¬A¬ compleat body of distilling: explainig the mysteries of that science in a most easy and familiar manner ; containing an exact and accurate method of making all the compound cordial waters now in use, with a particular account of their several virtues, as also a directory ...
Smith, George
The 3d ed.. London. Lintot. 1738. 150 S. ; 8-o.

¬A¬ compleat body of distilling, explaining the mysteries of that science: in a most easy and familiar manner
Smith, George
2nd ed. London. Printed for Henry Lintot. 1731.

¬A¬ compleat body of divinity: with a new introd. by Edward M. Griffin
Willard, Samuel
Repr. d. Ausg. Boston, Mass. 1726. New York u.a.. Johnson. 1969. XII, 914 S.. Series in American studies.

A compleat body of divinity: in two hundred and fifty expository lectures on the Assembly's Shorter catechism wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are unfolded, their truth confirm'd, their excellence display'd, their usefulness improv'd; contrary errors & vices refuted & expos'd, objections answer'd, controversies settled, cases of conscience resolv'd; and a great light thereby reflected on the present age.
Willard, Samuel, ; Sewall, Joseph, ; Prince, Thomas, ; Van der Gucht, Gerard,
Boston in New-England:. Printed by B. Green and S. Kneeland for B. Eliot and D. Henchman, and sold at their shops.,. MDCCXXVI. [1726]. [2], iv, 3, [3], 158, 177-666, [i.e., 177-668], 581-914, [2] p. ;.

¬A¬ compleat Body of husbandry
Bradley, Richard
London. 1727.

A compleat body of husbandry.: Containing rules for performing... the whole business of the farmer, and country gentleman,... Compiled from the original papers of the late Thomas Hale. And enlarged by many new and useful communications on practical subjects, from : the collections of Col.Stevenson, Mr.Randolph, from the collections of Col.Stevenson, Mr.Randolph, Mr.Hawkins, Mr.Storey, Mr.Osborne, the Rev.Mr. Turner...
Hale, Thomas
London, . 1756..

¬A¬ compleat body of husbandryers societies in Ireland
Hale, Thomas
Dublin. Printed for Peter Wilson and John Exshaw. 1757. 4 v.

¬A¬ compleat body of husbandry original drawings
Hale, Thomas
2nd ed. London. Printed for Tho. Osborne, Tho. Trye, and S. Crowder and Co. 1758. 4 v.

A compleat body of surveying
London . printed for A C. and sold by W. Taylor at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row .

A Compleat collection
Williamson, Sonny Boy, ; Clapton, Eric.
Nashville, TN. Compleat Records,. p1984.. 2 sound discs.

A compleat collection of all the protests made in the House of Lords, from 1641 to the dissolution of the last Parliament, June 1747;: wherein is contain'd, the sentiments of the independent gentlemen of that House, in many important matters, of the utmost consequence to the Constitution, and liberties of Great Britain.
London, . Printed for the information of the people, and sold by G. Smith,. 1747.. 487 p..

A compleat collection of all the remarkable speeches in both Houses of Parliament: discovering the principles and temper of all parties and factions; ... from the year 1641, to the happy Union of Great Britain. By several lords and commoners
London. printed in the year. 1707. 175,[1]p..

¬A¬ compleat Collection of English Proverbs, also the most Celebrated Proverbs of the Scotch, Italian, French, Spanish and other Languages
Ray, John
3. Ed.. London. Hughs. 1737. VIII, 319, 150 S..

A compleat collection of Mr. D'Urfey's songs and odes whereof the first part never before published
D'Urfey, Thomas
London. 1687.

A Compleat collection of papers, in twelve parts: relating to the great revolutions in England and Scotland, from the time of the seven bishops petitioning K. James II. against the dispensing power, June 8. 1688 to the coronation of King William and Queen Mary, April 11. 1689.
Burnet, Gilbert,
London, . Printed by J. D.. 1689.. 12 pt. in 1 v..

