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¬A¬ Comparison of the acute and chronic ellects of nicotine and amphetamine on the regulation of food intake, water intake, and body weight in rats
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¬A¬ comparison of the aggressive and non-aggressive role models of wife assaulters
Herrera, Deanna
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A comparison of the agrarian system in the Soviet Union and China
Schiller, Otto

A comparison of the American and British party systems
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A comparison of the Apostolic Age with the present,: in respect to facilities for conducting missionary operations.
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A comparison of the applicability of different methods for the measurement of proteolytic enzyme activity in milk
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¬A¬ comparison of the application to architecture of the ecological and gestalt approaches to visual perception
Jules, Frederick A.
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Türk, Kulno ; Roolath, TÏonu
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A comparison of the approach of the Industries Assistance Commission and of the Jackson Committee to Industrial Development: given in Adelaide on Nov. 1, 1976
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<<A>> comparison of the assembly of tubulin in extracts from neural and non-neural cells: the role of assembly inhibitors and accessory proteins
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A comparison of the assortment of broad-leaved trees and shrubs used in city planting in NW Russia and NE Sweden
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¬A¬ comparison of the Australian and Japanese economies
[Canberra]. 1984. Getr. Zählung : graph. Darst.. Working paper.
ISBN 0-642-13431-6

A comparison of the balance of two types of Naval engines
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A comparison of the bank credit card within the banking industries of japan and the united states
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A comparison of the behavior patterns and meanings of weeping among adult men and women across three health conditions
Crepeau, Margaret T.
122 S..

A comparison of the behavioural and emotional characteristics of Alzheimer's dementia in individuals with and without down syndrome
Temple, Valerie ; Konstantareas, M. Mary

<<A>> Comparison of the binding affinity of anti-group A streptococcal polysaccharide IgG for iodinated N-acetylglucosamine among Down's syndrome and control subjects
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<<A>> Comparison of the biochemistry of differentiation of the mouse preputial gland and mouse preputial gland tumor ESR 586
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A comparison of the carcinogenic risk assessment and management of asbestos, nickel and ionising radiation
Schneider, Thierry
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A comparison of the catalytic oxidation of ethylene to ethylene oxide in gas and liquid phases
DiGiovanni, Peter Norman.
[1967]. 56 leaves.

¬A¬ comparison of the changes in physical performance and ball-handling skills of girls in basketball and fitness classes
Stork, Brenda A.
[S.l.]. 1970.

A comparison of the "checks" resulting in cold worked forged steel cylinders and centrifugal cast steel cylinders by use of internal hydraulic pressure
Niblo, Urban. ; Hauseman, David N.
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A comparison of the chemical composition, resistance to mechanical wear and climatic conditions, and relative costs of the bituminous materials used on the roads of Concord, Massachusetts
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A comparison of the (chemical equation) Drell-Yan cross section at 80 and 250 GEV/C and a measurement of the proton structure function sea/valence ratio
Heinrich, Joel G.,
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<<A>> Comparison ofthe chordwise pressure distribution and spanwise distribution of loading at subsonic speeds on two triangular wings of aspect ratio 2 having NACA 0005 and 0008 sections
Smith, D.W. ; Reed, V.D.
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¬A¬ comparison of the cognitive and audiolingual approaches to foreign language instruction: The Pennsylvania Foreign Language Project
Smith, Philip D.
Philadelphia, Pa.. Center for Curriculum Development. 1970. 380 S..

A Comparison of the comfort and convenience of automatic safety belt systems among selected 1988-1989 model year automobiles
Finn, Peter,
[Washington, D.C.]. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ;. [1989]. v, 56 p..

A comparison of the common stocks of the Coca-Cola and the Pepsi-Cola companies from the point of view of long term investment
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1949.. 106 leaves.

¬A¬ comparison of the communication behaviors of temporary employees and new hires
Sias, Patricia M. ; Kramer, Michael W. ; Jenkins, Edith