¬A¬ declaration of the principall points of Christian doctrine
Paris. Cramoisy. 1647.

A declaration of the proceedings in the kingdom of Scotland: concerning their native and dread sovereign Charles Stuart, late king of England, and a message to His Highness the Prince of Wales, with the declaration of the Marquis of Argyle and General Lieven concerning the Prince ..., also a letter from the Presbyterian ministers in the kingdome of England to their brethren of Scotland ... and the answer of the ministers of Scotland thereunto.
Wilson, H. ; Charles
Imprinted at London. for R.W.,. MDCXLIX [1649].. [2], 6 p..

A declaration of the proceedings in the Parliament of Scotland: expressing 1. the cause of their delay : 2. the election of officers of state : 3. their choyse of the lord chancellor deserted : 4. His Majesties confirming of acts past : 5three acts 1. concerning the Palatinate, 2. concerning images, 3. concerning the resigning of old officers of state : 6. the reason of the probability of His Majesties long stay : 7. His Majesties delight in hearing sermons there : whereunto are annexed certain other occurrences about the Earle of Montrose and other delinquents with other Parliamentry affaires September 30, 1641.
Imprinted at London. by Barnard Alsop ...,. 1641.. [8] p..

A declaration of the proceedings of the Army: being severall papers delivered to the commissioners of the Parliament & citie, from the generall and his councell of warre, at Alisbary July 23, 1647 : also a petition and engagement, drawn uin the name of the citizens commanders, officers and souldiers of the trained bands, and auxillaries, and apprentizes of the cities of London and Westminster sea commanders, officers, seamen, and watermen, with diverse others, &c : whereunto is annexed a proclamation from his excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax against the entertainment of cavaleers in the army ...
Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax,
Oxford. Printed by I. and H. ...,. 1647.. 6 p..

A declaration of the proceedings of the honourable committee Of the House of Commons, At Merchant-Taylors Hall, For Raising the People of the Land as one Man.: Vnder the command of Sir William Waller. August 3. 1643.
Paine, Thomas, ; Simmons, Matthew,
London, . Printed by T. Pain and M. Simons,. 1643.. 8 p. (incl. covers).

A declaration of the proceedings of the Parliament of Scotland: and their message and proposals to their new King in Holland; declaring their full resolution and desires, touching the English army; as also, their further resolution for the raising a great army, and listing of every fourth man throughout the kingdome, to engage against England. With a discovery of their design, and the place and manner how they intend to play their new game. Together with the resolution of the King of Scotland, concerning his invitation to that kingdome. Likewise, a bloudy fight in Ireland, upon the marching of the Lord Inchiquin towards Dublin; with the particulars thereof, and the number killed and taken prisoners on both sides. Published by authority
London. Printed for R.VV. and are to be sold neere Temple-Bar. [1648 [i.e. 1649]. Online-Ressource.

A Declaration of the Protestant clergie of the city of Dublin, shewing the reasons why they cannot consent to the taking away of the Book of common prayer and comply with the Directory: presented to the honourable commissioners for the Parliament of England, July 9, 1647.
[London. s.n.],. printed in the yeere 1647.. [2], 6 p. ;.

¬A¬ declaration of the Queene, mother of the most Christian King: Containing the reasons of her departure out of the Low Countreys and disavowing a manifest set out in her name upon the same argument
Marie <France, Reine>
London. Kirton u.a.. 1639.

¬A¬ declaration of the reasons which moued Marcus Antonius de Dominis, Archbishop of Spalato or Salonas, primate of Dalmatia and Croatia, to depart from the Romish religion and his countrey. Written by himselfe in Latine, and now for the populare vse translated
De Dominis, Marco Antonio ; W. S
Edinburgh. Printed by Andro Hart. 1617. 24 p..

A declaration of the Right Honourable the Lord Major, aldermen, and Common-Councell of the City of London, concerning the great and apparent danger of the said city ...: Also, their present summons and direction ... to the trained bands and citizens, touching the preservation of the peace ...
London, . Printed for R.W.,. 1648.. 1 p. l., 6 p..

