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Ça commence ¿ bien faire!
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A commentarie of M. Doctor Martin Luther vpon the Epistle of S. Paul to the Galathians: first collected and gathered word by word out of his preaching, and now out of Latine faithfully translated into English for the vnlearned : Wherein is set forth most excellently the glorious riches of Gods grace, and the power of the Gospell, with the difference betweene the Law and the Gospell, and strength of Faith declared : to the joyfull comfort and confirmation of the true Christian bele-0 Lebensberatung
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A commentarie of M. Iohn Caluine vppon the Epistle to the Philippians: wherein is set out the necessitie and profite of affliction vnto the faithfull, the benefite of God his word, the fruits, of vnitie and humilitie, free iustification by faith in Iesus Christ without our owne merites, the assurance, ioy, and contented mindes of the godlie, and their perseueraunce in godlinesse vnto the end. With many other comfortable and profitable pointes of religion. Translated out of Latine by W.B
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A commentarie on the vvhole Epistle to the Hebrevves. By M. Iohn Caluin. Translated out of French
Calvin, Jean ; Cotton, Clement
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A commentt kolor. Holzschn. vers. durch d. Werkstatt Lucas Cranach d.J.]
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A commentary by the Government of Northern Ireland to accompany the Cameron Report;: incorporating an account of progress and a programme of action.
Belfast. H.M.S.O.,. 1969.. [2], 17 p..

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Ridley, Lancelot
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Alexander Norman Jeffares *1920-*
(London [usw.]:) M(acmillan) . 1975 . XXI, 310 S. 8".

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King, John
(Repr. [of the ed.] Cincinnati 1871). Littleton, Colo.. Rothman. 1985. VI,496 S..
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Slings, Simon R.
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Grey of Wilton, Arthur. ; Egerton, Philip de Malpas Grey
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Reprint.. Nashville, Tenn.. Gospel Advocate. 1976. 456 S..
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A commentary on and a translation of selected portions of Vertraute Briefe geschrieben auf einer Reise nach Wien und den Oesterreichischen Staaten zu Ende des Jahres 1808 und zu Anfang 1809, by Johann Friedrich Reichardt, 1752-1814
Reich, Nancy B. ; Reichardt, Johann Friedrich,
1972.. vi, 552 L..

A commentary on Antoninus, his Itinerary, or, Journies of the Romane Empire, so far as it concerneth Britain: wherein the first foundation of our cities, lawes, and government, according to the Roman policy, are clearly discovered ...
Burton, William,
London. Printed by Tho. Roycroft, and are to be sold by Henry Twyford ... and T. Twyford ...,. 1658. [23], 266, [6] p..

A commentary on Antoninus his itinerary, or Journies of the Romane Empire, so far as it concerneth Britain:: wherein the first foundation of our cities, lawes, and government, according to the Roman policy, are clearly discovered; whence all succeeding ages have drawn their originall. The ancient names of their garrisons within the island are restored to the modern, with their site, and true distances; their military waies, and wall; with many antiquities, medalls, inscriptions, and urnes, are recovered from the ruine of time. A work very usefull for all historians, antiquaries, philologists, and more particularly for the student of the laws.
Burton, William, ; Hollar, Wenceslaus, ; Roycroft, Thomas, ; Twyford, Henry,
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¬A¬ Commentary On Antoninus His Itinerary Or Journies Of the Roman Empire, so far as it concerneth Britain: Wherein The first Foundation of our Cities, Laws, and Goverment, ... ; With a Chorographicall Map of the severall Stations
Burton, William
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