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Karl August <Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, Großherzog>
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ÏSahrastÅanÅi, Abu-±l-FatÖh MuÖhammad Ibn-°Abd-al-KarÅim aÏs-
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ÏSahrastÅanÅi, Abu-±l-FatÖh MuÖhammad Ibn-°Abd-al-KarÅim aÏs-
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Boyd, Jobez. [from old catalog]
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Account of the battle between the Provincials and Regulars.: Portsmouth, May 29. 1775. By a gentleman this day from Cambridge, we have the following important intelligence, who was an eye witness to the whole transaction .
[Portsmouth, N.H.?. s.n.,. 1775].. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

Account of the captivity of Capt. Robert Knox,: and other Englishmen, in the island of Ceylon; and of the captain's miraculous escape, and return to England, in September, 1680 ...
Knox, Robert,
London, . Printed for J. Hatchard,. 1818.. 324 p..

Account of the captivity of Capt. Robert Knox, and other englishmen in the Island of Ceylon ; and of the Captain's miraculous escape, and return to England, in September 1680; after detention on the island of nineteen years and a half. Written by himself
Knox, Robert
Repr. of 1818. Colombo. Gunasena. 1979. 146 p..

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New Haven. Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, printers,. 1868.. 23 p..

Account of the centennial celebration of the town of West Springfield, Mass.: Wednesday, March 25th, 1874 : with the historical address of Thomas E. Vermilye ... the poem of Mrs. Ellen P. Champion, and other facts and speeches
Bagg, J. N. ; Vermilye, Thomas E.
[Springfield, Mass.]. Published by vote of the town,. 1874 . 144 p..

Account of the ceremonies at the laying of the corner-stone of the New York asylum for idiots,
Albany, . J. Munsell,. 1854.. p. cm..

Account of the Conewago-Canal, on the river Susquehanna.: To which is prefixed, the act for incorporating the company
[Whitehall, Pa.]. Whitehall-Press: Printed by William Young, bookseller, no. 52, Second-Street, corner of Chesnut-Street, Philadelphia.,. 1798. [6], 18 p. ;.

Account of the Consolidated Revenue Fund and appropriation accounts: for the year ..
St. John. 1937.

Account of the cost of selective tax measures
Ottawa, Ontario. Ministry of Supply and Services. 1985. 144 S..
ISBN 0-662-14223-3

Account of the debates of the house of commons Wilberforce's motion for an abolition of the slave trade Apr. 2 1792
Clarendon, ...
London. 1792.

Account of the departure which the most serene prince of Wales made from this city of Madrid, on the 9. sept. 1623
[Neudruck]. [S.l.]. 1902.

Account of the departure which the Most Serene Prince of Wales made from this city of Madrid, on the ninth of September of the present year of 1623, accompanied by our lord the King and by the Infant Charles and the cardinal his brother, to San Lorenzo el real of the Escurial, where His Highness took leave of His Majesty.: Description is made of valuable presents which His Majesty gave ...
[New York, . De Vinne Press,. 1902]. [22] p..

Account of the dinner given to Professor List by the Pennsylvania Society for the Encouragement of Manufactures and the Mechanic Arts at the Mansion House, Philadelphia, Nov. 3, 1827.
List, Friedrich,
[Philadelphia. The Society,. 1827]. 15, [1] p. ;.

Account of the discovery of a Tumulus of the stone-age at Hammer in the Island of Zealand, Denmark
London . 1866. 10 s..

Account of the duel between William Bland and Robert Case and the circumstances that led thereto
Bland, William ; Mackaness, George
Repr. ed. [d. Ausg.] Sydney, 1942. Dubbo, N.S.W.. Review Publ.. 1979. 40 S. : 8 Ill.. Australian historical monographs ; N.S., 32.

Account of the ecclesiastical establishment subsisting in Ireland: as also, an ecclesiastical register of the names of the dignitaries, and parochial clergy : and of the parishes, and their respective patrons : with a detail of the monies granted for building churches and glebe-houses : and ecclesiastical annals, annexed to each diocese : with appendixes, containing, among other things, several cases of "quare impedit"
Erck, John Caillard,
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¬The¬ Account of the Essenes in Hippolytus and Josephus
Black, M
[S.l.]. [s.n.]. S. 172-175.

