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The accuser of our brethren cast down in righteous judgment against that spirit of hellish jealousie: vented in a great confused book, falsly entituled, The Christian-Quaker distinguished from the apostate and innovator, in five parts ; t fallacy and force whereof being herein clearly detected & justly repelled.
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The accvsation and impeachment of John Lord Finch, Baron of Fordwich, Lord Keeper of the great seale of England,
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The accvsation given by His Maiestie against the Lord VVilmot, together with the Lord Wilmots declaration of his innocency: also a petition of the officers of the old horse to His Maiesty in behalfe of Lord VVilmot, with His Maiesties answer thereunto : by which it is most evident that the Lord Wilmot is in great danger of losing his head, if hee hath not lost it already as some affirme, for being a suiter to His Maiesty for peace, and for being averse to the proceedings of Prince Rupert, shewing a just dislike that he, being the grand favourer of the Irish rebels should be so much countenanced and entrusted by His Maiesty with so great a power.
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------- ; -------
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