A Compleat collection of state-tryals,: and proceedings upon impeachments for high treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours; from the reign of King Henry the fourth, to the end of the reign of Queen Anne. : In four volumes. : With an exact alphabetical table to the whole.
Salmon, Thomas,
London;. Printed for Timothy Goodwin ... John Walthoe ... Benj. Tooke ... John Darby ... [and 2 others],. 1719.. 4 v. ;.

A compleat collection of the laws of Maryland: With an index, and marginal notes, directing to the several laws, and the chief matters contained in them. Collected and printed by authority
Annapolis. Printed by William Parks. 1727. [4],300,[8]p.

A compleat collection of the lives, speeches, private passages, letters and prayers of those persons lately executed: viz. Thomas Harison, Octob. 13, John Carew, Octob. 15, John Cook and Hugh Peters, Octob. 16, Thomas Scot, Gregory Clement, Adrian Scroop, and John Hones, October 17, Daniel Axtel and Francis Hacker, Octob. 19 : with observations on the same : wherein their pretended sanctity is refuted, and a further inspetion made into the lies and practices of those unhappy and traiterous politicians
W. S.
London, printed. [s.n.],. 1661.. [7], 184 [i.e. 186] p..

A compleat collection of the rules and orders of the Court of common pleas at Westminster, from Michaelmas term 1654, inclusive, to this present Hillary term 1739, exclusive.
Watson, William. [from old catalog]
[London] . In the Savoy, Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling (assigns of E. Sayer) for J. and J. Fox [etc.]. 1739.. 2 p.l., 270, [20] p..


¬A¬ compleat discourse of the nature ... of ... the baroscope
Smith, John
London. Watts. 1688.

A compleat discourse of the nature, use, and right managing of that wonderful instrument, the baroscope, or, Quick-silver weather-glass: in IV parts
Smith, John,
London. Printed for Joseph Watts ...,. 1688.. [6], 96 p..

A compleat English Dictionary: oder vollständiges Englisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch
Bailey, Nathan ; Klausing, Anton E. [Bearb.]
8. Aufl. Leipzig ; Züllichau. 1792.

A compleat English dictionary: oder: Vollständiges englisch-deutsches Wörterbuch
Klausing, Anton E. ; Bailey, Nathan
4. Aufl.. Leipzig [u.a.]. Auf Kosten d. Waysenhaus-Handlung [u.a.]. 1771. VI, 958 S..

A compleat English dictionary, oder vollständiges englisch-deutsches Wörterbuch
Bailey, Nathan ; Arnold, Theodor ; Klausing, Anton E.
Leipzig u.a.. 1778.

A Compleat English Dictionary, oder vollstñdiges Englisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch
Klausing ; Bailey
Lpz. . 1771. 958 s..

A Compleat English Dictionary oder vollstñdiges Englisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch ... Anfangs ... in einem kurzen Compendio
Leipzig . 1761.

A compleat English dictionary; order,: Vollständiges englisch - deutsches Wörterbuch ...
[Bailey, Nathan], ; Arnold, Theodor,
Leipzig, . In der buchhandlung des Waysenhauses bei N.S. Frommann,. 1761.. 2 v. in 1..

¬A¬ compleat English Poket dictionary English and German
Schulz, ...

A compleat ephemeris for the year of Christ, 1685: containing all the heliocentrical and geocentrical places of the planets, aspects, lunations, eclipses and quarterly ingresses, most exactly calculated : with astrological observations theon : referred to the zenith of the famous city of London, but generally useful to England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. : the only exact ephemeris extant for this year : to which is added the true nightly rising & setting of the moon, also the true time of her coming to south : several tables of perpetual and singular use : and lastly, the exact time of high-water at London-Bridge
Streete, Thomas.
London. Printed by J. Gain for the Company of Stationers,. 1685.. [48] p..

¬A¬ compleat guide for justices of the peace: in two parts, the first containing the common and statute laws relating to the office of a justice of the peace, alphabetically digested, the second consisting of the most authentick precedents which are now in use, and do properly concern the same
Bond, John ; J. W <of the Middle-Temple>
The 3rd ed., rev., corrected, new methodized, very much enl., and continu'd down to the end of the last session of Parliament, 1706, with other large additions and improvements never before printed / by J.W., of the Middle-Temple. London. Printed by the assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins ..., for I. Cleave ..., and W. Freeman. 1707.