Account of the European settlements in America
Burke, William

Account of the expedition to Baffin's Bay, under Captain Ross and Lieutenant Parry
Ross, James Clark, ; Ross, James Clark,
Edinburgh. Printed for A. Constable,. 1819.. p. 150-159 ;.

Account of the expenses of John of Brabant and Henry and Thomas of Lancaster, 1292 - 3
[London]. Camden Society. 1853. Getr. Zählung. The Camden miscellany ; 2.

Account of the expenses of John of Brabant and Henry and Thomas of Lancaster, 1292-3
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Account of the expenses of John of Brabant and Thomas and Henry of Lancaster a. D. 1292 - 3
Jan <Brabant, Hertog, I.> ; Lancaster, Thomas ¬of¬ ; Lancaster, Henry ¬of¬ ; Burtt, Joseph
[London]. Camden Soc.. 1853. XVI, 18 S.. Camden Miscellany ; 2,[1].

Account of the exploration of subterranean chambers, at Treveneague, in the parish of St. Hilary, Cornwall.
Blight, John Thomas,
London. J.R. Smith,. 1867.. 32 p. ;.

Account of the extraordinary and shocking case of George Mathews: who was capitally convicted at the Old Bailey, in February, 1818, on a false charge of robbing his master, Colonel Whaley, and afterwards, through the benevolent influence of Mr. Alderman Wood, the Hon. Mr. Bennet, and others, pardoned by the Prince Regent, on the clearest proofs being given of his innocence : containing a report of the trial of Mathews, a sketch of his life, his memorial to the Prince Regent, Colonel Whaley's answer, remarks thereon, and Mr. Harmer's letter, explaining his reasons for assisting in the development and obtaining a pardon for Mathews.
London. Printed by Hay and Turner, and published for the benefit of George Mathews by Ridgway [etc.], [1819?]. x, 93 p. ;.

Account of the family of Landon of Monnington and Credenhill, co.: Hereford.
[n. p.] . 1912.. p. cm..

Account of the fatal hurricane, by which Barbados suffered in August 1831;
Bridge-town, . S. Hyde,. 1831.. p. cm..

Account of the Field Relief Corps, of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, in the Army of the Potomac
Steiner, Lewis H.
New York. Wm. C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 41 Nassau Street, corner of Liberty,. 1863.. 12 p. ;.

Account of the fund for the relief of East Tennessee: with a complete list of the contributors
Everett, Edward,
Boston. Little, Brown,. 1864 . 99 p. ;.

Account of the golden wedding of James and Mary Brewster: September 18, 1860
[S.l. ; . s.n.],. 1860 . 28 p..

Account of the Graduate Department: for the academic year
Cambridge, Mass.. Univ.. 1888.

Account of the grand federal procession, Philadelphia, July 4, 1788.: To which is added, a letter on the same subject. : (Price 5d. h.)
Hopkinson, Francis, ; Wilson, James,
[Philadelphia]. M. Carey, printer.,. [1788]. [2], 22 p. ;.

Account of the Greek church: as to its doctrine and rites of worship ...
Smith, Tho.
London. 1680.

Account of the Influence, which two Pendulum Cloks were observed to have upon each other
[s.l.] . [s.a.]. 1 bd..

Account of the Japanese atrocities at Nanking during the winter of 1937-38.
Christian, John LeRoy.
Washington, D.C., . 1942.. p. cm..

Account of the Kingdom of Nepal;: being an account of the consolidation of power within the Cat®hmandu Valley by Prit®hwinarayan, founder of the Shah Dynasty, during the years 1767-1771
Giuseppe da Rovato, ; Prithvi Narayan Shaha Deva, ; Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi, ; Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva,
[New Delhi, . Printed at the India Offset Press,. 1970]. [20] p..

