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¬A¬ caueat for commen cursetors vvlgarely called uagabones, set forth by Thomas Harman, esquier, for the vtilite and proffyt of hys naturall countrey. Newly agmented and imprinted Anno Domini. M.D.LXUII. Vewed, examined and allowed, according vnto the Queenes Maiestyes iniunctions
Harman, Thomas
Imprinted at London. In Fletestret at the signe of the Faulcon by Wylliam Gryffith and are to be solde at his shoppe in Saynt Dunstones Churche yarde. in the West. [M.D.LXUII] [1567].

A caueat o[r warening, for [?]] common cursetor[s vulgarely called [?]] vagabones, set forth by Tho[mas Harman, Esquier, for the [?]] vtilitie and profit of his natur[all countrey. Newly augmented and [?] en]larged by the first author [...] the tale of the second ta[...] crank, with the true [...]or, and also his puni[...] dissembling, most [...] hearer or reader [...]
S.l. . [Newly imprinted [by Henry Middleton] .

A Caueat or vvarning for all sortes of men both young and olde to auoid the company of lewd and wicked women
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