<<A>> Compleat harbal of the late James Newton
Newton, James
London . 1752. 5 Bl., 175.

A compleat herbal of the late James Newton, M.D.: containing the prints and the English names of several thousand trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, exotics, etc., all curiously engraved on copper-plates.
Newton, James,
London. Printed by E. Cave ..., and sold by Mr Watson ..., Mr Parker, at Oxford, Mr Sandby, [London],. 1752.. [12], [8], 177 leaves of plates.

¬A¬ compleat history of druggs: written in French by Monsieur Pomet, chief druggist to the present French king ; to which is added what is further observable on the same subject, from Messrs. Lemery and Tournefort, divided into 3 classes, vegetable, animal and mineral, with their use in physick, chymistry, pharmacy and several other arts ; done into English from the originals
Pomet, Pierre ; Tournefort, Joseph P. ¬de¬ ; Lemery, Nicolas
London. Bonwicke.

A compleat history of drugs
Pomet, Pierre, ; Pomet, Pierre, ; Lémery, Nicolas, ; Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de, ; Donatus, Joseph.
London. Brummell Press,. 1970. 2 v. in 1 ([22], 224, [20], 225-419, [13] p., 86 leaves of plates).

A compleat history of drugs,
Pomet, Pierre, ; Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de, ; LÐemery, Nicolas,
London, . R. and J. Bonwicke,and R. Wilkin [etc.],. 1725.. 12 p.l., 419, [9] p.,.

¬A¬ compleat history of Europe: or, a view of the affairs thereof, civil and military, for the year 1703. Containing all the publick and secret transactions therein; ... Intermix'd with great variety of original papers, ... With the remarkables of the year; ... Also, the parliaments, ... With correct lists of all persons in offices or places of trust in Her Majesty's government. To be continued annually
Jones, David
London. printed for H. Rhodes; J. Nicholson; and Andr. Bell. 1710. [8],532,[8]p..

El complejo hidroelÐectrico del ParanÐa Medio y la Cuenca del Plata: or, a view of the affairs thereof, civil and military, for the year 1703. Containing all the publick and secret transactions therein; ... Intermix'd with great variety of original papers, ... With the remarkables of the year; ... Also, the parliaments, ... With correct lists of all persons in lcomplejohidroelectricodelparanamedioylacuencadelplata
Ojeda, Hugo Edgardo
Buenos Aires. Ediciones Nueva Senda,. 1977.. 76 p. ;.

¬A¬ compleat history of Europe, or a view of the affaires thereof, civil and military from 1600 to the treaty of Nimeguen (1676)

¬A¬ Compleat history of French invasions, from the Revolution to the present time: containing a particular account of the intended descent in 1690, after the battel of Beachy Head ... collected from manuscript as well as printed authorities
London. Printed for J. Roberts. 1744. 55 p..

¬A¬ compleat history of French invasions, from the Revolution to the present time. Containing a particular account of the intended descent in 1690, after the Battel [sic] of Beachy Head. ... Collected from manuscript as well as printed authorities
London. printed for J. Roberts. 1744. 55,[1]p.

¬A¬ compleat history of magick, sorcery, and witchcraft; ...
Boulton, Richard
London. printed for E. Curll, J. Pemberton; and W. Taylor. 1715 - 1716. 2v.,plate.

A compleat histor9ž044
LeComte, Louis Daniel

¬A¬ compleat History of the Holy Bible: the whole illustrated with notes ; adorned with above 150 cuts
Sturts, J. ¬[Ill.]¬
In the Savoy. 1716.

A Compleat History Of The Holy Bjble
London . Printed for the Author, and Sold by the Booksellers in Town and Country .

A compleat history of the intrigues of priests and nuns.: Consisting of authentick relations of confessions, and the lewd use made of them; including the case of Miss Cadiere, with the tryal of Father John-Baptist Girard her confessor, before the Great chamber of Parliament at Aix in France. To which is added, a signal cheat transacted by the Dominican fryars, as related by Dr. Burnet lat bishop of Sarum. Also The case of Abbee des Rues ...
G. B.
London. Printed for John Marshall ...,. 1732.. 4 p. L., [13]-256 p..

