,. 1807.. 24 p..

A Dialogue between two gentlemen in New-York (distinguish'd here by the names Josiah, and Sr. Simon) relating to the publick affairs of New-Jersey
[Philadelphia. Printed by William Bradford,. 1744]. 7, [1] p. ;.

A Dialogue between two seamen after a storm
Boston. Printed & published by Lincoln & Edmands,. 1813.. 7 p..

A Dialogue between two seamen after a storm
[Hartford, Conn.]. Hartford Evangelical Tract Society,. 1816 . 7 p..

¬A¬ dialogue between two young ladies
London. 1696. 37 S..

¬A¬ dialogue between Windsor Castle, and Blenheim House, the seat of the Duke of Marlborough; formerly call'd Woodstock-Bower. A poem
London. printed in the year. 1708. 8p.

¬A¬ dialogue betwene a knight and a clerke concernynge the power spiritual and temporall
Ockham, Guilelmus ¬de¬
London. Berthelet. [1540].

¬A¬ dialogue betwene a knight and a clerke concernynge the power spiritual a temporall
Ockham, Guilelmus ¬de¬
[London]. Berthelet. s.a..

¬A¬ dialogue betwixt a Cittizen, and a poore countrey-man and his wife: [In verse]
Brewer, Thomas
London. Gosson. 1636. 24 S..

A dialogue betwixt a courtier and a scholler
[London]. [1642].