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A Comparison of characteristics of Youth Authority wards committed ...
[Sacramento, Calif.?]. California Youth Authority,. 1985-. v. ;.

¬A¬ comparison of chief executive Leadership styles and personal values with his orientation concerning the firms' social responsibility in air and water pollution
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A comparison of city region dynamics in the UK, Spain and Italy: more similarities than differences?
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IX, 112 S..

¬A¬ comparison of cognitive styles of mathematically, musically and artistically talented adolesents
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A comparison of conditioned versus unconditioned forecasts of the VAR(1) process
Holgersson, Thomas H. E., ; Lindström, Fredrik,
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¬A¬ comparison of confidence and degree of ontentment in parental role of custodial and noncustodial stepmothers
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A comparison of conjugate gradient, SIP, and other iterative methods for the solution of Poisson's equation with irregular boundary conditions.
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A comparison of consequence analysis codes
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Hoffmann, Rolf,
X, 133 Bl..

A comparison of control concepts for wind turbines in terms of energy capture: (Vergleich von Regelungskonzepten für Windturbinen auf der Grundlage ihres Energieertrages)
Hoffmann, Rolf,

A comparison of control design options for high angle-of-attack flights
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Cambridge, Mass.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems,. 1991.. 170 p..

A comparison of control options on the MBTA Green Line
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¬A¬ Comparison of costs for power transmission at 220 and 380 kV
Nilsson, Goesta

<<A>> comparison of costs for power transmission at 220 and 380 k V
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Stockholm . 1950. 9 S..

¬A¬ comparison of costs incurred in non-injury automobile accidents under Tort liability and no-fault reparation systems
Tenney, Lester Irwin
[S.l.]. 1972. [267 S.].

A comparison of costs of searching the machine-readable data bases ERIC and Psychological abstracts: in an annual subscription rate system against costs estimated for the same searches done in the12 St. Martin's Press
Palmer, Crescentia.
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A comparison of cotton and polyester/cotton sheeting fabric during laundering and laboratory abrasion and pill tests.
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A comparison of creativity in disturbed, delinquent accelerated and normal children
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A comparison of crossed dominant to unilaterally dominant individuals in accuracy motor performance tasks
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¬A¬ comparison of cross product and differential-R factoring regarding cross study stability of change patterns
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A comparison of cross-stream velocities and Gulf Stream translations utilizing in-situ and remotely-sensed data
Freise, Clark Bruce,
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A comparison of cultural values in animated cartoons produced for the theatre and television
Williams, Suzanne H.
VIII, 608 S..

A comparison of currency crises between Asia and Latin America
Hamada, KÅoichi

A comparison of data collection and analysis methods used to monitor impacts over time in a severely disturbed wetland
Wynn, Sarah L.
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A comparison of data fusion techniques for target detetction with a wide azimuth sonar
Engebretson, Kent Russell.
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A comparison of de jure economic integration East Asia: is East Asia discriminating against itself?
Freudenberg, Michael ; Paulmier, Thierry

Standortwahl der Unternehmen: ein Überblick über empirische Gründe, Prozesse und Kriterien der unternehmerischen Entscheidungsfindung
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A comparison of depression among employed single-parent and married women
Keith, Pat M. ; Schafer, Robert B.

¬A¬ comparison of desensitization and aversive conditioning as treatment methods to reduce cigarette smoking
Engeln, Richard G.
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¬A¬ Comparison of designs of field experiments for the National Soil Fertility Project
Colwell, J. D.
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A comparison of differences in design and operation of steam turbines for central stations and industrial plants
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A comparison of different methodologies used to create multivariable feedback control systems
Singer, Jonathan.
c1986.. 49 leaves.

A comparison of different PCR methods for fingerprinting of Salmonella serotype Livingstone
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A comparison of different project duration forecasting methods using earned value metrics
Vandevoorde, Stephan ; Vanhoucke, Mario
2005. Online-Ressource, 18 p. = 430 Kb, text. Working paper ; 312.

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A comparison of different styles of links in enclosed fuses
Bowman, Donald. ; Hedge, Lafayette Boyd.
1908.. 146 leaves.

A comparison of different types of rubber obtained from the same field latex
Bie, Godfried Johan van der,
Buitenzorg. [Nederlandsch-Indisch Instituut voor Rubberonderzoek,. 1948]. 8, 9 p..