Account of the law-suit instituted by Rev. G.A.M. Elder, President of St. Joseph's College against Rev. N.L. Rice, Presbyterian minister, for a pretended libel on the character of Rev. David Duparque, a Roman priest: together with some rerks on celibacy and nunneries
Rice, N. L.
Louisville, Ky.. D. Holcomb & Co., printers,. l837.. 192 p. ;.

Account of the life and death of John, Earl of Rochester: with observations on some of the prevalent amusements and vices of the present day.
Haverhill, (Mass.). Wm. B. Allen, printer,. [181-?]. 12 p. ;.

Account of the life and writing of Thomas Day
Keir, James
New York. Garland. 1970. III,144 S..

Account of the life and writing of William Robertson
London . 1801. iv, 202 s..

Account of the life and writings of James Bruce of Kinnaird, author of Travels to discover the source of the Nile in the years 1768-73
Edinburgh . 1808. XIII, 504 s..

Account of the Life and Writings of James the first, King of Great Britain
London . 1753. 1 bd..

Account of the life and writings of Robert Simson.
Trail, William
London, . 1812. 190 s..

Account of the life and writings of Robert Simson, M. D.,: late professor of mathematics in the University of Glasgow.
Trail, William, ; Cruttwell, R. ; Buchan, David Stewart Erskine,
London, . Printed for G. and W. Nicol,. 1812.. 2 p. l., vii, 190, [1] p., 1 l.

Account of the life and writings of Thomas Reid...
Stewart, Dugald
Edinburgh, . 1803.

Account of the management of the poor in Hamburgh: since the year 1788 ; in a letter to some friends of the poor in Great Britain
Voght, Caspar ¬von¬
New York [u.a.]. Pergamon Pr.. 1983. 1 Mikrofiche. Pergamon history of economics series ; 1120.

Account of the Mandingoes, Susoos, & other nations, c. 1815
Butscher, Leopold ; Mouser, Bruce L.
Leipzig. Inst. für Afrikanistik. 2000. 39 S.. University of Leipzig papers on Africa : History and culture ; No. 6.
ISBN 3-932632-72-9 kart.

Account of the Martyrs at Smyrna and Lyons in the second Century: with explanatory notes
Dalrymple, David
Edinburgh. 1776.

Account of the martyrs at Smyrna and Lyons, in the second century. With explanatory notes
Dalrymple, David
Edinburgh. printed by A. Murray and J. Cochran. 1776. vi,210p..

Account of the most important public records of Great-Britain and the publications of the record-commissioners
London . 1832. 2 bd..

Account of the murder of the late Mr. William Weare, of Lyon's Inn, London: including the circumstances which first led to the discovery of the murder, and the detection of the murderers, the depositions taken before the magistrates, the coroner's inquest, the trials of the prisoners, and the execution of John Thurtell, at Hertford, on Friday the 9th of January 1824 ...
Thurtell, John, ; Jones, George Henry. ; Hunt, Joseph, ; Probert, William,
London. J. Nichols and Son,. 1824.. 344 p., [4] leaves of plates.

Account of the Net Revenue of the Post office paid into the Exchequer ... from 1782 - 1803
S.l.. 1803.

The account of the official progress of His Grace Henry the first Duke of Beaufort, Lord President of the Council in Wales and Lord Warden of the Marches, through Wales in 1684: by photo-lithography from the original ms. of Thomas Dineley in the possession of His Grace, the eighth Duke of Beaufort
Dingley, Thomas,
London. Blades, East & Blades,. 1888.. xxi, ccclxv p..

Account of the Pelew islands situated in the western part of the pacific ocean: composed from the journals and communications of Capt. Henry Wilson and some of his officers
Keate, George
New edition. Basil. 1789.

Account of the people in the colony of Rhode-Island, whites and blacks,: together with the quantity of arms and ammunition, in the hands of private persons
Hopkins, Stephen,
[Rhode Island?. s.n.,. 18--]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

Account of the periodical comet of 1819 that revolves with in the orbit of Jupiter with a period of three and one half years
Edinburgh. William Blackwood ;. 1827. p. 273-278.