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[Christmas card from "Azalea & Lloyd Mew" to Charles and Ray Eames shows Native American motif printed on cloth]
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Acotyledonearum africae australis extra tropicum sitae: Imprimis Promontorii Bonae Spei, recensio nova, e Drègei, Eckloni et Zeyheri aliorumque peregrinatorum collectionibus aucta et emendata.
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Acotyledonearum Africae Australis extra tropicum sitae, imprimis Promontorii Bonae Spei, recensio nova, e Drègei, Eckloni et Zeyheri aliorumque peregrinatorum collectionibus aucta et emendata
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A Council of six churches, conven'd at Woburn, upon the request of the Rev. Mr. Jackson Pastor and the First Church in said town, to hear and advise upon the great and uncommon difficulties among them, Dec. 24. 1746. and by adjournment Dec. 30. when the Third Church in Salem (detain'd before by the extremity of the season) was present
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A counter-antidote, to purge out the malignant effects of a late counterfeit, prepared by Mr. Gyles Shute ...: being an answer to his vindication of his pretended Antidote to prevent the prevalency of Anabaptism, shewing that Mr. Hercules Collins's reply to the said author remains unanswered : wherein the baptism of believers is evinced to be God's ordinance, and the baptized congregations proved true churches of Jesus Christ : with a further detection of the error of pedo-baptism : to which is added, An answer to Mr. Shute's reply to Mr. Collins's half-sheet
Keach, Benjamin,
London. Printed for H. Bernard ...,. 1694.. [2], 54, 8 p..

ˆA ‰counterblast to M. Hornes Vayne blast against M. Fekenham
Stapleton, Thomas
London . Scolar Pr. .

¬A¬ counterblast to M. Hornes vayne blaste against M. Fekenham
Stapleton, Thomas
Lovanium. Foulerum. 1567.

Entdeckendes Lernen: Wherein is set forthe: a ful reply to M. Hornes Answer, and to euery part therof made, against the declaration of my L. Abbat of Westminster, M. Fekenham, touching, the Othe of the Supremacy. By perusing vvhereof shall appeare, besides the holy Scriptures, as it vvere a chronicle of the continual practise of Christes Churche in al ages and countries, fro[m] the time of Constantin the Great, vntil our daies: prouing the popes and bishops supremacy in ecclesiastical causes: and disprouing the princes supremacy in the same causes. By Thomas Stapleton student in diuinitie
Neber, Heinz ; Horne, Robert ; Harpsfield, Nicholas
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Washington, D.C.. Office of National Drug Control Policy. v..

A counter-essay, or, A vindication and assertion of Calvin and Beza's presbyterian judgment and principles: drawn from their writings, in answer to the imputations of a late pamphlet, entituled, An essay concerning church-government ... aempting to fasten upon them an episcopal perswasion ...
Forrester, Thomas,
Edinburgh. Printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson ...,. 1692.. [10], 74 p..

A counter-example concerning maximal estimates for solutions to equations of Schrödinger type
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¬A¬ counter example for the implication "uniform controllability implies stabilizability" in the stochastic case
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Kurtz, Thomas G. ; Pierre, Michel