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¬A¬ comparison of two operas based on Beaumarchais' The Barber of Seville: Paisiello and Rossini: documentation of the 1981 Seattle production of Paisiello's The Barber of Sevilla ; documentation of the 1980 Seattle production of Wolf-Ferraris Il segreto di Susanna
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<<A>> Comparison of wild-type and mutant nit-1 nitrate reductases of Neurospora crassa
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A comparison of yellow and white headlamp beams
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¬A¬ comparison of yield curve estimation techniques using UK data
Ioannides, Michalis

A comparison on the criticality code OMEGA with MCNP for 25 criticality problems
Seifert, Eberhard
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¬A¬ comparison ot the effects pf hypnosis, self-help therapy, and client centered therapy on the improvement of self-concept as measured by the Tennessee self-concept scale
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A comparison, sewer cross-sections with respect to velocity & discharge
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A comparison study of femur fractures treated with synthes and Richards intramedullary nails
Stoll, Thomas C
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¬A¬ comparison study of Taiwanese and U.S. commercials on advertising messages
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A comparison tool for product lists stored in XML
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¬A¬ comparison to the Museum (late Sir Ashton Lever's) removed to Albion Street, the surrey end of Black Friars Bridge
London. 1790.

¬A ¬comparition of several procedures estimating value-at-risk in mature and emerging markets
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¬A¬ comparitive study of community planning for emergency medical services: the impact of social and political factors on program implementation
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A compassionate call, and hand reached forth in tender Gospel love,: to all such persons, as having once made profession of the blessed truth, yet by some misconduct or other have unhappily forfeited their unity with the Society of Friends, in what capacity, post or station soever in the church they may have been; or in what circumstance of life soever they now stand in their present disunited situation.
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