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A Classy Pair: Organ grinder's swing ; My kind of trouble is you ; Just a sittin' and a rockin' ; Ain't misbehavin' ; I'm gettin' sentimantal over you ; Some other spring ; Teach me tonight ; Don't worry 'bout me ; Please don't talk about me when I'm gone ; Honeysuckle rose ; Sweet Lorraine

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A clear discovery wherein all people may see who hath been true ministers, and sent of Christ, and who hath been false teachers, and hath run, and the Lord never sent them, these hundred of years past: with a warning to all those who persute themation and Development
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A clear discovery wherein all people may see who hath been true ministers, and sent of Christ, and who hath been false teachers, and hath run, and the Lord never sent them, these hundred of years past: with a warning to all those who persecute them who own Christ come in the flesh, and for conscience sake cannot pay the tenth of their fruits and labours to a changeable priesthood with a letter to all Friends in the truth
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A clear voice of truth sounded forth, and as an ensign lifted up and displayed: in answer to the proceedings of the Chirstians by name in Asia, by way of controversie and expostulation : together with savoury and wholesome admonishments, which may become of good use and profitable to all that read with a single eye, and understand with an upright heart : also the same somewhat tends by way of gentle reproof to their hasty and unequitable proceedings against the innocent servants, messengers and living witnesses of the living and true God : yet with tendernesse of an upright heart and spirit (not onely of a free born English-man, but also of a true Christian) from the same hand its principally directed to the Lord Embassasdor (so called) in Constantinople, and to the English Company of Merchants and Factors in Smyrna, with somewhat to the merchants in Genoa, tendred again by way of visitation, and that from God, for them and others in Italy, to consider and not reject to their own hurt
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