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¬A¬ designe about disposing the Bible into an harmony. Or, An essay, concerning the transposing the order of books and chapters of the holy Scriptures for the reducing of all into a continued history: The [brace] benefits. Difficultie. Helpes
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¬A¬ design for a new socialist platform
Bonn. o.J.. 55 S..

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Batchelder, Ralph Johnson.
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¬A¬ design for cooperation and networking among academic libraries of Iran
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Group process, group decisions, group action
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Allen, Wallace ; Carroll, Michael
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A Design for organizational diversity: report of strategic initiative ERR-16, minorities and women within IRS.
[Washington, D.C.?]. Dept. of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service,. [1990]. 89 p..

A design for peace: advances in systems research of peace ; how to replace a culture of war by the culture of peace ; [proceedings of the International Symposium on Culture of Peace held August 18 - 21, 1997, in Baden-Baden, Germany ; symposium held as part of the 9th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics, held Aug. 18 - 23, 1997 in Baden-Baden, Germany]
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Bierstedt, Robert
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A design for the automatic interlocking at a grade crossing of two railroads
Peterson, W. Winsor
[1926]. 13 leaves.

A design for the development of the Southern Newton-Brookline area
Hudson, Gerald Carden.
1934. 21 leaves ;.

A design for the electric wiring installation of an electrical engineering building at the new Massachusetts Institute of Technology: thesis
Freeman, Roger M.
[Cambridge, Mass.]. Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. [1913]. 20, 10 leaves (some folded).

A design for the extension of the park system in Back Bay including a campus for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nichols, Arthur R.
1902.. 12 leaves ;.

A design for the foundation of a heavy building
Seabury, George T.
1902.. 110 leaves ;.

¬A¬ design for the preparation of football scouting reports by using data processing techniques
Nelson, Niles Herbert
[Tallahassee] 1968 [c1969]. [Eugen, Ore.]. [School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, University of Oregon]. [1970]. 7.5 x 12.5 cm.

A design for the terminal docks and station for a large coastwise steamship company
Nickerson, Frederic.
1904.. [5] leaves ;.

A design for the unification of the raiload terminal facilities of the city of Bogotá, Colombia, S.A.
Lobo-Guerrero D., Antonio. ; Lobo-Guerrero D., Daniel.
1931.. 72, [4] leaves.

A design for the W.D. Packard Music Hall for the City of Warren, Ohio
McKay, Ronald L.
[1954]. 31 leaves.

A design for war prevention games
Kahan, James P. ; Jones, William M. ; Darilek, Richard E.
Santa Monica, CA. Rand,. [1985]. ix, 42 p. ;.

A design guide for calculating light transmission losses in multispan greenhouses and plastic tunnels.
Critten, D. L.
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Washington, . U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development; [for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.]. 1972.. 1 v. (various pagings).

¬A¬ design guide for improving residential security
Washington/D.C.. U.S. Gov. Print. Off. in Komm.. 1975. 75, 10 S.. Guideline ; 2.

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Chelmsford, . Essex County Council [Planning Department]. 1973.. 134 p..

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Ljunggren, Sten
Stockholm. National Swedish Institute for Building Research. 1973. 41 S.. Document ; 1973,10.
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Washington. AASHTO,. 1976.. iii, 51 p..

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Humphries, W.R. ; Griggs, E.I.
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<<A>> Design language for a self-planning system: a procedural development study based on practical experiments with small-group housing
Kukkonen, H.
Helsinki . 1984. 141 p..

A Design Manual
Brainard, Shirl
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Loyens, Ludovicus Daniël Joseph Carolus
Eindhoven . 1992. 2 Mikrofiches.

A design method for wake vorticity adapted propellers in a frictional wake: paper
Dyne, Gilbert
Göteborg. Statens-Skeppsprovningsanstalt. 1981. 21 S.. Meddelanden från Statens Skeppsprovningsanstalt ; 91.
ISBN 91-38-06251-8

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Toth, Ferencz Nandor
Delft. Delft University Press. 1997. X, 146 S..
ISBN 90-407-1407-X : NLG 75.00

<<A>> design methodology for low-cost, high-performance capacitive sensors
Toth, Ferencz Nandor
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A design methodology for rapid implementation of active control systems across lean direct injection combustor platforms
Baumann, William T. ; Saunders, William R. ; Vandsburger, Uri.
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Hughes, William Ronald

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<<A>> design museum book
London . Fourth Estate. [19..?]-.

¬A¬ design of a 3rd harmonic cavity for the TTF 2 photoinjector
Müller, W. F. O.
Hamburg. Dt. Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, MHF-SL Group. 2002. 26 S.. TESLA-FEL ; 2002-05.

A design of a British dictionary, historical and geographical: with an essay, entituled, Archælogia Britannica: and a natural history of Wales. By Edward Lhwyd, keeper of the Ashmolean repository, Oxon
Lhuyd, Edward
S.l.. s.n. [1695]. 2 p..

A design of a californium-based epithermal neutron beam for boron neutron capture therapy
Wilson, Michael John,
c1991.. 63 p..