A compleat history of the late war,
Burke, Edmund, ; Wright, John,
London, . D. Steel,. 1765.. 2 v..

A compleat history of the late war;: or, Annual register of it's rise, progress, and events in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
Burke, Edmund, ; Wright, John,
Dublin, . Printed by J. Exshaw,. 1763.. 8 p..

¬A¬ compleat history of the late war in the Netherlands: together with an abstract of the Treaty at Utrecht ; the whole illustrated with 15 curious copper plates ...
Brodrick, Thomas
London. 1713.

¬A¬ Compleat history of the late war in the Netherlands, together with an abstract of the treaty at Utrecht
Brodrick, Thomas
London. 1713.

A Compleat history of the late war, or, Annual register of its rise, progress and events in Europe, Asia, Africa and America: and exhibiting the state of the belligerent powers at the commencement of the war, their interests and objects iits continuance : interspersed with the characters of the able and disinterested statesmen, to whose wisdom and integrity, and of the heroes, to whose courage and conduct we are indebted for that naval and military success, which is not to be equalled in the annals of this or any other nation : illustrated with a variety of heads, plans, maps and charts.
Entick, John,
Dublin. Printed by John Exshaw,. 1763.. 112, 121-572 p., [16] p. of plates.

A compleat history of the lives and reigns of Mary queen of Scotland,: and of her son and successor, James the Sixth, king of Scotland; and (after Queen Elizabeth) king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, the First ... Reconciling several opinions, in testimony of her, and confuting others, in vindication of him, against two scandalous authors: 1. The court and character of King James. 2. The history of Great Britain ...
Sanderson, William,
London, . Printed for H. Moseley [etc.]. 1656.. [20], 262, [14], 265-599, [3] p..

A compleat history of the most remarkable providences both of judgment and mercy, which have hapned in this present age: extracted from the best writers, the author's own observations, and the numerous relations sent him from divers parts of the three kingdoms : to which is added, whatever is curious in the works of nature and art
Turner, William,
London. Printed for John Dunton ...,. MDCXCVII [1697]. 650 p. in various pagings..

A compleat history of the piratical states of Barbary
Gentleman Who Resided There Many Years in a Public Character
London . printed for R. Griffiths .

A Compleat History of the Piratical States of Barbary viz. Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli and Morocco: Containing the Origin, Revolutions, and present State of these Kingdoms ; Illustrated with a Plan of Algiers and a Map of Barbary ; By a Gentleman, who resided there many years in a public Character
London. Griffiths. 1750. XIV, 368 S. : 2 Kt..

A Compleat History of the Piratical States of Barbary, viz. Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and Morocco ... Illustrated with a plan of Algiers, and a map of Barbary. By a Gentleman who resided there many years in a public character. [Translated by Joseph Morgan from "Histoire du Royaume d' Alger" by Langier de Tassy, with the addition of other matter.]
Laugier de Tassy ; Morgan, Joseph
London : Griffiths, . 1750.. IX, 368 s. : b 2 vikbl..

A compleat history of the Rebellion from its first rise, in MDCCXLV to its total suppression at the glorious battle of Culloden, in April 1746
Ray, James
Bristol. Fabley. 1750. X, 440 S..

A compleat history of the whole proceedings of the Parliament.
London, . J. Baker,. 1719.. 232, 256 p..

A compleat history, or Survey of all the dispensations and methods of religion
Edwards, John
London. 1694.

¬A¬ compleat journal of the votes, speeches and debates, both of the House of Lords and House of Commons throughout the whole reign of Queen Elizabeth, of glorious memory
D'Ewes, Simonds ; Bowes, Paul
London. Printed for Jonathan Robinson ... Jacob Tonson ... A. & J. Churchil ... and John Wyat. [MDCXCIII [1693].

