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¬A¬ computer program development time estimation model and a system development time estimation methodology
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¬A¬ computer program for dynamic Soil-Structure-Interaction (SSI) analysis using finite element and boundary element methods: Projekt C 1: Das Schwingungsverhalten von Bauwerken bei Berücksichtigung von Kopplungen mit der Umgebung
Schmid, Günther ; Wang, Shu ; Chouw, Nawawi
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¬A¬ computer program for electron probe microanalysis
Brown, James D.
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<<A>> Computer program for estimation of parameters of the Weibull intensity function and for the Cramer-Von Mises goodness of fit test
Belbot, Edward F.
Springfield - Va. . 1980. 1 Microfiche..

The governance of the City University of New York: a system at odds with itself
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A computer program for evaluating long-term forestry investments
Schweitzer, Dennis L. ; Lundgren, Allen L. ; Wambach, Robert F.
St. Paul, Minn.. North Central Forest Experiment Station, Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture,. 1967.. 34 S..

A computer program for evaluation of error covariances in terrestrial navigation systems.
Bergli, Ottar D.
[Cambridge, Mass., . Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Measurement Systems Laboratory],. 1971.. iii, 66 leaves.

<<A>> Computer program for external modes in complex ionic crystals: (the rigid molecular-ion model)
Chaplot, S.L.
Bombay . Bhabha atomic research Centre. 1978. 62 p..

¬A¬ Computer Program for factor analysis of geochemical and other data
Cameron, E M

A computer program for finding a general distribition function of several sets of random data (UNIVAC 1108, Calcomp 663, Fortran V)
Soukup, J.
Ottawa. Energy, Mines and Resources Canada,. 1971.. 72 S..

¬A¬ computer program for fitting non-linear regression models to data by least squares
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A computer program for geochemical analysis of acid-rain and other low-ionic-strength, acidic waters
Johnsson, Patricia A. ; Lord, Deborah Grant.
West Trenton, N.J.. Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ;. 1987.. iii, 42 p. ;.

<<A>> computer program for least squares adjustment using combined observation and condition equations
Mitchell, H.L.
Edinburgh . University of Edinburgh; Department of geography. 1981. no pag..

<<A>> computer program for least-squares-fit of position of one or more cameras using film measurements of fiducial marks
Böck, B.
Genève . 1960. 7 S..

A computer program for mixed hexagonal hierarchies
Thurston, Rachel F. ; Woldenberg, Michael J.
Cambridge, Mass.. Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University,. [1975]. 1 v. (various pagings).

A computer program for monothetic subdivisive classification in archaeology,
Whallon, Robert.
Ann Arbor, . Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan,. 1971.. 33, [20] p..

¬A¬ computer program for plotting stress-strain data from compression, tension, and torsion tests of materials
Greenbaum, Anne ; Baker, Donald J. ; Davis, John G.
Washington, D.C.. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 1974. III, 66 S.. NASA technical memorandum / United States / National Aeronautics and Space Administration ; X-3091.

A computer program for polynomial trend-surface analysis
Agterberg, F. P. ; Chung, C. F.,
Ottawa. Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources,. 1975.. 51 p..

¬A¬ computer program for printed circuit board artwork
Ross, Peter J.
Melbourne. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. 1981. 31 S.. Division of Soils technical paper ; 43.
ISBN 0-643-00412-2


A computer program for real estate developers
Becker, David.
Berkeley. University of california (. 1983). 47 leaves.

A computer program for reducing marine bathymetric, magnetic, and gravity data
Grim, P. J.
Miami. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Research Laboratories, Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory,. 1971. iii, 42 p..

¬A¬ computer program for servo controlled fatigue testing documentation and user guide
Aarkrog, Peter
Lyngby. 1990. Getr. Zählung : graph. Darst.. ABK : Serie R ; 253.
ISBN 87-7740-027-5

A computer program for simulating a vintage growth model with an efficiency function: [EFI. Stockholm School of Economics, Economic Research Institute, Department of Economics]
Wissén, Pehr
[Stockholm]. 1982. 18 S.. Working paper ; 6243.

A computer program for simulating a vintage growth model with efficiency function
Wissén, Pehr

<<A>> computer program for solving the reaction rate equations in the E ionospheric region
Keneshea, Thomas J.
[Bedford] - Mass. . U.S. Air Force; Office of aerospace Research. 1962. 75 S..

<<A>> Computer program for studying the career patterns of Chinese leaders
Sung, G.C.S.
Santa Monica - Calif. . 1976. III, 145 p..

A computer program for synthesizing autonomous nonlinear differential equations having a prescribed periodic solution (CSNS): research project
Lee, Raymond Shiuman
1972.. 1 v. (various foliations).

A computer program for synthesizing downstream process designs
Siletti, Charles. ; Stephanopoulos, George.
Cambridge, MA. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, [Laboratory for Intelligent Systems in Process Enginerring],. 1988.. 30 leaves.

A computer program for the analysis of typing errors.
Leth, James William.
1978.. 71 leaves.

A computer program for the application of the Buckingham Pi theorem to model scaling and pilot plant scale-up
Ross, A.L.
1982. 7 s..

<<A>> computer program for the calculation of thermal stratification and self-pressurization in a liquid hydrogen tank
Arnett, R.W. ; Voth, R.O.
Washington . NASA. 1972. 127 S..

A computer program for the calculation of the steady and oscillatory supersonic flow over a thin wing and tail plane assembly with a dihedral fin
Gear, John A.
Melbourne. Dep. of Math., Royal Melbourne Inst. of Technology. 1991. 94 S.. Technical report ; 1991,1.
ISBN 0-86444-195-9

A computer program for the calculation of torsion factors and shear stress factors for box sections with thick walls,
Stieda, C. K. A.
[Ottawa] . Dept. of Fisheries and Forestry, Canadian Forestry Service,. 1969.. iii l., 54 p..

A computer program for the dynamic analysis of continuous floating structures in short crested waves
Georgiadis, Constantinos, ; Hartz, Billy J.
[Seattle, Wash.]. Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Washington,. 1982.. viii, 95 p..

¬A¬ Computer Program for the frost-Schwemer kinetics equations and the derived tables
Burkhard, Charles A.
Washington. American Chemical Society. 1960. 9 S. : Ill..

<<A>> Computer program for the generation of unique reflection sets for all space groups
Cooper, M.J. ; Rouse, K.D. ; Sayers, R.
London . H.M.Stationery Office. 1977. 77 p..

A computer program for the IBM 650 to calculate the actuarial rate of return
Auerbach, Hillel J.
1958.. 19 leaves.

¬A¬ computer program for the interpolation and extrapolation of crack propagation data
Edwards, P. R.
London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1977. 23 S., 6 Bl. : Ill.. Current papers / Aeronautical Research Council ; 1387.

¬A¬ computer program for the off-line data reduction of thermionic mass spectra for isotopic analysis, recorded on paper tape by means of a Dataprint digital voltmeter
Tasman, H A