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A description of all the seats of the present wars of Europe, in the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Portugal.: Being a particular survey of all these countries; ... With historical remarks upon the places of note, especially such as are of importance to the contending parties. With an exact delineation of the march of the Germans, from Lower Lombardy to Piedmont; of the several marches of the French to join the D. of Bavaria; and the late march of our forces under the D. of Marlborough, from the Netherlands to the Danube: the tracts of which are likewise laid down in maps, calculated for the purpose. The whole illustrated with maps to each country, and distinct draughts of the lines of Flanders and Stolhoffen. The two first seats, viz. Flanders and Savoy, done formerly by Mr. Eachard; to which large additions are here made by another hand. With an alphabetical table, to find out any town, river, &c. very useful for all that read the publick transactions.
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¬A¬ description of Bath: [wherein the antiquity of the city, as well as the eminence of its founder, its magnitude, situation, soil, mineral waters, and physical plants, its British works, and the Grecian ornaments with which they were adorned, its devastations and restorations in the days of the Britons, Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans, with its new buildings, baths, conduits, hospitals, places of worship, and other public edifices, it gates, bridges, walks, and streets, &c. ; are respectively treated of: the gods, places of worship, religion, and learning of the ancient Britons ; occasionally considered: and the limits of the city in its present state, its government, trade, and amusements severally pointed out]
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¬A¬ description of Brighthelmstone and the adjacent county, or the new guide for Ladies and gentlemen, resorting to that place of health and amusement

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A description of Doctor Monterau's vegetable drops, which are truly efficacious in the cure of scrophula, scurvy, leprosy, and King's evil, ... Prepared and sold by Thomas White, ... at ... No.57, Old Bailey
White, Thomas «of No.57»
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. [1797]. 16p.

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A description of English
Darbyshire, Alec Edward
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Alfred <England, King> ; Bosworth, Joseph ¬[Übers.]¬
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A description of Europe and the voyages of Othere and Wulfstan, written in Anglo-Saxon by King Alfred the Great. A facsimile copy of the whole Anglo Saxon text from the Cotten Manuscript and also from the first part of the Lauderdale Manuscript. A printed Anglo Saxon text based upon these Manuscripts and a literal English translation and notes. By the Rev. Joseph Bosworth. London 1855. Only 75 Copies printed
Alfred <England, King> ; Bosworth, Joseph ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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A description of four ancient paintings, being historical portraitures of royal branches of the Crown of England
[s.l.] . [s.n.]. [1740].

A description of France in its several governments: together with the most considerable cities, sea-ports, and rivers of that kingdom; as also the distances, with the longitudes, and latitudes of each place, &c. with many other remarks, necessary to the knowledge of that kingdom. By J.S. Gent. Illustrated with a map
J. S. ; Hove, Frederick Hendrick van engraver [engraver]
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A Description of Hagley, Envil and the Leasowes, wherein all the latin inscriptions are translated, and every particuliar beauty described. Interspersed with critical observations
Birmingham. [1800?].

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A Description Of Holland: Or, The Present State Of The United Provinces: Wherein is contained, A Particular Account of the Hague, and all the Principal Cities and Towns of the Republick ... Of The Manner and Custums of the Dutch; their Constition, Legislature, Sovereign Courts ... in Asia, Africa and America; and with Great-Britain, France, Spain, and the other States of Europe. Their Universities, Arts, Sciences, Men of Letters, [et]c. To which are added, Directions for making the Tour of the Provinces
London. Knapton. 1743. XXIV, 411 S..

A description of Holland, or the present State of the United Provinces
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¬A¬ description of how professional football employed the medium of television to increase the sport's economic growth and cultural impact, 1960 - 1970
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Prinsloo, Jane Burnett
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A description of Indian and Oriental armour: illustrated from the collection formerly in the India office, now exhibited at South Kensington, and the author's private collection, with a map, twenty-three full-page plates (two coloured), and numerous woodcuts, with an introductory sketch of the military history of India
Egerton, Wilbraham,
London. W. H. Allen ,. 1896. viii, 178 p., 15 leaves of plates (some fold., 1 col.).

<<A>> Description of integrated retrofit delivery systems and innovative conservation services programs in selected localities
Both, D.R. ; Dubinsky, R. ; Bodilly, S.
Santa Monica - Calif. . 1981. VII, 42 p..

A description of islands in the Western Pacific Ocean,: north and south of the equator, with sailing directions, together with their productions, manners and customs of the natives, and vocabularies of their various languages
Cheyne, Andrew
London, . J.D. Potter,. 1852. 198 p.