A Declaration of the Right Honourable, the Lord Marquis of Hartford, read in the House of Commons upon Saturday last: wherein he doth declare his resolution to oppose the Earl of Worster and his army of papists and to adventure his life for the Protestant religion : likewise His Majesties command to the Lord Herbert to apprehend the Marquis of Hartford and to commit him to safe custody : together with the desires of the House of Commons to Sir Paul Pinder, with Sir Paul Pinders answer to the same : also, a great victory obtained by the Manchester forces against the Earl of Derby where the Earl himselfe and his whole troop were put to flight and 72 prisoners taken many of them being commanders.
Somerset, William Seymour,
[London?]. ... Printed for John Feast,. Jan. 5, 1643.. [8] p..

A declaration of the rights of human beings
Vaneigem, Raoul
1. Engl. ed.. London [u.a.]. Pluto. 2003.
ISBN 0-7453-2021-X

A declaration of the sad and great persecution and martyrdom of the people of God, called Quakers in New-England for the workshipping of God ...: Also, some considerations, presented to the King, which is in answer to a petition and address, which was presented unto him by the General Court at Boston: subscribed by J. Endicot, the chief persecutor there; thinking thereby to cover themselves from the blood of the innocent ...
Burrough, Edward,
London, . Robert Wilson,. [1660]. 32 p..

¬A¬ declaration of the sentence and deposition of Elizabeth
Sixtus <Papa, V.>
Nachdr. d. Ausg. 1588. Ilkley, Yorkshire u.a.. Scolar Press. 1977. 1 Bl.. English recusant literature ; 370,2..
ISBN 0-85967-438-X

¬A¬ declaration of the sentence and deposition of Elizabeth the usurper and pretensed quene of Englande
Sixtus <Papa, V.>
[Antwerp]. [Conincx]. [1588]. 1 S..

¬A¬ Declaration of the several treasons, blasphemies and misdemeanors acted, spoken and published against God, the late King, his present Majesty, the nobility, clergy, city, commonalty, &c. by that grand wizard and impostor William Lilly of St. Clements Danes, other wise called Merlinus Anglicus: presented to the right honourable the members of the House of Parliament
Gadbury, John ; Lilly, William
London. Printed for Dan. White. 1660.

A declaration of the Society of People (commonly called Shakers): shewing their reasons for refusing to aid or abet the cause of war and bloodshed, by bearing arms, paying fines, hiring substitutes, or rendering any equivalent for militarservices.
[Enfield, Conn.. Society of Believers],. 1815. . 23 p..

A declaration of the society of people (commonly called Shakers): shewing their reasons for refusing to aid or abet the cause of war and bloodshed, by bearing arms, paying fines, hiring substitutes, or rendering any equivalent for militarservices.
Lenox, Mass.. Walter Wilson,. [1966?]. 20, [7] p..

A declaration of the society of people, commonly called Shakers: shewing their reasons for refusing to aid or abet the cause of war and bloodshed, by bearing arms, paying fines, hiring substitutes, or rendering any equivalent for military services.
Green, Calvin. ; Wells, Seth Y.
Albany [N.Y.]. Printed by E. & E. Hosford,. 1815.. 20 p. ;.

¬A¬ declaration of the state of the colonie and affaires in Virginia: With the names of the adventurors and summes adventured in that action
Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1973. 30, 39 S.. The English experience ; 563.

A declaration of the true causes
Verstegan, Richard, ; Cryghton, Andrew.
Ilkley [Eng.]. Scolar Press,. 1977.. 77, 164, 154 p. ;.

¬A¬ declaration of the valiant resolution of the famous prentices
London. Banks. 1642.

A declaration of the witness of God manifested in me from my youth.
Ames, William,
[London. s.n.],. Printed in the yeare 1656. [8] p.

¬A¬ declaration of war: The prior proposals
Pennington, Bob
London. The Other Press. 1980.
ISBN 0-85612-311-0

¬A¬ declaration of war, by the States General, against the French: [Netherlands]
Edinburgh. 1689. 1 S..