¬A¬ compleat list, of the stewards, presidents, vice-presidents, and treasurers belonging to the Royal Corporation, for the Relief of the Poor Widows, and Children of Clergymen, from the time their charter was granted, by King Charles II., bearing date July 1. 1678: together with the names of all the preachers, and at what churches the sermons were preached ... likewise, an account of the present state of the said corporation
Freeman, William ; Mears, William
London. Printed for W. Mears. 1733.

¬A¬ Compleat Map Of The British Isles, Or Great Britain And Ireland: with their respective Roads and Divisions
London. Robt. Sayer. 1772 [erschienen: 1782]. 1 Kt. : Kupferstich ; 46 x 60 cm. Kitchin, Thomas: A General Atlas, Describing The Whole Universe ; 5.

¬A¬ compleat method of studying divinity: or, a regular course of theological studies, digested into a new method. ... Written originally in French, by ... Mr. Du Pin, and now first translated into English
Du Pin, Louis Ellies
London. [printed for M. Smith, A. Bell, J. Darby, A. Bettesworth, J. Pemberton [and 6 others]. 1720. Online-Ressource.

A Compleat narrative of the tryal of Elizabeth Lillyman: found guilty of petty treason and condemned at the sessions at the Old Bayly the 10th of this instant Iuly, to be burned to death, for the barbarous and bloody murther of VVilliam Lillyman her late husband : with her confession and penitent behaviour, since such her condemnation
London. Printed for Phillip Brooksby ...,. 1675. [2], 6 p.

A compleat schoole of vvarre, or, A direct way for the ordering and exercising of a foot company: whereby may bee attained with ease the perfection both of musket and pyke in short time : now as most necessary thought fit to be set forth for a generall good
R. M
Printed at London. for Richard Harper ...,. 1642. [8] p.

¬A¬ compleat schoole of warre
London. Harper. 1642.

¬A¬ compleat system of experienced improvements, made on sheep, grass-lambs, and house-lambs, or, The country gentleman's, the grazier's, the sheep-dealer's, and the shepherd's sure guide: in the profitable management of those most serviceable creatures, according to the present practice of this author, and the most accurate graziers, farmers, sheep-dealers, and shepherds of England
Ellis, William
Dublin. Printed by George Faulkner. 1749.

A compleat system of fencing: or, The art of defence, in the use of the small-sword.: Wherein the most necessary parts thereof are plainly laid down; chiefly for gentlemen, promoters and lovers of that science in North America. : Shewing also, how necessary it is for all gentlemen to learn it. In a dialogue between master and scholar.
Blackwell, Edward
Williamsburg [Va.]:. Printed by William Parks,,. 1734. x, [2], 91, [1] p. ;.

¬A¬ compleat system of general geography: explaining the nature and properties of the earth; ... Originally written in Latin by Bernhard Varenius, M.D. Since improved and illustrated by Sir Isaac Newton and Dr Jurin; and now translated into English; ... By Mr. Dugdale. The whole revised and corrected by Peter Shaw, M.D. The third edition, with large additions. In two volumes
Varenius, Bernhardus
London. printed for Stephen Austen. 1736. 2v.(xxiv,528;xvi,[529]-898,[14]p.),plates.

A Compleat System of General Geography: Explaining The Nature and Properties of the Earth; Viz. It's Figure, Magnitude, Motions, Situation, Contents, and Division into Land and Water, Mountains, Woods, Desarts, Lakes, rivers, &c. With particular Accounts of the different Appearances of the Heavens in different Countries; the Seasons of the Year all over the globe; the Tides of the Sea; Bays, Capes, Islands, Rocks, Sand-Banks, and Shelves. The state of the Atmosphere; the Nature of Exhalations; Winds, Storms, Tornados, &c. The Origin of Springs, Mineral-Waters, Burning Mountains, Mines, &c. The Uses and Making of Maps, Globes, and Sea Charts. The Foundations of Dialling; the Art of Measuring Heights and Distances; the Art of Ship-Building, Navigation, and Ways of Finding the Longitude at sea
Varenius, Bernhardus ; Newton, Isaac ; Jurin, James ; Shaw, Peter [Hrsg.]
London. Austen. 1733.