A description of Konkani
Almeida, Matthew,
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¬A¬ description of lexical and grammatical interference in the speech of a bilingual child
Kinzel, Paul F.
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A description of locomotives manufactured by the Grant Locomotive Works of Paterson, N. J.
New York. James Sutton,. 1871.. 16 ..

¬A¬ description of Louisiana: Transl. by John Gilmary Shea
Hennepin, Louis
Nachdr.d.Ausg.New York 1880. Ann Arbor. Univ.Microfilms. 1966. 407 S.. March of America facsimile series. ; 30..

A description of Louisiana
Hennepin, Louis, ; Shea, John Dawson Gilmary,
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¬A¬ description of love
5. ed.. London. Dewe. 1625.

A description of LUSTRA's common field sites
Berggren, Dan,
Uppsala. Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences,. 2004. 42 s..

¬A¬ description of Mary's wedding to the dauphin: Scottish tr. with additions of Discours du grand et magnifique triumphe
Mary <Scotland, Queen>
[Edinburgh]. [Scot?]. [1558]. 4 S..

A description of medals of Washington: of national and miscellaneous medals; and of other objects of interest in the museum of the Mint.
Snowden, James Ross,
Philadephia, . Lippincott. 1861. 203 p..

A description of microscopic hair characters and of their inheritance in Peromyscus,
Huestis, Ralph Ruskin,
[Philadelphia, Pa., . The Wistar institute press,. 1925]. 1 p. l., p. 429-470..

A description of millenium hall
Scott, Sarah ; Kelly, Gary [Hrsg.]
Peterborough :. 1997. 256 S.. Broadview Literary Texts.
ISBN 1-551-11015-6

¬A¬ description of Millenium Hall
Scott, Sarah ; Montagu, Barbara
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ISBN 0-8240-1161-9

A description of Millenium Hall and the country adjacent: together with the characters of the inhabitants and such histor. anecdotes and reflections as may excite in the reader proper sentiments of humanity, and lead the mind to the love of virtue by 'A gentleman on his travels'
Scott, Sarah
London. Virago Pr.. 1986. XVI, 207 S.. Virago modern classic ; 214.
ISBN 0-86068-780-5

A description of Millenium Hall and the country adjacent together with the characters of the inhabitants and such historical anecdotes and reflections ...
Scott, Sarah ; Spencer, Jane [Vorr.]
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ISBN 0-86068-780-5

A description of Moscovy containing I. Its ancient and modern state, situation, extent, latitude, division into provinces, rivers, soil, sterility and fertility, with the commodities, and observations on the extremities of weather, heat and cold. II. The cities and towns, fortification, and manner of building; the first discovery made by the English; populousness of the country, wild beasts, and disposition of the natives. III. Their religion, marriages, obedience of the women to their husbands, divorce, burials, and other ceremonies; their diet, liquors, stoves, hot-houses, habits, etc. IV. The government of the provinces and shires, their courts of justice, parliaments, etc. V. Their military affairs, degrees and order in it, arms, discipline, with other matters. VI. Strange fish, beasts,: fowl, and other rarities of Moscovy. VII. The succession of the Royal House of Moscovy to the year 1698, being
[London]. 1747.

Correlation of the Big Blue series in Nebraska,
Upp, Jerry Eli.
[Lincoln] . Printed by authority of the state of Nebraska,. 1931.. 74, [2] p. incl. illus., map, tables..

A description of music instruments from Central North-Eastern New Guinea: On some hitherto unknown objects from the highlands of Central North-Eastern New Guinea
Wirz, Paul,
[Amsterdam?]. Uitgave Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen,. 1952. 31 p..

¬A¬ description of New England, or the observations, and discoveries, of captain John Smith
Smith, John
[Anr. issue]. London. Clerke. 1616. 96 S..

A description of new instruements for making examinations and applications to the cavities of the nose, throat and ear,
Rumbold, Thomas Frazier,
St. Louis, . Southwestern book and publishing company,. 1873.. 16 p..

A description of new instruments for making examinations and applications tot he cavities of the nose, throat and ear,
Rumbold, Thomas Frazier. [from old catalog]
St. Louis, . A. M. Leslie & co.. [1875]. 24 p..

A description of new siluroid fish from west Africa: aus: Annals and Magazine of natural History
A Boulenger, G.A.
London. o.A.. 1898.

A description of North America, and the British settlements in Canada: with an account of its cities, towns, mountains, woods, rivers, lakes, and of the native inhabitants in the back settlements.
Falkirk. Printed by T. Johnston,. 1817.. 24 p..