A declaration on Biblical criticism, by 1725 clergy of the Angelican communion,: together with (1) the letter of invitation to sign, and a list of the 101 inviting clergy; (2) a public explanatory letter from the Dean of Winchester; (3) an introduction on some results of the Declaration, by the editor; (4) the names and addresses of the signatories; (5) some anonymous extracts from a large mass of private correspondence concerning the Declaration, chosen by two members of the committee; (6) the allies American declaration; edited by Hubert Handley ... honorary secretary of the committee.
Handley, Hubert
London, . A. and C. Black,. 1906.. 149p..

A declaration on manpower adjustments to technological and other change.
[Ottawa, . Queen's Printer]. 1966.. 14, 15 p..

A declaration on peace: in God's people the world's renewal has begun ; a contribution to ecumenical dialogue
Gwyn, Douglas [Mitarb.]
Scottdale/Pa. u.a.. Herald Press. 1991. 109 S..
ISBN 0-8361-3541-5

¬A¬ declaration on the behalf of the Church of Christ: usually meeting in Coleman-street, in communion with Mr.John Goodwyn, against the late insurrection made in the City of London
Pryor, Richard
London. printed, and are to be sold in Fleet-street. 1660.

A Declaration, or, Letters patents of the election of this present King of Poland, John the Third, elected on the 22d of May last past, anno Dom. 1674: containing the reasons of this election, the great vertues and merits of the said Serene Elect, his eminent services in war ...
London. Printed for Brabazon Aylmer ...,. 1674.. 12 p. ;.

A declaration, or ordinance, of the Convention of the State of New-York, passed May 10, 1777, offering free pardon to such of the subjects of the said state, as, having committed treasonable acts against the same, shall return to their allegiance
[Fishkill, N.Y.. Printed by Samuel Loudon,. 1777]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A declaration or ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: concerning the seizing of horses for his Excellency the Earl of Essex : with a provision that this ordinance shall not extend to the seizing or taking of any horses, mares, or geldings of any the members of both Houses of Parliament, or any of the assistants of the House of peers : also, an order of the Commons House in Parliament concerning coales, that they shall be sold at 20 shillings the chaldron, or 23 s. at the most : and that the sayd coals be not sold to any woodmonger, chandler, or others who sell the same again, but unto the poor, and unto house-keepers, and those of the meaner sort not sparing to any one person above the quantity of one chaldron
London. Printed for Edward Husbands,. June 10, 1643. 8 p.

A declaration or ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: that the committee for the militia of London shal have full power and authority to raise new regiments of voluntiers aswell within the said city and liberties as without, and them to traine and put in readinesse for the suppression of all rebellions, insurrections and invasions that may happen within the said city, and parts adjacent, and for the safe guarding thereof : for which the persons so imployed shall be saved harmlesse by the power of Parliament, and their service taken as acceptable testimonies of their reall intentions for the good and safety of the Common-wealth in these times of imminent danger.
London. Printed for Iohn Wright ...,. April 13, 1642 [i.e. 1643]. [8] p..

A declaration or ordinance of the LordsS.

¬A¬ declaration or, remonstrance of the office of a prince
London. Hammond u.a.. 1642.

A declaration or testimony given by Captain Robert Norwood under his hand (the which was by him publickly read at a meeting in Ab-church before Mr. Sidrack Simpson together with many others) April 21, 1651: together with several his answers and desires proposed to them for satisfaction after his excommunication, worthy the most serious consideration of all, now brought to publick view for clearing of truth, discovering of error and his own vindication in reference to many unjust and untrue aspersions cast upon him
Norwood, Robert, ; Simpson, Shidrach,
London. [s.n.],. 1651. [2], 14, [1] p.

A declaration or testimony given by Captain Robert Norwood under his hand (the which was by him publickly read at a meeting in Ab-church before Mr. Sidrack Simpson together with many others) April 21, 1651: wherein is laid down his belie concerning God, what he is, what Christ is, and what the spirit is ... now brought to publick view for clearing of truth, discovering of error and his own vindication in reference to many unjust and untrue aspersions cast upon him.
Norwood, Robert,
[London. s.n.,. 1651]. 8 p..

¬A¬ declaration presented to the honourable House of Commons ... Ianuary 25. 1641
Pym, John
London. Lownes. 1641. 42 S..