A compleat system of husbandry and gardening: or, the gentleman's companion, in the business and pleasures of a country life. ... The whole collected from, and containing what is most valuable in all the books hitherto written upon this subject; ..
Worlidge, John
London. printed for J. Pickard, A. Bettesworth, and E. Curll. 1716. xxvi,[14],504p.,plate.

A compleat system of opticks in four books, viz.: a popular, a mathematical, a mechanical, and a philosophical treatise : to which are added remarks upon the whole
Smith, Robert, ; Crownfield, Cornelius, ; Austen, Stephen, ; Dodsley, Robert,
Cambridge [England]. Printed for the author, and sold there by Cornelius Crownfield, and at London by Stephen Austen ..., and Robert Dodsley ...,. MDCCXXXVIII [1738]. 2 v..

A compleat system of the blood-vessels and nerves, taken from Albinus's edition of Eustachius,
Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried, ; Eustachi, Barto- lomeo. [from old catalog]
London, . J. Knapton,. 1758.. [35] p..

¬A¬ compleat system of the revenue of Ireland, in its several branches of import, export, and inland duties: calculated for the use of all officers, merchants, masters of ships, and others concerned in the revenue of trade of Ireland
Bacon, Thomas
Dublin. Printed by R. Reilly for the author, and are to be sold by the booksellers. 1737.

A compleat system, or body of divinity: both speculative and practical, founded on Scripture and reason
Limborch, Philippus van, ; Wilkins, John, ; Jones, William,
London. Printed for J. Taylor and A. Bell,. 1702. 2 v. (lxxii, 1021 p., [1] leaf of plates).

A compleat translation of the sequel of the proceedings of Mary Catherine Cadiere, against the Jesuit Father John Baptist Girard: containing many curious pieces ...
Girard, Jean-Baptiste, ; Cadière, Marie-Catherine,
London. Printed for J. Millan ...,. 1732.. 255, [1] p. ;.

¬A¬ compleat translation of the whole case of Mary Catherine Cadiere: against the Jesuite Father John Baptist Girard, in a memorial, presented to the Parliament of Aix, in which that Jesuite is accused of seducing her
Cadière, Marie Catherine
London. printed for J. Millan. 1732. 184p.

¬A¬ compleat treatise of the gravel and stone: with all their causes, symptoms and cures accounted for
Robinson, Nicholas
London. Mortlock u.a.. 1721. 270 S..

¬A¬ compleat treatise of the stone and gravel: comprising its origin, symptoms, best way of easing ... with an ample discourse an lithontriptick; or, stone-breaking medicines
Groeneveldt, Jan
London. Smith u.a.. 1710. XXIV, 286 S. : Ill..

¬A¬ compleat treatise of the stone and gravel: Comprising its origin, symptoms, best way of easing, true method of cutting, and divers remarkable histories of curing many cruelly afflicted patients. ... By John Greenfield, M.D
Groeneveld, Joannes
London. printed for Ralph Smith, and B. Lintott. 1710.

A compleat treatise on perspective, in theory and practice;: on the true principles of Dr. Brook Taylor. Made clear, in theory, by various moveable schemes, and diagrams; and reduced to practice ... Containing diagrams, views, and original designs, in architecture, &c. ... All originals;
Malton, Thomas, ; Taylor, Brook, ; Malton, Thomas,
London:. Printed for the author; and sold by Messrs. Robson ... Becket ... Taylor ... Dilly ... and by the author ...,. 1779.. [4], 4 [i.e., iv], [16], 296, 8 p., [1], XLVIII leaves of plates (some folded).

A compleat universal history: of the several empires, kingdoms, states &c. throughout the known world. ... Adorn'd with figures and correct maps copy'd from the best geographers. By Mr. Le Stourgeon
Le Stourgeon, B.
London. printed by Benjamin Baddam. 1732 - 1738. [4],944,[10]p.,plates.

¬A¬ compleat universal history of the several dominions throughout the known world,- including all that is remarkable in their geography, natural, ecclesiastical and civil history and policy
Wilson, Henry
London. 1738.