A declaration published by Sir Thomas Middleton, Knight, Serjeant-Major-Generall, and Vice-Admirall for the sixe counties of North-Wales: setting forth the illegallity and incongruity of a pernicious oath and protestation, imposed upon ma peaceable subjects within the said counties (who to avoid plundering or imprisonment) were inforced to take the same : whereby the imposers of the said oath endeavour under the paine of perjury, to make the people to renounce their owne just liberties, and the benefit and protection of the knowne lawes, and to submit to a tyranicall, arbitrary, and slavish government, excerised by the commissioners of array : and likewise, setting forth the use and intentions of the forces raised for the service of the King and Parliament, under the command of the said Sir Thomas Middleton, the benefit that the country shall receive by their protection, and what they are to expect that contemne their power.
Middleton, Thomas,
London. Printed for Jo. Thomas,. 1644.. [2], 6 p..

¬A¬ declaration published in the north of England, and Sir Arthur Haslerigg's letter to Gen. Monk in Scotland, with his resolution touching the Parliament and Army: the rising of the countrey; and the number of horse and foot, drawing to a randevouz, and marching towards Northumberland. Also, a declaration of the Generall-Council of Officers at Wallingford-House; and the number of horse and foot that are to march from the City of London, towards York
Hesilrige, Arthur
London. printed for N. Crook, and are to be sold in Cornhill. 1659. 8 p..

A Declaration sent to the King of France and Spayne from the Catholiques or rebells in Ireland: vvith a manifesto of the covenant or oath they have made and taken for the defence of the Catholique league against the Protestants in that kidome : vvherein is discovered their treacherous practizes under the pretence of religion and their bloody actions full of cruelty and barbarisme
Codrington, Robert,
London. Printed for I. T.,. 1642.. 8 p..

A declaration sent to the Lord Clifford, Earle of Cumberland: from the generall assembly of the kingdome of Scotland Holden at Edinburch November the ninth, 1642 : vvherin is declared their resolution to raise forces to secure the peace of that kingdome, and to assist the Parliament against the cavaliers, and all other evill-affected persons : also a list of the names of the earles, viscounts, and barons, which have subscribed to rayse 12. thousand horse and foot, for the removing evill councellors from about His Majesty.
London. ... Printed by T.F. for L.W.,. Novemb. 28, 1642.. [8] p..

¬A¬ declaration to all christian princes to succour the church of France
Erondelle, Pierre
London. Aggas. 1586.

¬A¬ declaration to all the vvorld of our faith and what we believe who are called Quakers: And this is vvritten that all people upon earth may know by vvhom, and hovv vve are saved, and hopes for eternall life, and vvhat vve believe concerning God, Christ, and the Spirit, and of the things that are eternal, appertaining to all mankind to know and believe
Burrough, Edward
S.l.. printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth neere Aldersgate. [1658]. 8 p..

¬A¬ declaration to all the world of our faith: and what we believe who are called Quakers: And this is written that all people upon earth may know by whom, and how we are saved, and hopes for eternal life, & what we believe concerning God, Christ, and the Spirit, and of the things that are eternall, appertaining to all mankinde to know and believe
Burrough, Edward
London. printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate. 1659.

¬A¬ declaration to all the world of our faith, and what we believe who are called Quakers: and this is written, that all people upon Earth may know by whom and how we are saved ..., and what we believe concerning God, Christ and the Spirit ...
Burrough, Edward ; Parker, Alexander
London. Printed for Thomas Simmons. 1660. 8 p..

¬A¬ declaration to ... send a navy to the seas
Nachdr. d. Ausg. London 1596. Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1973. 3 S.. The English experience. ; 507..
ISBN 90-221-0507-5

¬A¬ declaration to the city and kingdome
London. C. W.. 1648. 8 S..

A declaration to the English nation, from Fardinando the IVth Emperour of Germany, &c., Lewis the 14th, King of France and Navarre, Philip the 5th King of Spain & Arragon, &c., Christiern the third King of Denmark, Zealand, & Lodowick Duke of Lorain, and Adolphina Queen of Sweden, in detestation of the present proceedings of the Parliament and Army, and of their intentions of comming over into England in behalf of King Charls the second: being translated out of the true copy.
Clare, Ralph,
London. Printed by their own appointment,. 1649.. 6 (i.e. 8) p..

A declaration to the kingdome, of the armies generall survey of the income of the excize, the profits of the customs, the benefit of compositions, and other moneys raised in the kingdome: and concerning committees in London and the countrey which have received moneyes for the state. Also a particular letter from his Excellency the Lord Fairfax to the commissioners of excize, concerning their proceedings in levying and receiving the same, and such sums of money as they have in cash, and already received. Signed by his Excellency, and published for generall satisfaction
Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax
London. Printed for R.B. 1648. Online-Ressource.

A declaration unto all, both priests and people: first to the priests that they may read themselves and see their shame, secondly that people may know their bondage and to whom they are in bondage to
Simpson, William,
London. Printed for Giles Calvert,. 1655. 6 p.

A declaration, whereas we have been given to understand, that several untrue and groundless reports, have been of late industriously spread among the seamen of the fleet
In the Savoy [London]. Printed by Edward Jones,. 1688.. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬A¬ declaration wherein is full satisfaction given concerning Sir Edward Deering
[London]. Coe. 1644.

¬A¬ declaratioun of the Kings Maiesties intentioun and meaning toward the lait actis of Parliament
Adamson, Patrick ; James <I>
Imprinted at Edinburgh [i.e. London]. [By the assignement of Thomas Vautroullier [i.e. G. Robinson?]. 1585.

A declaratioun o[f] the Kings Maiesties intentioun and meaning toward the lait actis of Parliament
Adamson, Patrick,
Imprinted at Edinburgh. By Thomas Vautroullier,. 1585. [23] p.

¬A¬ declarative approach for first-order built-in's of Prolog
Apt, Krzysztof R. ; Marchiori, Elena ; Palamidessi, Catuscia
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A declarative approach to business rules in contracts: courteous logic programs in XML
Grosof, Benjamin N. ; Labrou, Yannis, ; Chan, Hoi Y.
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A declarative integration of terminological, constraint-based, data-driven, and goal-directed reasoning
Hanschke, Philipp
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ISBN 3-89601-122-7 (kart.) : DM 36.00, sfr 36.00, S 280.00

¬A¬ declarative integration of terminological, contraint-based, data-driven, and goal-directed reasoning
Hanschke, Philipp
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ˆA‰ declarative logic programming environment
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¬A¬ declarative path through the jungle of German noun inflection
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¬A¬ declarative semantics of parallel logic programs based on failure deadlock set
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¬A¬ declarative semantics of parallel logic programs with perpetual processes
Murakami, Masaki
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A Declartion [sic] of the heads of severall letters sent from the committee at York unto the Hovse of Parliament: relationg all the chiefe passages and proceedings at York and Hull the last weeke
Hotham, John
London. Printed for I.T. June 3, 1642. Online-Ressource.

A decoder for manually digitized radar observations
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A decomposed negative binomial model of structural change: a theoretical and empirical application to US agriculture
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A decompositional search algorithm for efficient diagnosis of multiple disorders
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Adecos, tucanes o marxistas?: una historia de la izquierda: 1959 - 1984
García Ponce, Antonio
Caracas. Domingo-Fuentes. 1985. 204 S..

Adecos, tucanes or marxistas?: una historia de la izquierda, 1959-1984
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A decoupled longitudinal flight control system for a direct force A-10 aircraft
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¬A¬ decree betwene Churchyarde and Camell: [In verse]
Elderton, William
London. Harvy. [1552?]. 1 S..

¬A¬ decree lately made in the high court of Starre-chamber
London. Bill. 1633.

A decree lately made in the High Courress
1995. XIV, 255 S..

¬A¬ decree made at Rome, 2 March 1679
Innocentius <Papa, XI.>
London. Chiswell. 1679. 35 S..

A decree made at Rome, the second of March, 1679 condemning some opinions of the Jesuits and other Casuits
Burnet, Gilbert, ; Innocent
London. Printed for Ric. Chiswell ...,. 1679.. [8], 27 p..

A decree of excommunication against such as adhere to the late peace, and doe beare armes for the hereticks of Ireland, or doe aid or assist them
Rinuccini, John Baptist
[Kilkenny. s.n.,. 1646]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A decree of injunction, Cairo, March 4, 1231
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