A compleat view of episcopacy,: as exhibited from the fathers of the Christian church, until the close of the second century: : containing an impartial account of them, of their writings, and of what they say concerning bishops and presbyters; with observations, and remarks, tending to shew, that they esteemed these one and same order of ecclesiastical officers. : In answer to those, who have represented it as a certain fact, universally handed down, even from the apostles days, that governing and ordaining authority was exercised by such bishops only, as were of an order superior to presbyters.
Chauncy, Charles,
Boston:. Printed by Daniel Kneeland, in Queen-Street, for Thomas Leverett, in Corn-Hill.,. M,DCC,LXXI. [1771]. x, xiv, 15-474, [4] p. ;.

A compleat view of episcopacy, as exhibited from the fathers of the Christian church, until the close of the second century: containing an impartial account of them, of their writings, and of what they say concerning bishops and presbyters : with observations, and remarks, tending to shew, that they esteemed these one and the same order of ecclesiastical officers : in answer to those, who have represented it as a certain fact, universally handed down, even from the apostles days, that governing and ordaining authority was exercised by such bishops only, as were of an order superior to presbyters
Chauncy, Charles,
Boston. Printed by Daniel Kneeland ...,. 1771.. x, xiv, 15-474, [4] p. ;.

¬A¬ compleat view of the present politicks of Great-Britain: in a letter from a german nobleman to his friend at vienna ; transl. from the French original, ...
London. Cooper. 1743. 66 S. ; 8-o.

¬A¬ compleat Vocabulary English and German
Arnold, Theodor ; Rogler, Johann B.
Züllichau. 1784.

A Compleat Vocabulary English And German, oder vollständig kleines Wörterbuch Englisch und Deutsch: worinnen alle in der Englischen Sprache gebräuchliche Wörter, mit ihrem sowohl kurzen als auch langen Accent bezeichnet, ingleichen mit ihrer Aussprache und deutschen Bedeutung enthalten ; Allen denen, die das Englische rein und richtig sprechen und schreiben lernen wollen, insonderheit Anfängern und Reisenden zur Bequemlichkeit ausgefertiget
Arnold, Theodor ; Rogler, Johann Bartholomäus
Neue verbesserte Auflage / Durchaus verbessert und stark vermehrt herausgegeben von M. Johann Bartholomäus Rogler. Züllichau. Waysenhaus- und Frommannische Buchhandlung. 1784. [2] Bl., 348 S..

A compleat vocabulary, English and German, oder, vollstñdig kleines Wörterbuch, English und Deutsch ...
Arnold ; Rogler
Züllichau . 1784. 1 bd..

A Compleat Vocabvlary English And German oder vollständig kleines Wörterbuch Englisch und Deutsch: insonderheit für Anfänger und Reisende zuerst ausgefertiget
Arnold, Theodor ; Rogler, Johann Bartholomäus
Vierte Auflage / durchaus verbessert und vermehrt mit einem Deutsch-Englischen Wörterbuche ganz neu ausgearbeitet von M. Johann Bartholomäus Rogler, öffentlichem Lehrer der Englischen Sprache zu Leipzig. Leipzig ; Züllichau. Frommann. 1790. [4] Bl., 584 S..

A complementarity model for the European natural gas market
Egging, Ruud ; Gabriel, Steven A. ; Holz, Franziska ; Zhuang, Jifang
2007. Online-Ressource, 39 S. = 504 KB, Text. Discussion papers ; 732.

¬A¬ complementary management information system useful to customer service intensive industries
Angelo, Anthony Pasquale ¬d'¬
[S.l.]. 1974. 146 S..

¬A¬ complementary tele-working platform for data and voice networks
Sotiriades, Philip ; Economou, G.-P. K.

A complement work of present acupuncture and moxibustion.
Liu, Gongwang.
Beijing. Huaxia Publishing House,. 1998.. 8, 177 p..

A complete abstract of all judgments and decrees rendered in the Circuit and District Courts of the United States for the District of Iowa,
Love, Henry K.
Dubuque, Iowa, . Palmer, Winall, printers,. 1874.. 398, [17] p..

¬A¬ complete account of the ceremonies observed in the coronations of the kings and queens of England
2. ed.. London. 1727.

A complete account of the John Morgan raid through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, in July 1863
Simmons, Flora E.
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